Responses from fuzztone

How can you evaluate a system with highly processed music?
Is the purpose musical enjoyment or "evaluation"? Count me out.  
Hearing Aids in 2023 .. Questions
OTC aids are weaker, strictly for beginners.  
To complete a system
A streamer with a lossless service or a TT with arm, cart & LPs should do it. In short a big billfold.  
Any Thoughts?
Shrimp crackers and ice cream banana for breakfast..  
Center Channel Dialogue
Stats in front with a RAAL ribbon center works for me. Meanwhile increase your center volume level.  
Tim Bachman of BTO passed at 71
Did not look like that to a judge.  
dumb and simple questions from a noob
As far as #1 goes I have 2 surround systems. Cables through the floor in one. Tiny rears hanging from a drop ceiling with homemades in the front on the Severance (basement) floor.  
JBL 4367 = Sleep Denervation
Always nice to find something that speaks to your soul. Enjoy  
Harry Belafonte passed......
At Carnegie Hall was a perfect confluence of performance excellence and recording skill.  
What should I do - PS Audio DAC with or without Preamp
Do you wanna know which sounds better? Or is more convenient? Obviously all of your sources can run through the DAC.  
T+A Dac 200 HDMI issues
Sony does not output DSD no matter how hard you try.  
Feel like I'm outta my mind....
And crazy.  
Holo Red Streamer
They refer to a control app. What? I'd be demanding help from Kitsune or the actual retailer. OR sending it BACK.    
Mini Bluetooth speaker for outdoors... recommendation-seeker...
I’ve owned Oontz and many JBLs. I think you want a Harmony Note 10/. $30, waterproof, under 13 oz., better sound than larger JBLs. And it will play 32 Gb microSD cards, no BT required. Two of them automatically go into stereo mode, no stupid ap... 
The MQA debate is finally over
MQA used the best scammers. Exactly like debating dial up.