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Is there a difference in sound between a coax cable and an optical one?
You could always support the rca with a small piece of foam or other neutral material so that the rca stays level with the input.🙂 
Any experience with these turntables?
Where is he located? May be able to help. 
Give Satanic Majesties A Chance
Bless her heart and yours, that’s awesome. Lost mine last April (89 1/2). 
CD Treatment
Grab a beer and some peanuts. 3..2..1 
Looking for suggestions....
Steely Dan - AjaFleetwood Mac - RumoursJames Taylor - Hourglass Diana Krall - Live in Paris 
50 foot cables?
There are probably seven types of cables you may need for your system. Any clue what ones you would like us to recommend?https://i.pinimg.com/originals/86/22/56/862256060ba85233f0a6a95697fdf9bb.jpg 
10 Audio Cable Myths and Facts
Looking forward to this one.......https://cuddlebit.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/popcorn.jpg 
Does anyone know whether Verastarr has closed down?
Contact info send to you via private messaging through your AudiogoN account.  
20 Amp cables for PS Audio P20
I would start by researching these brands: Acoustic Zen, Kimber, Synergistic Research, Shunyata, VH Audio and Triode Wire Labs.good luck in your search.🍀 
New digital source recommendation
@mybuddy, sent you a PM. 🙂 
Anyone still using this player? Sony DVP-S9000ES
I have owned since purchased in 2005 the 9100ES CD/SACD/DVD player. Demoed against ARCAM, MARANTZ, CAMBRIDGE & Pioneer Elite comparable models at the time. Since then have owned the Lector CD-6 tube player and a Cary Audio. Still have the Sony... 
Help Ripping an HDCD Encoded CD...
Windows may not recognize that particular processing Codec. Likewise DSD or DSF files. 
Tried a new product to highly polished speaker surface
Same as for a car finish, keep the orbital moving at all times and don’t keep in one spot which will cause heat build up, which is bad. Start slow and you will be amazed how easy it is. Mirror finish!(You can find Meguires, Turtle Wax, Simonize, M... 
Tried a new product to highly polished speaker surface
I only use products that are made for fine car finishes on my speakers. No swirls, gentle and smell great. Make sure the ingredients are all natural. Buy quality Korean sourced Microfiber 70/30 blend, either 12”x12” or 16”x16” borderless. 😉p.s. I ... 
Better to plug it in ... ... ...
Now sit back and relax with a cold one and enjoy the music!🎼✨🎷