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Hi,Laurie Anderson-Bright Red 
Name an artist that had a great debut album and a great final album
HI,Cream (studio albums)The Doors (only with Morrison)Aphrodite's ChildBjorkBlind FaithThe Sex PistolsThe Police 
Turntable feedback rumble problems with new sub
HI,Try to get a decent rack, adding platforms, granites, marbles and all kinds of that stuff will not have the desired outcome sonically,¬† for they store some energy, and still the current support will be in question and most propably you will ups... 
Why cuts into vinyl covers?
Hi,i believe any cuts or holes on covers are overstocks or returns. Nothing wrong with their quality but their value is dropped. Checking the matrixes is a good guide for value. 
Hi,5:15 - The Who 
Does it improve the sound of a MM or MI cartridge by playing it through a phono stage?
Hi,some in built phono sections in preamps and integrated amps of the 70's-80's-90's are quite nice and may outperform sonically some of todays stand alone phono stages.The Acutex has a 3,5mv output so it should be connected to mm input, if you do... 
High Powered Holographic Amplifiers
Hi,you have a system with potential, that from your description is not breathing at the moment, so try first some better cables, both power and signal and see how it goes. Room treatment is the next stage. If you decide to change your power amp th... 
is this the greatest live band of all time?
Hi,your mood in the night, but i can include, The Clash, King Crimson, Rush, Nick Cave, Laurie Anderson... 
Has anyone tried Kimber TAK HB tonearm cable?
Hi,to start with anything would be better than stock SME cable, which is veiled and lacking in life. On the other hand is flexible enough and would not upset suspension movement on your Delphi. I prefer the Tak ag to HB, i have used both on my SME... 
Choosing an SUT?
Hi,+1 @chakster i can understand it if you want to avoid the JFETS in MC input, that may give better sound but a gain of 60db should be more than enough.¬† 
Hi,powercords have influence on anything, from wall outlet to tt motor to poweramp.Quality of material, length, gauge, plugs all play a significant role. Negatives include longer breaking in time and as many things they do not come for free. 
Loose fitting power cord
Hi,loose fitting is caused by loose spring contacts, can cause problems and degrade Sq. You can get an aftermarket iec plug from Furutech, Iego, Neotech or Oyaide and solve the issue. 
Will a $700 turntable outperform a CD player?
Hi,get a tt, all above mentioned ones will give you at least enough pleasure and I bet your next upgrade will be still on analogue. 
Power Cord Placement
Hi,its nice to have the power inlet away from inputs and speaker output in a power amp. For preamps far left or right and away from inputs. 
What songs/albums/artists actually sound worse when played through audiophile systems?
HI,¬†nothing is going to sound worse in a good system (different thing from good components), on the contrary. Surely some recordings will sound better some mediocre, or worse, but even these ones should be enjoyable enough and far from unlistenabl...