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Have we lost civility and respect on Audio forums?
Personally, this forum has been way more considerate this year than in the past.  
Streaming rules in my system but CDs and vinyl still have a place in it. And playing CDs requires very little effort in my case. As for for the vinyl medium, reading some of the CDs inserts while listening to them can be a rewarding thing.   
There is none out there......
Easy recommendation, Innuos ZENith Mk3. Zips CDs in 5 minutes and hard ethernet wiring can be connected to a wifi extender with great results. Innuos sense app is also tops. Love mine.  
I am looking to upgrade - looking for advice
I agree with jasonborne on this one. If you stick with your current sources as is, it is very unlikely that a new set of amp/preamp will make big improvements. BTW, I love my A21+ amp.  
Aggrivated tinnitus from speakers?
I wish there was some easy inexpensive solution for you, but I seriously doubt it. Since vinyl is not as painful to your tinnitus as your streaming I definitely agree with starting with a tamed dac like Denafrips, even the entry level Aries 2. The... 
Are you on or off? What say you?
On or off? If only it was that easy...    
"Diminishing Returns"
Always refreshing to read a discussion that will save you money. Thanks :)  
DACed and Confused here...
The new gustard a26 dac would be everything you need for your budget. $1,499. That will be hard to beat.  
Do people tire of audio forums?
This is the site that talked me into streaming, me, a stubborn "analogue rules" old man. I will always be indebted to it regardless of all its shortcomings.   
She loves me she loves me not!
+1 @ naked. They are a beautiful set.    
Tidal or Qobuz
Started with Tidal, now with Qobuz and also Amazon music for titles I can't find on Qobuz. As a plus, Amazon is amazingly good sounding even via Bluetooth.  
Any other Pipe And Slippers Audiophiles out there?
Heavy wool socks, sweatshirt and IPA here.  
Help me spend $100,000 on a new system
Spend the 100k for a dedicated music space in your new downsized house and listen to the fine equipment you already have. It will be a much wiser and more beneficial plan long term.  
Streamer question
I have both bluos and Innuos sense apps. Actually the Innuos is just as simple and easy as bluos to connect to qobuz as it has a direct qobuz connection.   
Speaker placement Quandary
You can see mine in my system. 54" from front wall and 36" from side walls. Optimum for my room and speakers.