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Back to vinyl need phono stage help!
I also have ascend acoustics sierra towers (with raal ribbons). Just upgraded from moon 110 LP v2 phono preamp to PS audio stellar phono preamp. Did it due to Fremer's unusual all in review of that product. WOW!The difference is startling. I got a... 
Off center (not bent!) stylus?
If any cantilever of mine looked like that I would send it to Peter Lederman for an inspection. 
About to invest in room treatments; GIK, RealTraps, DIY -- what is your experience?
Also GIK will give you different advice depending which advisor you talk to. One will push you into going heavy with absorbing treatment, while another will recommend more diffusing. All that for the same room. At least it was my experience. Got c... 
About to invest in room treatments; GIK, RealTraps, DIY -- what is your experience?
+1 wfowenmd 
New Hobby Ultrasonic Record Cleaning
@skypunkClose enough to Austin, on lake Travis shores, if anyone would like to share their love of audio in my house of stereo I would welcome them. 
New Hobby Ultrasonic Record Cleaning
Total cost of my cleaning system is a little over $500. 
New Hobby Ultrasonic Record Cleaning
One more thing, change the ultrasonic water batch every 50 records if they are fairly clean to start with, more often for dirty records. The rinse bath I change every 9 records. Both super important. 
New Hobby Ultrasonic Record Cleaning
I moved to ultrasonic cleaning about 4 months ago. Best thing I ever done. My TBond machine cost me only $129. All you need is a 6 qts size to fit the vinyl spin kit that holds 3 records at a time. I set the spin kit speed to its slowest speed and... 
What kind of listening chair
Low back for sure. Your ears should be well above the back. No leather, fabric or wood is better.  
Crazy crazy crazy
The meeting at the bar thing appeals to me. I don't know where all you guys live, but here in Texas I met with my football buddies every Sundays at the sports bar to watch our favorite NFL team. No masks, six of us, different age range, holding di... 
Why so many angry audiophiles?
Because they are too worried about sound and forget about the music. 
Does Age Matter?
It is stunning to me to see how many elders are giving up on vinyl because ofthe physicality required to operate it. I hope I will have the physicality and drive to keep spinning vinyl well past my young age of 66. I am not about to throw in the t... 
Does Age Matter?
Ultrasonic cleaning does wonders for background noise. All my 2,000 vinyl have been washed. It's part of the process and I actually love doing it. Every 9 albums I get go through the process, takes me about half an hour. Piece of cake and amazing ... 
Does Age Matter?
66 yrs young 90% vinyl10% CDStill young enough not to be bothered by the extra work to play vinyl. In fact I rather enjoy it, it keeps me in shape :) plus it sounds soooooo sweet. 
Perfect Speaker Placement - Put next to the back wall as much as possible.
@b_limo To clarify it is your ears that are supposed to be at 38% from the front wall or the back wall. Nothing to do with speaker placement.