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Does this translate?
Stopped reading and subscribing years ago. They never audition anything that is less than groundbreaking, a pinnacle, changing the laws of physics blah, blah blah. Make one purchase and the next month it is superseded by the next greatest thing to... 
35 year old drivers need replaced?
Have you tried the new Epic from Callaway? 
Does anyone collect something else other than music.
Hand carved duck decoys, German beer steins and shot glasses from all over the world. Cannot pass up a good local bar and some regional spirits.🥃 
support for heavy PC?
I really wish that AudiogoN would allow the posting of pictures without having to send people to another site for image [email protected] try to imagine loosening the outlet screw just enough to slip the end of a leather shoe string that has been ... 
Anyone compared Morrow Audio Interconnect cables with Audio Envy Prestige interconnects?
Level 4 in the Morrow Audio line is the sweet spot in both interconnects and speaker cable. That’s where I started. Eventually moved up to level 7. Excellent! I found them to be fast, open, transparent and quite musical. Very well made and easy to... 
Furutech vs Audioquest Power Cables
That’s putting your money where your mouth is. Very transparent. 
Dynaudio C4 vs Contour 60
Talk to your Dynaudio rep. Or call their customer service. 
Monitors and speaker stamds?
Blu-Tack soft adhesive and Moongel (used on drum heads), sold at music stores. Many reviews of each available. 
New TT for ~$1500
Sent you a PM earlier.  
Mark Levinson PrecisionLink Dac
Anyone ever get a personal review or demo of the 5101 streamer CD/SACD PLAYER? 
New old or old new?
Great food for thought!  For me, definitely older electronics mated to newer speakers. Not even a close call. In fact, I would venture to say that newer speakers would would be a much more complimentary pairing than the reverse. Today’s speakers w... 
Review on Coda Technologies 16 Amplifier went live today
@lancelock, where have you been for the last four months since teajay  started his thread concerning the CODA 16? If you were thinking of purchasing a CODA I would think that you would want to see what the review contained. Not judging mind you🙂.I... 
Custom Faceplate Source?
Interesting......, thanks for posting. 
Music Playback
I think he just wants to use the phone as a source. He needs a male mini from phone to male RCA on the pre. USB stick or Sd card will need to be used through the phone and files accessed and played through the phone and output to the pre.I think 🤔  
CD Treatment
@fundsgon.  - I am a bourbon and wine guy as well. A triple threat 😂i think it is very important to make sure the disc is balanced and your CD spinner is as level as possible. Also, be sure to put some weight on the top plate to lessen any vibrati...