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Anyone else using "Allflac.com?"
Burn to CD? So 20th century! Why would anyone want to burn less than .wav?  
Immersive Audio and How to Achieve It
As for my preferences in ’23: Pat Metheny Live Capathia Jenkins Live StillHouse Junkies Live Keb’ Mo’ Studio Boz Scaggs Studio John Primer Studio A wash. I reject the premise over by here. Pink Floyd started performing live surround in 1967 Qua... 
Dumping McIntosh for Bose
Not much midrange either. Sell the Bentley for a Yugo and pocket big bux.  
Requesting Technical Assistance
R and R the power transistor.  
Are your listening levels healthy? Doing damage?
Yes No A $30 Parts Express meter is accurate enough. Or buy a decent mic.  
RIP J Eric Johnson
Are higher end preamps worth the investment when you are only streaming Tidal & Spotify ?
A preamp is little more than switch with additional tonal insertions. Assuming that the highest 'fidelity" is "straight wire with gain" why add an unneeded switch?  It might sound "better" but cannot possibly be more "fidelitous." I've had Tidal ... 
Eversolo DMP A6 with or without preamp
All analog or analog outputs?  
XLR/RCA Sub-Out Combo Possible?
Try it you might like it, no risk.  
My recommended QoBuz playlist is Hi-Fi Audio Partners
Scroll down to Qobuz playlist and then select See all  
Malfunctioning SMSL SU-9n
Schiit left me hanging,. If you give them good money for a Modi and it fails 1+ years, tough nails. They won’t fix or replace it. I have a couple of S.M.S.L. DACs that always work, one on my TV.  
My recommended QoBuz playlist is Hi-Fi Audio Partners
Playlist section? I see Qobuz playlists. Can find no search option.  
I have perfected my network for the nth time
It don’t mean a thing when the ISP goes out. In that case you are out of the streaming business. Better hang a tape. An external clock only matters with certain or old DACs.  
RCA splitter
Splitters usually work fine for most analog connections. INMHO the integrity of the connection is more important than the "quality.". That said AQ makes various topologies. They along with Morrow's are better than cheap Chinese plastic adapters..  
Why Do You Listen? A Poll Question
If "it" does what?