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Rhodium plated audio grade wall socket
In a well balanced system rhodium is perfect and very refined. Tend to agree with @steakster ​​​​.  For me base material is very crucial.  
No labile help
They look a diy project, who knows from what.  
Some more modern jazz piano trios
E.S.T. though they stopped after Esbjorn Svensson's death,  Marcin Wasilewski Trio.    
Does Hearing Loss Disqualify Me from Audiophiledom?
Let’s hope that all of us age well with normal decline. I believe we are too deep into this so the chances of not getting satisfaction will be minimal.  
Oxidation on surface of cable under clear jacket
"Oval", is ot Analysis Plus cables? A little DIY is needed. You can cut the affected area and put another spade or same one if it is with screw terminal. Normally gold plated connectors do not oxidize but you can check it. I would do all four of... 
What is you tonearm’s Maximum Distortion?
Loefgren A, my arm. Vinyl Engine, with inner groove at 60.32 and outer at 146.05. Max error 1.86° Average distortion 0.42 Max distortion 0.64. Please note that when using Overhang shift calculator results in slightly less average and slightly... 
Choosing new cables
At your budget a mistake could prove really costly, audiophile1's advice is a good one. Now i am more inclined to Japanese thinking of cables so if it was for me i would chose cables from, Kondo, Acoustic Revive and Furutech. I believe The Cable C... 
Tube tester?
@elliottbnewcombjr Good point to get a tube tester, when: .you have a lot of tubes, meaning selling, buying or your equipment uses many and requires frequent tube change. Yes in the long run it would be more economical too. .have learnt a lot ... 
Tube tester?
Numbers are specific to each tube tester so to know what they mean you have to know what tube tester it was tested on and look up in the manual what the new and minumum numbers are. Exactly.   
Second MC Cartridge Choice.....Tokyo
If you cannot buy a top ZYX in Tokyo, Sibatech may distributing there locally, then another good alternative would be Etsuro Urushi Bordeaux or Gold.  
Some famous reviewers have atrocious listening rooms!
Few of us have proper rooms but most of us strive to achieve a better sound after understanding their limitations. The good thing is that it can work both ways, with or without treatments, but either way it takes time and experience to get most of... 
New Outlets Lead to Better Sounding and Tasting Coffee
It is amazing what some people do for their morning coffee. ☕  
Solo sucess
Lou Reed, Jeff Beck, Michael Jackson, Vangelis, ...all gone.  
MC for Low Mass Tonearm
You can check also VDH Frog.  
Unscrupulous ebay buyers
ebay and Paypal are no longer connected so any dispute would have to be solved by or through paypal. Unfortunately they can hold your funds till the dispute is solved or closed. And as another member stated correctly, It does not matter whether y...