How many vinyl albums do you own you listen to?

So far I own around 300 vinyl albums all purchased in a last 20 years. Even while I listen to for about 10 albums a week it seems I want to keep adding more and more to my library. I wonder if there is a point when one says it's enough, there is no point to add more as there is no time or an interest to listen to them all. How many do you have? How much time it look to put it together? How many of them do you really listen? 
For those who wonder, according to a World Wide Web "...Hoarding is the persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions, regardless of their actual value. The behavior usually has deleterious effects—emotional, physical, social, financial, and even legal—for a hoarder and family members."
About 200.... had more but A thief stolen them when I was in college. 

I listen to about 100 or so.  I find Rotating them to play results in some albums being background music versus “listened to”

The 100 or so that get listened to are because the volume I have with certain artists that result in guests rediscovering a band or musical style. 
Maybe 1600 LPs, many in box sets. I'm not going to count the wife's, which has got to be in the mid three figures. I've gotten ridden of my share over the years, too. As for actually adding to the count, I probably haven't gotten a slice of vinyl in 10 or so years. In any event, yes I still listen to more than a few of them.
About 1100 in NM condition in main collection with another 600 in G/VG/VG+ that don’t get much play. I’ve listened to about 680 different albums in the past 12 months, and maybe 100 of those more than once. Been collecting since the 80s with a break for 10 years due to travel. Still buy a few from time to time.
There is a psychological concept called "stimulus variation" If you listen to the same albums over and over again you will get bored and seek "stimulus variation." So you go out and buy some new records then you play them over and over until you wear them out both physically and mentally. This is a great way to build up a worn out record collection.  What I tell newbies to do is save up a couple of grand then buy 100 records then buy 4 records monthly. This way you never get bored with them and you build up a pristine collection. There is no upper limit.  
I have 1,654 catalogued in Discogs. I’ve been working on a project to get them all entered into Discogs and to cull out doubles and those that I don’t listen to. I think maybe 75% are already catalogued. So I listen to 1 or 2 of the ones that aren’t in Discogs in the morning and then I listen to 2 or 3 new or existing albums almost every night. I’ve been finding a few that I probably haven’t listened to since I bought them, but my collection isn’t idle.  I've also been replacing some of the less than pristine albums I have with better copies.
1600 mostly blues and rock with about 300 classical, started with 150 from HS and college 40 years ago then in 2007 bought a tube amp and HW-19 mkiv and starting buying
try to rotate 1/3 is in listening room the others mostly classical are up stairs
the classical lps cost about .25 to $1 each
Have over 5 thousand records mostly classical(EMI,Decca,Mercury,RCA) I listen to everything at one time or another.Have some jazz etc Sinatra,Muddy Waters,Albert King,Freddie King and some selected sound track records(the Professionals etc).
Five to seven lineal feet on the shelf. Whatever that is. Like I'm ever gonna count em. There's a few I kept from new back in the 70's, a bunch inherited from friends and stuff, and a some jazz and classical and other stuff from back when it seemed important to have music other people might want to hear.  

My records now are mostly adding a White Hot Stamper every once in a while. I find it is far more satisfying to have a few absolultely superb recordings of great music than a wall of dreck. I enjoy the sound AND the music, and find no amount of sound quality ever can make up for a lack of musical content. No matter how much certain thread starters insist otherwise. 

I have 2,000. I have been collecting since I bought my first in 1967. I don’t think there is a stopping point. 

I listen to about seven a week.
85% of my time I explore music through streaming. I occasionally find an album I really like and I’ll buy the vinyl. There is a good record store down town I will stop at about once a month an buy an album or two.
I think a collection becomes great when you have enough that you can continually rediscover records you really like then follow the artist or theme through time or similarities across genera.
I've got 450 albums dating from the late 60's to current.  About 50 are 180 gr quality some of those shine and some don't.
~2500. Like MC, I am never going to count them, much less would I ever spend the time it would take to catalog them. They are in rough alphabetical order according to artist, stored in 3 locations in our house. I have enough LPs that I now forget whether I already own one or another. That inhibits me from buying more. Once a year, we go to Tokyo to visit our son, and I buy mint used LPs in Tokyo. Once a year, I go to the Capital Audio Fest, and I buy from one particular vendor at the show. He has great stuff in mint condition. Very rarely, I buy new LPs via the internet.
About 6 lineal meters in the shelves and around 1 lineal meter in the basement. 2-3000?
I also have about 7 lineal feet, mostly used buys.  I’ve been buying more new the last few years, so maybe 1/3 are new or quality used purchases.  I definitely don’t need that many and don’t listen to all of them.  No desire to sell through discoed.  Storage is becoming a marital issue, unless I want them in the basement. I am going through the whole collection with my new-to-me two tank US cleaning method and pulling aside those to “sell/trade” to my local record store either because they are too noisy (for the dollar bin) or because I know I will not be moved to listen to them again.  What are my kids going to eventually do with a thousand records?
I just did a quick sample of one shelf -it held 300.  I have five of those shelves so I’d esstimate 1500 lp’s in my collection.  Thats not a lot considering I’ve been buying record since 1980.  Of course many hundered have come and gone over the years.
About 150 and adding slowly - I don't want more than 500.  I suspect there will be one or two more moves in my life and they get heavy.  I try and rotate and listen to ~ 4-5 hours over the weekend.
0. Zero. Don't need 'em - CDs sound superb on my system. I built my system for CD input only and it is wonderful.
I roughly have 600
I listen none and have never missed them
All my listening is thru server - DAC
7 lineal feet. Most of it is ripped, which is FAR more convenient. But records and CDs sometimes sound better than files so I always have the option.
Just passed 2,000. All catalogued as I acquire them. Keeping track of press order, country of origin, artist's discography order, condition of record if less than NM, their estimated value, quality of sound, EQR for exceptional quality recording or QR for a step below. Also notes about what side or part of album is best or specific remarks, i.e. LW for loudness war. All these things make picking up something to play so much easier. And I totally love doing the catalog. It's my hobby, I am fully retired. I have the time. Never could do it while I worked.
A few hundred. Guessing 300-400. These days, I buy only what is not out there as a CD or download and also if there is some classical LP in near-mint condition at Goodwill just to check it. Ok, I bought one recently out of curiosity about a thread on Audiogon (Better Records, truth can be told, or something like that).

Those from Goodwill, I usually listen to once or twice and mostly with dinner. Those I buy because they do not exist in digital format, I play twice. The second time they start existing in digital format and they take on a new and more convenient life.
About 600, I try not to listen to the same 40 or 50 but I have my favorites. Some have been played once and put away, others have been played so often that I have to have two copies. I have them spaced out in two side by side LP bins, from a company called LPBin, so they have a designated space that the wife doesn’t object to.
 I like to listen to 1 or 2 albums each morning with my coffee, then again later at night, after my ballgame has ended. I listen more during the winter when there’s no baseball, but I love playing records each and every day.
 I probably scroll through eBay & Disogs more than I should, but I’m not the type to want to put my wife & myself in the poorhouse so the ever expanding library grows slowly
I lost track, maybe several thousand. I am always buying. Records arrive at my door every week. My wife just rolls her eyes now. You name it, I probably got it. In the past two years I’ve acquired about 30 "better records" hot stampers which set me back several thousand bucks. I like the fact that I can just walk over to the different areas that they are stored and pick out whatever I want at will. I think of it as preserving lol. I recently paid $300 for a sealed copy of Casino Royale. I buy mostly sealed older lp’s when I can find them on both Ebay and Discogs. The ones I own that are not sealed range from vg+ to mint, but most of my records are in pristine condition. I will most likely never stop buying. This does not even include the hundreds of cd’s and cassettes, as well as maybe 100 45’s. All my stuff is neatly stored and not thrown about all over the house. Unlike a hoarder, I am able to freely walk around uninhibited.
+/- 500 I may listen to 20-25 per year. My collection is mostly NM, M- from the late 50's to early 2000's. Mainly Jazz, Big Band, pop/rock and eclectic/avant-garde stuff. My CD, SACD and streaming collection is much much larger.

I got back in to vinyl heavily about 4 years ago and I've accumulated833 (per my discogs collection).

Frankly I've never wanted to own so many records that I didn't listen to many of them and didn't even know what I own.   So I've tried to curate my buying to only records I truly really like or love, purely on the music (not "collecting" records just to have them, no desire to "complete" sets or anything).     The result is that I have a good idea of what's in my collection and I can grab any album and enjoy it.

Still, it is addictive and I have to get a lid on purchasing or I WILL become one of those with "too many " records.   I think sheer ergonomics and space for records may put a cap on mine around 1,000.
I have somewhere over 2000 CDs. There are many that don't get regular play, but that is the luxury of a "library". They are there when you want to hear them, or have a guest who wants to hear something that I don't normally listen to. Every few years, I do eliminate things that I don't think are worthy of the space they occupy.
3000 for me. I have been buying them since I was a teenager and never stopped. It was funny as cds become popular all my friends would give me their vinyl. 
Agreed!  I collected a lot of great albums as my friends dumped them for CDs.  Kept all except the truly beat up ones or the ones I did not care for.  Passed those on to others to try.  I currently have about 2500 including the first one I bought in High School, I think it was around 1974.  Black Sabbath - Masters of Reality.  I cull every so often and still collect both at the used record stores and on-line, pretty much all genres.  I listen every day, several albums a day.  I have no TV and haven't put one of the 500 CDs on in more than 2 months.  No streaming.  Love the vinyl, also 45s and 78s.
No library can be too big. Except of course the Library of Brilliant Knuckleheads.   
I have about 900 records. And I'm in an unapologetic record buying tear at the moment. It will subside and comeback again.
I've only been collecting since 2004. Mostly buy nos/sealed. But re-issues are getting a bit better these days. 

I listen to about 4-5 records a week. But often the same record for 2 days in a row.

I really love everything about records. It's super fun. 

No. I do not say enough is enough.

If your system kills it, you'll likely keep on buying vinyl. I know I will.

But it has slowed down a bit since my initial rabid acquisition phase.
7-8 meters long selves.

I still buy about 20 LPs per month but only exceptional recordings and good music in the same package. JPC has many specials with records costing under 20 EUR average. I have noticed the last few years many companies issue very good jazz and blues material with new and established artists (e.g. ECM, Fone, MPS, IMPEX, Analogue Productions, ORG, TACET, and many more). I buy some classical, but very select performances. All music is organized by genre and by artist.

The way I listen to my collection is usually rotating to having an "artist/group/conductor/composer festival" each time with minimum 6-10 albums played. I am fortunate that I can change a cartridge on the fly, thus I optimize the music genre (or my mood) with appropriate cartridge. I rarely listen to  CDs, even though I have a respectable collection. Mostly LPs and Qobuz.
When vinyl ended the first time, as well as a great deal of other classical vinyl, I bought many Decca and some other opera boxes, all used with 50s labels.  Mostly mint or VG++, it appears opera fans didn't listen very often.  I knew I had little interest in opera but these are wonderful performances by great artists most of whom have since left us, recorded and pressed by the premier company in the golden period.  Irresistable.  Many of them I have never heard.

I have been collecting vinyl since 1963, peaking in the 1980s/90s.  Now I often reprise the whole output of a particular artist or composer in chronological order, interspersed with a few other discs, usually ones I haven't played in decades.


And, I now realize: the idea of leaving the equipment and content to others has been made ridiculous by their preference for digital played thru nothing big or special. IF special, compact speakers, not big horns.

I certainly had too many (2,500) and now dealing with the 4,000 I just inherited, so around 6,500, WAY TOO MANY, THOUSANDS TOO MANY. (leaving a bit of extra space, around 90 lf).

Even if I sell/give away 3,500 that leaves me with 3,000, still WAY TOO MANY. I’ve got to keep less, especially since I have spent so much time upgrading the past year: TT; 3 Arms(MC,MM, Mono); /3 input SUT. mx110z with wonderful phono stage is now in rehab at Audio Classics (new gold plated input/output boards, YAY).

And, I now only listen to well recorded Mono (many, including 20’s, 30’s, 40’s are un-expectantly good), and Superior Sounding Stereo (many are not).

Mine were alphabetical (a few years ago, I fooled myself into believing I was done buying). Prior inheritances, my purchases, and many given to me when friends ditched them for CD. Many of those are not my taste, many of those are near mint, others, including some of mine beat to crap. I never bothered weeding mine, until now, to merge with the new ones.

I was already cleaning and selling individual LP’s on eBay to make room for new purchases (hard when alphabetized). (new rule: 1 in/2 out). Buying new to me and fresh copies of worn favorites.

First, (small interior garage of small split-level house) I had to buy 9 tall rolling shelving racks (5 to deal with our existing stuff) and 4 for the inherited lps (60 lf) (existing 30 lf). Happily they came with twenty 3 ft library shelves, maple with recessed metal tracks for movable dividers

Second I am FAST SORTING out of boxes to shelves: keep/sell/give away. Pretend they never existed, just decide: keepers go on the 3 easier to reach middle shelves; top and bottom shelves to go. Who needs 20 or more Louis Armstrong ...?

Third, have several friends over, one at a time, take anything they want. Anyone near Plainfield, NJ?

Fourth, have 4 nearby big buyers come here, make me a bulk offer for the top and bottom rows. They may also cherry-pick my keepers after that.

Fifth: Alphabetize Party: good weather, folding tables in driveway, lively music, beer, pizza.

Sixth: another fast weed, another bulk sale.


Exciting problem to have, and Donna’s behind me 100% as always.

I have 300 or so records of the 78 rpm variety.  I enjoy listening to them when I'm in the mood.  A great juxtaposition to the main rig.  Especially when I run across a track in 78 that I have on CD.   
It is interesting to learn from reading the other posts on this thread that most of us, or most of you, don’t own more than 1000 LPs. In my opinion, there really is a lot to be gained from having a large number of LPs. Because in that way you can occasionally enter a Time Machine and revisit different areas of your past life when this or that artist might have taken your fancy, and maybe now you forgot about that music. I really would not be happy with fewer than 1000 LPs at this late stage of my life. Maybe in fact 1500 is a minimum for me. A few years ago I inherited 900 LPs from my dearest audiophile friend who passed away at that time. I culled them from his 6000 LP collection. And I am fairly sure that his wife gave away the remainder after I took what I wanted. That is what put me up to the 2500 LP mark mentioned above. I truly enjoy listening to any of his 900 LPs. They’re all premium pressings in mint condition. It brings me closer to the days when he and I used to listen at his house on his system. 
Several months ago, I bought a pre-owned higher end turntable. I sold most of my records when I sold my last turntable a couple of years ago. I have around 250 records now, mostly reissues. I'm still working my way through the ones I bought recently. I have become a dedicated headphone listener and the CD format is just so easy. I'm even considering selling my Nakamichi cassette deck as I simply can't find the time to enjoy all the formats.
About 2000 lp's, what to choose, depends.
Though i admit my classical collection is partially neglected in terms of listening for the moment.
For me 3k to 4k would be a good library.
About 1200-1300 LP’s.  I am very lazy these days and mostly listen to FM stereo.  My collection is 70% Rock, 15% Jazz and 15% Classical.  I spin vinyl at most, twice a month due to my extreme laziness. 
I had about 2000, but after moving three times in four years, I reduced that number to about 600 of my favorites. I also have about 1450 cd’s and SACDs that I’ve ripped and put on a NAS.  Music plays in this house 3-7 hours a day.

All the best.

I probably have less then a 100. I am always tempted to buy more and more but I try to be selective. First of all, I want to make sure it's an album I want to listen to all the way through.

Also, I have limited space, so I simply cannot have an endless supply which brings me back to being selective in what I buy.
How many? I really do not know. They used to be in every room of the house except the bathrooms until my sweetie built me a 1000 sq. ft. “music room” for them, my equipment, the piano, and the HT (I am an INCREDIBLY lucky man). My sweetie says she is glad it is that instead of a boat or a girlfriend. I have 180 feet (about 55 m) of shelf space full. I teach a course on west coast jazz; 6979 of the jazz are catalogued, but the rock, R&B, classical, folk, comedy, experimental, electronic, etc. are not (yet). Yes, there is no country. My best guess: around 13,000. No, I was never a DJ. Except for about 3500 of the classical, I purchased all of them beginning about 1956. The 3500 were a gift from a nun who was retiring to, in her words, the old nuns’ home. Those were mostly vocal and there were only about a dozen duplicates with my existing collection. She used to teach voice and was working on her Ed.D. at age 81. She was the nun in the Canadian film “The Company of Strangers” [“Strangers in Good Company” in the US] who tried to repair the truck. I have not heard all of hers (yet). I have listened to all the others at least once. I listen to vinyl every day. It is what I do instead of Valium, Xanax, Prozac, Norco, THC, EtOH…or worse! I still buy new vinyl as well as cruise the used record stores wherever we travel. Lately it has been the Blue Note Tone Poet series. I know that we will have to downsize within the next few years, but I have no idea what I will do then. Perhaps the archives at the Conservatory of music at the local university may be interested?

Oh dear, by the sounds of most of your posts I belong in the extreme nutcase part of the world. I started collecting records when I was 12 and have never stopped. It is a familial curse that I share with all 4 of my siblings. I don't know precisely, but I know that I have between 13,000and 14,000 LPs and between 9,000 and 10,000 CDs. I have just over 13,000 cataloged on CATrax. My friend who is a really good contractor is worried about how much it all weighs because most everything is on the third floor, but until we can afford to finish the basement, que sera, sera. I worry more about the sequoia that is maybe 30 to 40 ft around at the base and is 29 ft from the house and both worries seem sort of silly at my age.I listen to all kinds of music including western classical, blues, jazz, music from various folk traditions and popular traditions, especially Celtic, reggae, African, Chinese, while mainly and above all being a rocker. I have a musical game I invented many years ago to help shuffle what I play as well as choosing emotionally.
Approx 10,000 here and I listen to something new about 10-15 times per day. It’s a life not a living.
I have at least 8k albums to listen to and i play them all at one time or another but it took me about the last 40 years to put it all together and assemble the collection.