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What are important features in a listening chair
I hear you! 
Reasonable but not outragious interconnects
Very happy with Morrow Audio. SP3, SP4, MA1 MA3 MA6 I have an extra 1 meter pair of MA1 if interested. New condition. Newest model. Pm me. 
Homemade speaker stands
I sent you a PM. 
Gryphon Diablo 300 Integrated or Dartzeel LHC-208 Integrated with PMC Fact 12 Speakers
Have listened to both many times. For power, finesse and musicality I would suggest going with Gryphon. I use Evolution Acoustics and they are power hungry at 86dB. And drop to 3.6 ohm. 
Is it time to upgrade
Agreed, I would suggest a speaker upgrade to scratch your itch! 
Looking for an Integrated Amplifier to match Totem Rainmaker Speakers
Just sent you a PM. 
Starting Over...Need help finding the perfect integrated to replace everything
Sent a pm today. 
Integrated amplifier search
Sent you a pm today.  
Does cold dry weather affect your SQ
A good bourbon or scotch does the trick for me!🥃 
Best power conditioner for record cleaner?
I am getting great results with the water I have shipped in from Lourdes as well!🎶💧 
DAC chips
What flavor is better chocolate or vanilla? Depends on what you like! 
Sent you a PM. 
Lifelong Neil?
🎶😀 Neil Sedaka rocks! 
Ideal design for a new music room
Check out the round room, 
Current Women In Jazz : Underappreciated
Saw both of these women in Dayton Ohio over the last few years.Check out Lindsey Webster  andHilary Kole