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What is your record cleaning regimen?
Everybody knows WD-40 attracts dirt. Use a teflon base lubricant instead!  
A Beginner's Guide to Audiophile
Is there an Audiophile for dummies book out yet? That would be a fun and educational way to start.  
33rpm vs 45rpm - which is better
45 LPs don't do it for me because normal sides are cut in half and usually better sounding LPs are originals, not recent remasters. I have a few but don't play them very often at all even if they may sound better, which is debatable.    
Check this out, if you already haven't.
And I thought I had a lot of stuff  LOL  
Scratch - The Crusaders
Nice post. My journey with Crusaders started with unsung heroes and chain reaction in mid seventies. I added most of their albums over the years but bought an original mint US scratch vinyl just a couple weeks ago. Awesome music AND sound, especia... 
Point of diminishing returns for a Network Streamers?
Out with the ifi zen, in with the new bluesound NODE since it is supposedly a shoe-in fit with android. Just ordered it! And the journey goes on.  
Point of diminishing returns for a Network Streamers?
My only contribution to this discussion is, if you try to connect android to ifi zen streamer, be ready for a mountain of aggravation. My experiment lasted 3 days. Endless attempts of connectivity and android developper settings resulted in a big ... 
Changing electrolytics
CAUTION: Today's discussions are to be avoided at all cost by all novices out there. Imbibing into them may turn you off any audiophile pursuit forever! You were warned lol.  
I wasn’t sure where to classify this…
I lived in Pensacola for 16 years. Went through 3 major hurricanes. Did not even keep track of the others. Swore to never EVER live on the gulf coast again. Problem with generators is you need gas. Stock it up in cans big time ahead of major storm... 
Hot Rats
To me, Bowie and Zappa are my two favorite rock musicians for the simple reason that they reinvented themselves over and over with different styles throughout their lengthy career. Each with about 40 albums! As far as the question, which are Zappa... 
Hot Rats
Going off the deep end again, lumping Zappa and Trump together...  
Politics and Music
It's so easy for these discussions to go off a cliff. Music should be from the heart. Politics is the furthest thing from it.  
Is this a scam?
Whether it is a scam or not, who in their right mind would agree to sell an expensive item online for only a fourth of the money up front? Life is too short to put yourself through such anguish. Lesson learned.  
Homage to those who are pleased with your audio rig
I saw the pics of your system, your description of the construction helps me better understand. It's like a high tech padded room :) Definitely unique.  
Homage to those who are pleased with your audio rig
Excellent, glad it's working for you. So is it like a cloth material instead of sheetrock? Like absorbers construction.