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Component vibration isolation question
Hello,vibration control is very important and a must.All these years i have tried most and everything, hard material, soft, wood, composite, metal, all with mixed results. Things that have worked nicely are Acoustic System footers ( a true high en... 
What's your definition of analog smell?
Hi,R2R Maxell UDXL tapes, R2R Agfa 468 tapes, Revox B77MK2 when hot, DECCA LP,s, any classical box set LP, speakers, my Sony st-j88b with top cover off. 
Medium-priced balanced interconnects for a 6 meter run
Hi,consider also Furutech DIY, FA-as22, as21 with FP-601MR,602FR XLR.They want break the bank and they outperform many out there. 
Thoughts on extending speaker life.
Hi,for rubber surround i use talc powder application every 2-3 years and so far they behave like new. Like giving spinach to popeye. Do not touch rubber surrounds with your fingers. I would avoid petroleum based products, they don’t smell nice. My... 
Reasonable high end interconnects: without breaking the bank
Hi,make sure that you have the same brand and construction for all your cabling, otherwise you will be hunting your tail or pray for rain. You can get much better results by choosing same brand, even if you decide for a more economical solution. 
Kimber KCAG versus Nordost, newer Kimber interconnects, etc
Hi,i have sold my Kimbers KCAG, LS1126, KS1016,..and their power cords, too hifi for me.For the moment i am keeping the TAK ag which is ok with SME V..They have good resale value and are easily sold. 
Black Sabbath Master of Reality 1st or 2nd press?
Hi,try a European first press, swirl vertigo logo, UK or German (i prefer UK).Of course price is way up higher compared to US pressings.Castle reissues are good also but not the same artistically. 
Hi,if in personal doubt, then something is not correct; this feeling usually leads to new changes not always to the right direction. Take your time enjoy what you have know and learn at the same time. Treat your ears and soul with live music, visi... 
Furutech FA-as22 vs FA-220
thanks, @auxinput 
List your System Ingredients: Listed most to least expensive, by list price or price paid
Hi,and in percentage:Turntable/arm/cartridge 33%Power amp 23%Cables (including power & distr) 21%Speakers 12% Rack 12%Line pre 10%SACD 7%R2R 5%Phono 5%Tuner 3%MD 2% 
Spade vs bare wire
Hi,@aberyclark, you can follow Kondo's approach and just tarnish with solder the ends, that would leave cable character intact. 
Help me pick a turntable set up
Hi,you will need a decent phono stage to start with, so that leaves you with 1500$-1700$ for a table/arm/cartridge.My suggestion would be to go for MM cartridge (100-200$) and benefit from a better turntable.Plenty to choose: Rega, Clearaudio, , F... 
List your System Ingredients: Listed most to least expensive, by list price or price paid
Hi,by retail,Power amp, TT motor unit, Speakers, Tonearm, Cartridge, Line preamp, SACD player, Audio rack (not as total), R2R, Phono stage, Cables (not as total) Tuner, MD deck, others. 
How do tell when my stylus is too much worn?
Hi,example from my previous ZYX is that tips can last over 2,000hrs, depending from manufacturer. Actually the suspension went first. For ZYX end of life means misstracking, plus some loss of sparkle. Good cartridges have great HF extension so som... 
So I switched from XLR cables...
Hi,if your equipment is balanced from input to output then XLR will most probably sound better, as it will have less noise and more dynamics. XLR connection does not translate to fully balanced design.