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Thoughts about the "Cheapaudioman" on YouTube
I find him pretty funny and I enjoy his commentary. While I have no interest in any of the gear he reviews, I watch some of his stuff anyway. Strictly for entertainment.  
What’s your latest high-end audio purchase?
Whammerdyne DGA-1 Stereo Amp: pair of NOS Sylvania 2A3 power tubes; a NOS Amperex BB 6DJ8 input tube; and the optional wider band output transformers. 4.3 watts of excellent power!  
Please recommend speakers for 45 watt SET amps
I had those Audio Mirror amps for many years, driving EgglestonWorks Fontaine speakers. I believe the main reason they drove them so well, and the sound was superb, was that the mid drivers had no crossover and the tweeters only a simple L-pad (on... 
Audio Mirror Preamplifier
No experience with the preamp but had Vlad's 45-Watt SET power amps for many years. Outstanding product from one of the best in the audio biz. Vlad stands out as a true gem of a person.   
Best SET power amp below $5,000
My speakers are same-ish sensitivity, and I am extremely pleased with my Whammerdyne DGA-1 stereo amp. 4.3 watts (handling peaks of up to 10 watts) of 2A3 tube wonderfulness. Plays plenty loud enough for me. Transparent, yet still full-sounding. B... 
Homage to those who are pleased with your audio rig
@ghdprentice  Thank you! Yes, a labor of love, for sure. Checking out your system ... yow! Beauty AND the Beast. Very swanky. Bet it sounds superb. Nice job!  
Homage to those who are pleased with your audio rig
I am so pleased with my current kit that I believe I have reached my end-game system. I’d never thought this before, no matter how satisfied I was. This is the first time ever, regardless of how thrilled I was about my system, that I’ve stopped pu... 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Impossible to boil down to just one, so my idea is for these two. Flip a coin each day, and for heads listen to "From The Hip", by Con Brio, and for tails listen to "Badlands", by Trampled Under Foot. You'll thank me later.  
I'm at the pearly gates and they tell me I can only bring in one jazz cd
Yeah, I'm afraid I'll be passing through fiery gates, but I'd have to bring Kind of Blue with me. That recording still effects me, and one I've never grown tired of. Plus, down there, it will likely be my only respite to chill a bit.  
Scratch - The Crusaders
Funny that you mentioned Entrance by Edgar Winter. I was 14 when that came out and was listening to lots of different music on Detroit radio stations, but never heard anything quite like that! R&R/Jazz/Gospel combo really blew my mind and guid... 
Is There A Big Difference Between Subwoofers From Different Manufacturers
Subs are speakers too! So yeah, there are certainly differences between them. I auditioned several, well known accepted audiophile brands and chose which sounded best to me. Different ones may also have different features as well, so there's that ... 
Albums you do not get...a plea for help and understanding
Anything Miles did before BB I LOVE I used to feel the same way! Every couple of years I'd pull out my copy of BB and try to listen but I could not get through even one whole side. I ended up springing for a MoFi release and played it LOUD. I t... 
How Much Do Your Subwoofer(s) Cost Relative to Speakers
When I had subs:  1 : 4  (each sub)  
Albums you do not get...a plea for help and understanding
Beach Boys "Pet Sounds". Artists I don't get who are universally praised: Grateful Dead (although I love Gerry Garcia with other projects and believe he is supremely talented), Frank Sinatra, Elvis.  
Most Realistic Recordings
Sahib Shihab & The Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra This recording is shockingly real sounding.