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Why don’t tube amps sound like tubes anymore?
A class D tube amp sounds delicious  
How to contact Audiogon Support
If south of 39:43 you'd better use y'all 'stead of guys. 
How often to demagnetize mc cartridges?
Fluxbuster works fine on HOMCs.Use it whenever you think it will improve the SQ. No set answer, every system and ears are unique. Did you get the manual? 
Anyone considering not buying Chinese products anymore?
Sounds like term limits. Good idea.Right. 
Set-up with two subs and an integrated amp
Congrats on interpreting the OP's query millercarbon. Good answer. 
In the middle of a pandemic, Stereophile reviews ~ $30K equipment
This pandemic just accelerated the wealth transfer. The richer rich have to find SOMETHING to blow your dough on. 
Daily forum chats
Same here. 
Strange Rivers
Wrong John Stuart. 
Recommendations for PC -- for modest system --
You'll only need 15A with that 7705 or virtually any SS AB or D amp. Not sure you'll hear any diff with an a/v rig.Of course the bigger gauge wire to the outlet the better.Good luck turning everything off.You'll probably need a flashlight during t... 
Recommendations for PC -- for modest system --
Ice Age Audio. Most bang for the buck. 
has anybody else noticed this about flac audio?
I can use XreCode3 to pick any of 0 thru 8.  Tell me again why I should hear a difference anywhere close to the difference in every recording  
Wow an old album that rocked your world
Rock my world?Wang Chung Warmer Side of CoolSay goodbye to the 80's with 4 different "real" drummers beating up the skins. 
Wow an old album that rocked your world
I had Birds Of Fire on 8-track after seeing them at The Kinetic and Summerfest. 
What do you think causes the crackle and clicks we hear?
If you play an early pressed well cut platter the noise is minimized. For mo so most records available for sale the only way to minimize noise real time is an expander, Park's Magic or spend up for a Sugar Cube. 
What do you think causes the crackle and clicks we hear?
BSNitty Gritty, Last, First, Carbon Fiber brush, ZeroStat gun. Blah blah honk honk.Noise.