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Best progressive rock album side
...di terra The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway - Giraffe. Illusions On A Double Dimple  Tarkus      
Digital Interconnects - Which one is the BEST ??!!
There is only "best" for you. Try them all.  
Help selecting Pioneer Elite used receiver
Refurbished is just a gimmick.  
Alright, it's too quiet around here. Let's have some fun.
Money To Burn - The Cyrkle Open My Eyes - The Nazz   She's My Girl - The Turtles  Mr. Undeniable (45) - Cryan Shames See The Light - The Flame Too Much Monkey Business -  The Hollies Two -Tones - Joe Stilgoe Late Night - Paul Shaffer  Runn... 
Is there a way to add "loudness" to a Peachtree Nova 150?
Done exactly that with a Loki between pre and power. Is good enough and it has a true bypass when you wanna rock out.  
Gryphon Amp Owners: Results with AQ Niagara?
Install a whole house.  
How important is spending time with your gear?
Naim NDX 2 vs Aurender or better than these Audio streamers
Innous is favored by some.  
HDMI cable for I2S
No. HDMI is not i2s. i2s sometimes uses HDMI cables for external convenience.  
Desktop Speakers
If you at all care about bang for the buck, it might be futile to try surpassing Dayton Audio B452-Air’s for $44. With no toe in they sound like putting on $400 planar cans, sans the lowest octave or so. I have a sub with the planars on my desk a... 
Can a DAC sort out a flat\cold amp?
@chayro Loki Mini is $165+ delivered plus tax, <$175 for silver. It's like a bandaid when you really need a tourniquet. You will bleed out as long as that PC is in there. My take is that the Topping D10s for $93.49 delivered will blow out ... 
Seeking Feedback on Potential Upgrade of Roon and Dac
A familiar refrain direct sounds better than through Roon. I think you have a good plan. Look at ViaBlue EP-7 Silver Cat 7.  
Streamer on Office WiFi?
Just get a repeater for <$50. And you get the benefit of going wired from it.  
PS Audio FPGA dac
Mine’s a keeper. The updates are done but you can still get most of them on their site, all independent of each other. I got it direct for <$3500 with junk trade ins. It’s a good buy at that. Plenty around pre owned. Darko equated it with the D... 
Roon Support, or lack thereof
Get what ya pay for. I NEVER received any support from SGC. At least they didn’t obstruct the refund.