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"Real" streamer vs. Bluetooth adapter--what's the advantage?
Duh. Doh.If you can’t tell the difference it doesn’t matter.Spotify?  Airplay?  I'm getting a head ache. 
Question about SACD and DSD
Well, playing from a PC is crap, there's that.  If you're not using Fidelizer it is hopeless. 
want to get up and streaming with all new gear, please help
You don’t NEED Roon it’s just a resource taxing luxury. I used to use my Synology. Better sound and faster loading on local SSDs. You can load tracks on memory remotely via WiFi on most streamers. The only one of 5 I cannot is the BluSound.That’s ... 
Worst Concerts You Have Attended ??
Never liked Brucey. I do like the Moody Blues but sitting behind them at the Stadium they sounded out of sync, time and tune.  Seen 'em since they were fine.  Pink Floyd at the Amphitheater a close second.  They suckrd pickled eggs. Too bad.The be... 
If your were to assemble a vintage system ?
Wouldn't.My 1970 system plays cassettes. 4. sides continuous for $20. 
Need Help on Optical Cable Connection
Just use a eBay splitter. I’m using a 1 to 3.AVR, stereo preamp and an outboard DAC.If you don’t get sound try another cable. The Blue Jeans one I have only works on some devices. 
Check in: How quickly are streamers and servers evolving?
I have no freakin' idea how to address this post.I just have my latest story. While going through LPs to find candidates for today's ultrasonic cleaning gig, I found a Stackridge disc. In the same amount of time to drop the needle on it I made a p... 
Check in: How quickly are streamers and servers evolving?
Trolling child with a runny nose.  Is the weather changing fast enough?Doo doo question. 
A pleading request to manufacturers of amplifiers and preamplifiers.
Quality manufacturers include white gloves. Use the and forever hold your piece. 
I saved alot of money.
Whatever floats your boat. 
New Zu Audio Soul Supreme Speakers
Screw dat. 
to buy or not to buy (ultrasonic record cleaner)
Which looks???The ONLY thing that matters is the sound. Many hours of scrubbing and vacuuming over the years wasted. I've cleaned "clean" records and they sound like better presses every time.Try a different jury. 
Digital vs 8 Track
Tape doesn’t jam, silly. The splicing tape gives way. I’ve fixed ’em. PITA    Of course self recorded ones are far superior to high speed duped commercial tapes. 
Question about audiophile DC cables
I've seen them for big bucks. Happy with diy made out of OCC CU.  I haven't seen any better connectors than ViaBlue.Teddy Pardo stock is nice. 
Vinyl cleaning - Ultrasonic vs. Walker products
Ultrasonic. No contest.