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Can I place outdoor screen over air vents on top of my amplifier vs. dust/hair entering?
I would think that the material that is used for stopping weeds in the landscape would work. It allows water and air to pass thru and is lightweight.  A small roll should do the trick. Very cost efficient for your experiment.  
Paying with a cashiers check? Need advice!
Definitely a hard pass. Too much negativity surrounding this one. 
Dana cables power cords
Warm, meaty, and lots of texture..... Verastarr.  Flat gold/ silver foil. Try it now! 
Paying with a cashiers check? Need advice!
How much money are we talking about? 
CODA vs Hegel
As the owner of the CODA CX I feel very comfortable recommending anything built in last 7 years.  Truly stunning craftsmanship and internals.  
Help wanted
Is there a model # or other identification on the existing PS? Try giving Ml a call to inquire.  
Searching for a Integrated Amp under $2K
Unico SE or similar from them. Sound is beautiful, slightly warm and great with most types of music.  
Looking for small monitor for small room
Look for the KEF LS50 Anniversary model. Great for a smaller space. 
Who else is using old cables/interconnects, and is happy?
^^ Only if they are second or third hand and broken in! 
AC outlets
I use a combo of Hubble and PS Audio power ports.  Happy with the upgrade and cost. 
Did I make a cable mistake?
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Touch - John Klemmer 
Open Letter To REL, SVS, Hsu, etc., et al
@james_edward :  Disregard the usual "asshats" on this site, they know who they are. If they have nothing to contribute why do they not hit the back button and move on???  ( need to feel superior much). Too much pandemic isolation maybe 🤣.Glad you... 
What's your investment threshold?
There are thresholds in audio???  
Are your current amps and other gear the best you've ever had?
Yes. The gear available these days is incredible. Now just go and enjoy the music.🎶