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Question about speaker angle
Is this a theoretical question or a fact? Mostly depends on speaker design, their size, how far they are apart, your listening distance and placing in room. If you want a hot presentation (more high frequency energy) choose good toe in and if yo... 
Krell KBL Static in Right Channel
Static or crackling noise? Bad solder joint, cold solder joint can cause hum and distortion. An earthing issue, or a broken trace on the board as insecure joint somewhere may cause other noises. What happens if you tap the pcb? If you have no e... 
Magnified Record Groove Photo
The scratch is real.  
Turntable noobie...what advice do you have?
Just buy lp's and enjoy. Ebay, Discogs, stores, adds whatever you prefer, hunting is nice both physically and mentally. Get useful tools for setting up, cleaning, study, read, experiment and have fun.        
Magnified Record Groove Photo
A picture is worth a thousand words.      
Comparison: 2 Sony ES CD players vs Primare d30.2
Unfortunately Sony pulled the plug off for both ES line and the more prestigious Reference line, long time ago.  I am a fan of big Sony players, owned in the past, XA707es, XA7es, SCD-1, XA777es. A joy to use and i bet all are still spinning as i... 
All New Furutech PROJECT V1 Power Cable The New KING Of Power Cables ?!
Too bad most of us will never have the chance to buy it, so lets dream and make (for those who believe in power cables anyway) an inferior one from their bulk offerings. DPS 4 would fit nicely.  
Balanced versus single ended
Though both my preamp and power amp are true balanced designs i ended up preferring sonically the lower gain setting of preamp in single ended connection. With same brand interconnects, same length, Audio Note Kondo KSL (balanced and RCA).       
Acos lustre GST-801 P2S distance?
  Check Vinyl Engine Tonearm Database.  
What size power cable?
Depends on equipment, cable, and the rest in the chain, whichever sounds best. I have found that even 12awg are perfect for tubed preamps, CD players, power strips, but not for phono stages (tubed or ss).  
Low Output MC recommendations?
Hana is an excellent cartridge but if you can stretch your budget a Zyx Bloom 3 would be a better choice as most of your listening is classical.  
Why is used audio equipment so undesirable?
It’s easier just to box it and store it away and give it to someone if a situation ever arises. Selling it is ridiculous as I’m lucky to get 30 or 40% Plus all the hassle negotiating when selling, so I keep it. I know exactly what you mean but ... 
Audio Research D400 mk2 Caps
I would also ask ARC, just in case, to provide me with data of the capacitors used back then or any other information. But i assume that anything made now days would be superior.  
Audio Research D400 mk2 Caps
You can also check Nippon Chemicon KMH series, and Frolyt (Germany) EBH-NV. Both screw terminals but size may be different.    
Better sound on rainy days?
I trust your findings but i never switch on on rainy days. Prefer the sound of the rain, and to be safe.