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Miracles in Audio, by luck, by good choices,by design or by tweaking...
thecarpathian and mahgister,Thanks for your care about me. It is touching and I mean it. You made my day.I am well but, after realizing that many threads I have participated at have been shut down, I also realized that my contributions were neithe... 
How I tamed digital glare.
uberwaltz,I was aiming at that chocolate in those cookies mentioned above. Speaking of that, Sacher torte over cookies any time. Triple that for Imperial torte, even if it technically is not a torte at all. 
How I tamed digital glare.
I guess none of you is vegan.I am still wondering how Michael Green is doing. Does anyone know? He has not showed up in a while 
Digitizing Vinyl; Suggestions Please
To add a ballpark figure to tkr’s post above, An album copied in DSD (64x) will be anywhere between 1.5-3 GB, depending on length of course. 24/96 may be somewhat less but will still take a lots of space. Get a bigger hard drive than you initially... 
Digitizing Vinyl; Suggestions Please
"...but I was under the impression that it wouldn’t take 2x the time."Depending on how picky and meticulous you are with metadata, it will take that much, if not more.I used KORG DS DAC-10R to make DSD copies. I doubt it would be as good as your s... 
How I tamed digital glare.
“Perfect Sound Forever.” Apparently there are quite a few people who swallowed the marketing slogan ...Depending on their age, it might have been. 
Barometric pressure, temperature, moon phase?
Let us know how it goes tonight. 
I wonder why......
Has anyone asked amplifier etc. manufacturers? Maybe they know the answer. 
How I tamed digital glare.
Hmmm, it is interesting, indeed.I had two posts removed in which I urged for softer approach to clearthink and, basically, praised him to some extent.It really does not matter much, but such decisions are bizarre at least. 
How I tamed digital glare.
rbach,I agree with you completely. I just thought it should be recognized that one step was made. Not an easy one, I guess. Content and interpersonal communication is next. 
SACD or not SACD?
elizabeth,The only thing you have not mentioned is DSD files burned on DVD (discs), as rare as they may be. 
What differences should I be hearing as my new system breaks in?
skyscraper,DSD material, under that name, is sold as downloads. However, DSD material on the purchased disc is SACD. Somewhere on each SACD you will see written DSD. The idea of DSD predates current widely-accepted music file download era so it ca... 
The Golden era of Japanese integrated amps, are we missing out?
Do you have a link to anything with that amplifier? Google search just does not come up with amplifier model 2100.jl35,"And techs to recap?" 
Most impressive small footprint speaker
Dynaudio Special One 
What differences should I be hearing as my new system breaks in?
skyscraper,DSD is closely associated with SACDs. For simplicity, you could think of it as SACD equals DSD although it is not quite like that. Your Marantz player will play/decode SACDs just like it plays/decodes CDs and you have nothing to think a...