Responses from fuzztone

Spending a month's salary
I have a $6K DAC and do most of my listening on a $200 balanced one.   There's that.  You are correct in concentrating on speakers you like, that you can afford to drive. The room is just as important for perceived SQ.  
Looking for an usb player
You have 2 choices: Compromise on the features desired. OR Invent one. No one makes a remote the navigates folders. You need a smart phone or a computer for that. If your Oppo does that, live with it.    
Buzz from mouse in speaker
Has it evaded you?  Computer sound is noisy. Enjoy.  
Soulution 330 streaming
Just wondering how an integrated amp with a DAC is gonna get you to streaming.  
Fee for home audition
Arcam FMJ UDP411 Universal Disc Player
IMHO better off with a Sony X800 that will play most anything. By an originator of CD, SACD and BluRay. Built by a design or of CD, SACD and Blu-ray protocols.  
Classé CP-45 remote
To copy to a programmable remote follow directions.  
One way will cost 2X+ than the other. Purchase $ required, space used &  operating cost  
Optical USB drive for ripping
For copying digital bits never say never. If the Melco has a soft eject button, "the best" is the HifiRose spinner.  
What is your experience with amp power?
The "quality of the music" depends on the "quality" of the amp.AND the power. Sometimes mutually exclusive.  
That's what she said.  
The Mood Was Ruined
Nothing but an AT arm lifter auto lifts my arm. Music not magic.    
Streaming alternatives to pricey kaleidoscope?
Kaleidoscape cheapskate.  
Ripping CD's to hard drive
If it consummates, the "quality" of rip doesn’t matter, only the quality of playback. Ripping usually repeats until it is "right." PB only gets one shot at it. I’ve had good success with a Pioneer BD External drive.  
20amp v 15amp