Responses from petg60

Tone control altered Balance ?
Did not realize this through loudspeaker check your earphones or something is going on in your amps hedphone out.G 
Clearaudio Innovation Wood or Oracle delphi
I will second Oracle, unless you are not willing to go on springs anymore.G 
Brand new Technics SL-1210GR platter wobble ... disappointed!
Just happens, many reasons, though platter has strengthening ribs somehow a good amount of force deformed it.Under warranty, ask for replacement.G 
The Absolute Sound vs Pleasing Sound
I am afraid that with no live performances of any kind due to current situation we become more painters than photographers. At least we have the memories of live and people voices talking to us. Of course we induce our colour and shading in the pa... 
Worst Concerts You Have Attended ??
Yes, Brighton back in 1980 touring for Drama, boring and without spirit, but spot on on title.G 
Cart adjustment, that moment when you nail it!
Great moment and great experience to get there.Stars aligned. Smile.G 
Accidentally left hot terminal jumper in place when bi-wiring. Damage potential?
No issues.G 
If your were to assemble a vintage system ?
Ariston RD11 or Thorens TD160S, Cyrus2 early production, Rogers LS7.G 
A pleading request to manufacturers of amplifiers and preamplifiers.
This amp has flesh!G 
Can upgrading your front end make your bad records sound good?
They were not bad but rather unnoticed.Yes something magical happens and they transform making sense.Then you realize that your collection has suddenly increased.G 
Vinyl cleaning - Ultrasonic vs. Walker products
I am using Walker Prelude for some time now and even though considerable cleaning time is required, especially first time cleaning, it it does a great job and lp's stay clean for a long period of playing time.So i do about 10 lp's per cleaning ses... 
Newbie question
roycerichards, welcome,All of the above is good advice and food for thought.Why buy a vintage receiver and then add a power amp while you can still get new or modern used fine integrateds or even seperates? What are your speakers that demand so mu... 
CD player reliability.... good and bad.
If treated with respect they can last many years, they do wear out but maintenance costs less than of other parts in the system.Only my SCD1 had an issue with a bearing change (the only fault that could never happen) but that was covered by warran... 
Help my analog sound as good as my streaming
You are not going to be blown away with only a cartridge change, but rather going the right direction. There is nothing wrong with streaming and your system now is better at that. Analogue today requires a bigger investment than your current one w... 
Driver breakin period, what’s the science?
All in a speaker changes with use, some faster and some not, mainly moving parts, followed by xover parts, cabling, binding posts.They should sound good from day one but to reach full potential it takes some time.Keep listening.G