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Re: streaming recommendations for newbie
First streamer/DAC should always be a Bluesound. From there it's easier to decide where to go, if at all.  
diffusion at first reflective points + what ive learned about room treatments
Thanx for your observations.  
Coaxial - USB from DAC
You cannot split SPDIF. And that is totally different than USB.  
first & last system
@shtinkydog  +1 What he said. At least buy another phone so you can actually be mobile while leaving one in place.   
Desk speakers above monitors angled down at listening position
Don’t allow yourself to get overly serious. I have only two monitors, stacked vertically with Monsoon ribbons alongside. For bigger sound I have tower speakers in the same room. Eack system with additional (sub) woofers. If it sounds good enough ... 
It's All I Can Do - Better than I remember
They are on SACD. Sound almost as good as SuperTrsmp does.  
Weirdest record defect?
It sounds like a feature, not a defect.  
Importance of a DAC's elements
DAC stands for digital audio converter. Nothing about streaming. Go fish.  
Do I actually need a dedicated amp/DAC for my setup?
Do kids need an education? Total waste of funds for some   
Do I have to get a CD player to sample DSD on my digital rig?
No. And furthermore it is illegal to copy music from "a friend." Unless you get creative at breakin’ the law (no tips coming from here) you’ll have to buy some tracks for yourself.  
LP to CD
Well then it cannot legally happen. You HAVE to do it yourself. Most LPs you can already find on the Internet as files. They are much easier to grab if they are already digitized  But that is a gray area too.  
A.I. music
If it sounds good to you embrace it. Otherwise ignore, like many human creations. OP talks of "next year" and cites an article from "last year."  
Inflation being tracked in the UK with vinyl records
Inflation is but a subterfuge. Governments overspend, devalue the currency and then concoct BS to distract us.  
Your absolute top ten favorite tracks.
You are going to find a wide variety around here. Personally I find that most "audiophile quality" tracks are lacking musically. A rare exception is Dave Grusin Discovered Again. I more often listen to Willie lately: https://jackdaw4.bandcamp.c... 
Can DDC of another brand be used on Denafrips Dac?Audio GD etc
It will work with the Matrix i2s.