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Blown driver
Don’t do that again! 
Replace a Rogue Tempest with Cayin CS845A, Ayon Triton 2, Unison Research, or Mastersound?
Line Magnetic or Jadis. Try to listen for yourself if possible. Hard to tell you what you may like. All of your choices are very nice and it will come down to small personal itches that one above the others will scratch!😉 
Kii Three vs. actives with analog crossover
I would not get caught up in the after market drivers/amplification vs proprietary thing. The only thing that matters is how it all works together to provide the musical experience that you are looking for. Plenty of possible problems could be had... 
Shipping co. recommendations (CHI -> SF)
I used Freightquote.com [email protected] will find the lowest cost provider.Speakers were around 150 lbs. Stands 75l bs shipped in wooden boxes two total. They were wrapped by the shipping company in clear plastic and put on a pallet... 
Do speakers take time to warm up?
+1 @pwerahera I do the same thing. I have a 70 minute disc of pink noise at all frequencies that I let run for half an hour or so at high volume. Great for the entire system. 
Kii Three vs. actives with analog crossover
I have had the pleasure of meeting and listening with the designers of the Kii III on several occasions. Each listening session has been a revelation. I have been amazed and left scratching my head each time while checking my bank balance. Go and ... 
Your One Bullet Point Solution; Electrical Upgrade
Any thoughts or consideration of adding a separate copper ground rod for the audio only panel?  
cable connection
Preamp and source for me. Second choice would be from the wall outlet to the amp. Let’s see how many different options we get on this😀 
What Percentage Off Would You Expect to Discount For Open Box Amp with Blemish
35-40% off to see any of my Benjamin’s. 
Does anyone collect something else other than music.
@richopp, regarding ties. That’s a pretty good guess on my total as well. I am a little shocked now that I don’t wear them why I thought needed so many. Clearly a first world problem. I’m thinking of paying forward to the local career center for y... 
How Do You Remove CD Booklet/Artwork?
I just pop out the entire insert. Gently of course. Once you realize how they are put together it is easy to take apart and reassemble without damage. 
Does anyone collect something else other than music.
In addition to my earlier post, I think I should add golf shoes and silk ties. At least I will be fashionably dressed while I chase the little white ball.🤫 
New TT or upgrade cartridge/platter on Project DC
@aasteven111: Sent a PM earlier. 
Cocktail Audio's New and latest X50pro Audiophile Music Streamer/server...Any Love?
Do any of the owners of the X 50-D know of any tweaks to get “better than stock” sound out of the unit? Any upgrades besides power cord and cables which I do automatically?maybe extra isolation, shorter signal path or upgraded capacitors etc. TIA🙂 
Shunyata now uses silver ???...
Anyone ever hear of a guy named P.T. Barnum? Now what was that famous quote of his...........?