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So where should the tubes be?
More tubes = better sound for me. Components with tubes:CD player, Preamp and its separate power supply (tube rectified), Monoblock Amps. Every component except my speakers and subwoofers. 
How long do you listen for? (Before listening fatigue sets in)
Forever, potentially, as listening fatigue never sets in for me. And though I listen only one day per week in the catbird seat, my session goes about 9 hours, with a 30-minute dinner break mixed in. 
Beginner looking for guidance into tube sound.
I would think the more tubes the more tube sound one could expect. When you’re speaking about the number of tubes for each piece of gear, not necessarily. In fact, I purposely searched for the least number of tubes per gear (CD player=1; preamp=3;... 
What Makes your System Special?
Careful auditioning and selection of gear, so system has been built to the type of sound I prefer, allowing me to listen to high quality music reproduction for hours on end.Desire to change anything? Only to exchange tubed gear for solid state (to... 
How many vinyl albums do you own you listen to?
0. Zero. Don't need 'em - CDs sound superb on my system. I built my system for CD input only and it is wonderful. 
Within a 30 day trial with Van Alstine SET 400; seeking comparisons
Check over on There was a review a while back from a guy (I.Greyhound Fan) who owns Pass Labs amp and I believe he compared the two. Not sure if I am allowed to post that link here. But should be easy to find. 
Worst Concerts You Have Attended ??
... in Atlanta at Chastain Park. This is an expensive outdoor amphitheater and the typical problem with concerts there is the audience who’d rather talk about work, tell jokes, and be inattentive to the music period.Oh yeah, thanks for reminding m... 
Worst Concerts You Have Attended ??
As per others' posts, worst concert(s) for me were due to either a deaf/apathetic/non-existant person at the sound board or elitist bands which think they know best how the sound should be set.  
Open House With Audio Components
My system was in a non-dedicated room (living room) and absolutely required packing it up for several reasons: no one (practically) cares about my audio hobby, even those who say they enjoy music; for couples looking to buy, perhaps a rare guy mig... 
Are your current amps and other gear the best you've ever had?
Yes! Best ever! Although I am extremely careful what I purchase and greatly minimize risk of purchasing gear inferior to what I have. 
About to invest in room treatments; GIK, RealTraps, DIY -- what is your experience?
I've purchased panels from GIK a few times. Always good products, helpful, and good customer service as well.  
Need a new amp
For power amp check out Audio Mirror's 45 WATT SET monoblocks. These are awesome sounding amps and rated very conservatively, so well capable to drive your speakers. They drive my 87dB/8 ohm speakers very well.http://https// 
Do you ever miss vintage gear you no longer have?
No! Newer gear is SO much better. Although it costs WAY more than my old gear. 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Sorry, but I cannot control myself by listing only one:All Them Witches, "Our Mother Electricity"The Bassholes, "Blue Roots"Sheila Chandra, "Weaving My Ancestor’s Voices"Con Brio, "From The Hip"Demolition Doll Rods, "Tasty"Mia Dyson, "Parking Lots... 
Critical subwoofer tip
My subs have "infinite"-ish variable phase controls. Very glad to have this feature.