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Recommendations for Vintage Speakers
What do you all think about the Altec 604? 
Great Male Vocals--Walter Wolfman Washington
Agree on WWW. Saw him nearly 20 years ago in Detroit (Moby Dick's?). I like his "Out of the Dark" and "Sada" albums best. "You Can Stay But That Noise Must Go" is my favorite track of all. 
Horn Speaker Recommendations
@atmasphere  ... " your amplifier investment dollar will be best served by a speaker of 16 ohms rather than 8 or 4"Curious, then why don't speaker manufacturers do this? Wouldn't they want their gear to sound the best possible?  
Ugly vs Gogeous speakers
Looks shmooks ... while I think most of my gear is beautiful to the eye, if I could replace my speakers with a pair of paper plates and amplifiers with a pair of potatoes while retaining the audio quality I'd sell my gear, replace it from grocery ... 
Sound quality vs. volume
Wondering if with low volume the room is not causing so much trouble, but with higher volume the room becomes more apparent. Is your room treated? This is mandatory, especially with your style of speakers. 
Eggelstonworks Andra Factory Upgrades
I too am awaiting some replies... 
looking for a tube preamps that doesn't sound like SS
With my Mapletree Audio preamp, and I suspect other similar models out there, the sound can be achieved with proper tube selection. So many different flavors of 6SN7 tubes (lush, clean, clear, powerful, precise, hazy, etc.) from which to choose. C... 
Top Notch Desktop System
Adam A7X active monitors are awesome! I've got a pair of their F7's on my desk and that X-ART tweeter is superb.2-way system with 1 x 7" carbon/glass fiber wooferX-ART folded tweeter150W PWM bi-amplification42Hz–50kHzMaximum peak sound pressure pe... 
New in 2019
Hey, thanks maxnewid! Saw the CBKs a couple of times last year in Cleveland - terrific band! I'll definitely check out HTTK. 
Why the fascination with subwoofers?
Some peoples speakers may require augmentation of the lower frequencies e.g. bookshelf/monitor speakersThey can be more affordable than upgrading to a speaker that has comparable bass perofrmance .My case precisely. I like very few speakers but fe... 
Looking for a little help for speakers I may purchase
YW pcc67. Yes, I prefer tubes on them, or most any speaker for that matter. I am running a pair of Audio Mirror 45 Watt SET monoblocs - plenty of power for the Fontaines. Don't know if they'd be enough for the Andras though. I recall reading in th... 
Full range vs monitors with sub
A good sub (or four) allows acoustic tuning of the bass without having to move the mains around to achieve this. Get the main speakers right, mess with the subs until everything blends...done.+1 
Looking for a little help for speakers I may purchase
I have EgglestonWorks Fontaines, the Andra's little brother (same top three drivers, but no 12" bass drivers). Prior to going to all tubes I did have one of Frank Van Alstine's amps which sounded very good on them and had plenty of power. Check ou... 
Equipment that has made you 'stop' looking?
Empty Wallet 
Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
Oh my ... only one overall? ... um ... Michael Bloomfield! ... no wait ... Grant Green! ... no wait ... Albert King! ... no wait ... Rory Block! ... no wait ... Duane Allman! ... now wait ... SRV!, no wait ... Never mind.