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NewOnTech Dac07 - Any Users Out There?
I've not been able to compare to any other standalone DACs. Just previous CD player.  
NewOnTech Dac07 - Any Users Out There?
Bottom line: it delivered more detail, the sound was more open, and ultimately very musically satisfying.   
NewOnTech Dac07 - Any Users Out There?
I have the NewOnTech DAC07, fed by a Simon Audio CD5 used as transport, connected via a Silnote Morpheus Reference Classic II Series II digital S/PDIF cable as my one and only input source. I cannot compare with other DACs, other than saying I had... 
Can you live with your current speaker until you die?
Yes, without a doubt. Love my PAP Trio15 Horn1's.  
Best set-up under $20K
I absolutely love having large, sensitive speakers. Check out Pure Audio Project speakers (mine are Trio15 Horn1, 96 dB), driven by a terrific 2A3 tube amp from Whammerdyne. Also a tube preamp, octal-pin based. And the crossover is easily tweaked ... 
Do CD Transports benefit much from upgraded power cords?
First off, thank you for the compliments. I've worked long and hard to cobble together a system which provides such happiness and joy. As for my post, I was hoping consensus would have been that it wasn't necessary to replace the stock PC on the C... 
What Horn loaded speaker/ speaker system for $10k'ish and under
Check out the Pure Audio Project models with the horn. I've got the Trio15 Horn1 and they are superb! Highly sensitive and easy to drive (I drive mine with a 4.3-watt 2A3 tube stereo amp, Whammaerdyne). Glorious music makers.  
So you just took a gummie...What song is on the menu?
I’ve done this. By far, my favorite CD for this experience is by Samsara Blues Experiment, "Long Distance Trip". (It is not a "blues" album.) Whenever I listen to it (loudly) I get totally immersed in the music and carried off for a long-distance ... 
seeking advise please on my short list for new speakers? (15k budget)
I would highly recommend Pure Audio Project Quintet15 with your favorite type of center driver. Best speakers I've ever owned, and one of the best I've ever heard are my Trio15 Horn1. They are high sensitive and easy to drive so can be powered by ... 
What speaker could safely be ordered without hearing it first?
Simple answer to this question........................"NONE!!!"  Be smart.  Always audition before purchasing the most important component in your audio system..........."Speakers."  +1.    
New, Very Interesting CD Transport
No experience with different spinners other than owning three different CD players since 1980’s. I do know that my last two sound different. Anything and everything in your system can potentially sound different, regardless of function. For exampl... 
Both preamp and power amp have volume controls. Preferred method to control volume levels?
Thank you all! Very helpful.  
Help with hiss
@forestg sorry, didn’t realize was both channels. yikes! cap leaking was assuming just one channel. would not expect hiss from unpowered gear.  
Help with hiss
I experienced an issue exactly like this. Turned out that a capacitor (or two) were leaking in my CD player. Could be a capacitor somewhere in your chain. Maybe even in your speaker crossover. Good luck!!  
Just a few words of appreciation for a still living artist.
After all these many years, "Early Morning Rain" (played loudly) still tugs at my soul. Also, being a Michigander, so too does, "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald". Great talent.