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What's the best non-DAC streamer?
Best AND best bang$1200  
Cambridge Audio CXN V2 outputs question ?
Cambridge Connect (the player app) does get pretty bad reviews. You might be better off with a BluNode. 
Cambridge Audio CXN V2 outputs question ?
Don't know except I see it has Spotify connect. You just start Spotify on any device that is on one of the big 3 OSs and then select it as the player. It lists Tidal and Qobuz on the product page so they've got to be pretty easy. For more answers ... 
Ditch the multi purpose computer for audio and get a streamer.You can start for a coopla c notes.hhttps//  
How to accurately gauge speaker sensitivity to match with tube amp?
@atmasphere Great suggestion on the Zeros.Paul allows free audition and return.MIGHT be the cheapest way to have the cake AND the icing.I'd call Mike first see what he thinks. 
Gender bender
The Bangles girl version of Rundgren's Open My Eyes 
Gender bender
Oops Try that again. 
Gender bender
Pam singing Elton's Come Down In Time I had kept track of her surname before she retired. 
Gender bender
Lowell George doing Rickie Lee Jones' Easy Money 
Gender bender
Rumer (Sarah Joyce) doing  Paul Simon's Long Long Day 
Album that you cherish that are not found on streaming services (Stomu Yamashta & GO) friend of Al's,  Barry Miles (and Silverlight)  Magic Theater 1975As far as cherish,  ALL Direct to Disk platters.  Most of the recordings ARE on streaming services but can NEVER sound as good with ... 
LNPS for modem/router ......
I doubt it. I assume that you have all other bases already covered such as glass ethernet that have been reported to make a difference. Or a WireWorld  i2s connection to your DAC. 
Never paid attention to Cretu before but I see your point. Immersive, digital and headphone optimized. Not bad on a 5.1 rig either.Pretty colors for vinyl freakazoids 
1st press vinyl vs new vinyl something is terribly wrong here
Myth: Vinyl has greater resolution than CD because its dynamic range is higher than for CD at the most audible frequencies...The dynamic range of vinyl, when evaluated as the ratio of a peak sinusoidal amplitude to the peak noise density at that s... 
1st press vinyl vs new vinyl something is terribly wrong here
Dynamic range??Who you crappin'?