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What are the advantages to a Class A amp & what are the trade offs?
People never complain of heat with tube amps only with SS class A amps. Yes, unless you get some trick Boulder or Krell design, class A amps run hot. The biggest problem with this is durability. Nothing benefits from recurrent heat cycling. A well... 
Arm interconnects choice???
Tone, Tone, Tone !
bpd24 There is a very good reason that there are very few dipole subs.If you think you are going to block a sound wave with a wavelength of 20 feet with a panel of any size or type that you could fit in a room I would love some of the stuff you ar... 
Tone, Tone, Tone !
Interesting description, "ghostly" as in "not there." That is right, ESLs can disappear. Point source speakers can not. You always know you are listening to a dynamic speaker particularly when you walk up to it. Essentially we are in agreement as ... 
Tone, Tone, Tone !
Prof, The reason ESLs sound "skeletal" to you, and I hate sounding like a stuck record is that the ones you have been listening to switch radiation characteristics in the mid bass. They are acting like linear arrays above 250 Hz but like point sou... 
Help looking for dynamic warm romantic sound with detail
I suggest you find your wife and give her a big kiss. That is warm and romantic. Otherwise I suggest that you get the Best Mcintosh you can afford and a pair of K Horns. That should take care of the warm and dynamic part.  
The better amp?
joser, god knows. With any op amp it depends on the application. Most audio aficionados are going to say discrete components are always best. All I can tell you is that you will have to listen to examples and decide on your own.    
What is trully important?
Who ever said that the “pros” have any idea what they are listening to? Those guys from the 60s who really knew what they were doing are long gone. What we are after is the realistic and satisfying reproduction of a musical performance in a home s... 
Bridging an amplifier
Sh-t I am agreeing with George. I am going to have to increase my Haldol dose.. 
Bridging an amplifier
Audiobrian, anybody who thinks those are the best sounding SS amps out there needs to have their Haldol doses increased. Not that they are bad but certainly not the best. Find me a bridged amp that sounds as good as a Pass 600.8 or Parasound JC-1 ... 
Sanders Magtech Amp or Bryston 4B-SST2 4 Mags 3.6
Johnwern, you obviously have not had any conversation with Roger Sanders. He is far more interested in his customers experience than anyone at Bryson. He is very much like Ralph Karsten perhaps a bit more opinionated but absolutely no bull. Having... 
Sanders Magtech Amp or Bryston 4B-SST2 4 Mags 3.6
I have absolutely no problem recommending the Magtech for your speakers. I promise it will blow you away and it is absolutely no risk as Sanders gives you a 30 day in home trial. No brainer. And don’t forget to tell everyone how it worked out.Mike 
Stumped by preamp-amp issues
cflayton, yet here you are. Yes, you can keep rebuilding and repairing but when things start f ing up it is best to move on. I have a 200 watt/ch Adcom amp in my workshop system that refuses to die. It is something like 35 years old. My Krell KMA ... 
Tone, Tone, Tone !
Prof, if you ever get the opportunity you must listen to a set of full range electrostatic loudspeakers. Quads or Soundlabs. I think your opinion on what a loudspeaker can do will evolve a bit.Audioguy85, it is not that the Whardales are cheap it ... 
Buy a $40,000 10 year old amp for $4,000 or new amp for same money?
I think we can safely say that audio equipment is a terrible investment.