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Tube Amps With Good Bass Qualities
Yes Ralph, I remember my father's Bozak B302A's driven by a ST70 they had loads of bass. By the way what are the woofer's in your speakers? Are your enclosures vented? 
Searching for matching(?) Subwoofer solution
Come on clio you can be more honest than that! Cable risers are for people who want to show off their silly $10,000 speaker wires. Anything they do to the sound is purely psychological.Hleeid, just buy a role of the thickest gauge you need and use... 
Which Magnepans for my small room?
bdp24, 20.7's are big. Soundlabs 845's are HUGE:) 
Which Magnepans for my small room?
Smod, They are very different speakers than you have now. They will not go louder but they will go loud more effortlessly. With your subs they will go loud enough. I do not think anyone can argue about the high frequencies. Many think the Maggie r... 
List your state of art headphones for smart phone use!
Easy. These guys are the pro's.  https://www.etymotic.com/er4-new.html You can not control the frequency response without isolating the ear canal. These are the only plugs that do that effectively. They also have a 31 dB noise isolation factor, ... 
Advice on SUT for Koetsu Rosewood - EAR MC-4, Slagle/EMIA, other
Montaldo, read this. http://www.kandkaudio.com/applications-guide/ It will back up what Atmasphere has discussed and give you the math to properly load your cartridge.Mike 
Advice on SUT for Koetsu Rosewood - EAR MC-4, Slagle/EMIA, other
chakster, you can always out board them. 
Worth pursuing analog sound from digital?
All crap. Lets face it old guys. Digital is way more accurate than analog, you don't have to deal with noise issues or the 10% harmonic distortion or the needle getting stuck. You are all disillusioned by the fact that there is very little to tamp... 
VPI Uni-Pivit Tone Arms
mreeter, I have a 40 year old Syrinx PU 3. It is as good as the day I bought it and I have never had to do anything to it but play records. Sharpening spikes? If the spike is hardened for durability, sanding it the way you mentioned will heat up t... 
Advice on SUT for Koetsu Rosewood - EAR MC-4, Slagle/EMIA, other
Uberwaltz it is very easy to put a transformer in in such a way that the phono amp can be returned to stock and nobody would ever know it had been modified.chakster, Sowter transformers are British and are made like SME stuff. They cost about $100... 
Advice on SUT for Koetsu Rosewood - EAR MC-4, Slagle/EMIA, other
Chakster, The Sowter trandformer for low impedance cartridges is good for 1-15 ohms. 1:10 or 1:20. Mike 
Advice on SUT for Koetsu Rosewood - EAR MC-4, Slagle/EMIA, other
Not really Uberwaltz, most of the best cartridges now a days are very low impedance. I would just get  transformers for low impedance cartridges.IMHO an internal transformer is always better. I guess some people are not so hot with a soldering Iron. 
Which Magnepans for my small room?
Smod, The 3.7's are the sweet spot in the range in terms of value but if you can find a pair of 20.7's used in good shape for decent money by all means. New 3.7's vs used 20.7's. Good luck,Mike 
Speaker toe in
ganash, you bet. I always listen with my eyes closed when I am listening seriously. Visual cues can easily distort your audio perception. Our eyes and ears are wired together. As an example if one inner ear malfunctions your eyes will start to dri... 
Standmount speakers. I have $5000.
Hey Duke, I was just on your web site. If you put  subwoofers under the Soundlabs and cross in and around 100 hz and you put the right amp on them they will effortlessly blow your doors off and it does take four subs:)Your web site does not mentio...