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Black Ash.....
Wow this is so important its earth shattering.Who would buy that junk anyway??? 
Who can dance?
Its Audiogon not dancegon dude!!! 
hi anbody have a wood record mat ?
That would kill your sound big time.One of the best mats is the TW Acoustic its not cheap though($500.00). 
Cheap Vibration Control Discovery
Sounds great but its to ugly to go in my system. 
How is that Audiogon Insider stuff working for you?
Not interested regular Audiogon is good enough for me.Good luck though!! 
acoustic vertical window blinds
Hunter Douglas fabric verticals sound wonderful in my listening room. 
Marigo Aida CD Mat
Any great CD player such as my Esoteric K-03XS needs no mat as it would be detrimental to the sound.A CD player with a great design should need no mat. 
Who are the Kings of Audiogon?
There are none just some Princes maybe. 
Any experience with Tube rolling 6922 for Conrad Johnson preamp?
The best sounding tube for CJ Amperex 6922 not cheap though.Brent Jesse has them its a big upgrade in sound. 
Buying advice: McIntosh vs SimAudio for Integrated Amplifier/DAC.
Should be under preamp/amps. 
Rockport Avior 2 vs Wilson Sasha DAW
Jump on the Rockport asap!! 
Damn thing wont sort.
Wow thats a bummer dude. 
Rockport Avior 1 with Spectral Dmc 30 SL G 2 / Dma 360 S2 mono Mit Oracle Matrix cable
No get Purist. 
What are your main system's components, and which one you wanna swap out (or add) now?
Wow thats a tough one dude. 
Items for sale here and on ebay without remotes....
Jump on ebay if you like to get ripped off.