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SACD player recommendations budget 3k.
Used or open box Luxman D-05U show up from time to time. 
Are there any tube amps that don't give off any---
"...get yourself one of those small computer fans and for a few dollars, your tubes will run cool and you’ll extend tube life too."As much as the tubes may run cooler, the amount of heat in the room will stay the same, I think (theoretically even ... 
Are there any tube amps that don't give off any---
very small room + tube amplifier + heat worries = tube headphone amplifier 
which speaker to buy
Loud hard rock? Tekton Moab, Zu (I do not know the model). 
Amp repair cost — is this right?
"I already know what the amp is worth to me."Why exactly are you asking us if $1300 repair is worth to you? 
Have you changed your mind about a brand? Was it you, or them?
I changed my mind about Tekton as a brand. I thought it was just another small company producing decent speakers and that was about it.After being exposed to a few threads and somewhat religious approach that Tekton disciples seem to have, along w... 
What rock song sounds the best on your system...
Regarding Joshua Tree album and wasting time on digital..."Some of the gear I can remember using was as follows:Vox other than Trip tru' was always a Shure 58, Danny had a very tempremenal Sony mic (can't remember model no.,) that was used on Trip... 
All New Magico A5 Loudspeakers // Biggest "BANG" For Your BUCK On The Market ?!
"so how you describe the magico sound?"Magicoal! 
Tekton Design Moab
"...the transducer comprising a moving element, wherein the moving element is limited in mass to approximate the mass of the moving and sound-generating portion of the musical instrument."How does the transducer know which instrument it should rep... 
Tweaks you got rid of because they were not effective (enough)?
"And so it is not as great as mine, which cost less than the sales tax on theirs."There is a value in such systems. Actually, they are priceless. It is that pride in "I did it".According to it costs not on... 
Cartridge recommendation please...
For about $400, and with a little luck or patience it may be $300ish, Soundsmith Otello is a good one. I have no idea how it compares to almost anything else, though. 
Frustrated McIntosh Owner
genez,You may want to calm down. 
why a 75 dollar blue ray smokes all 2k CD players and any turntable???
Why is spending/buying frowned upon around here? Spending feeds others' families. Without buying, frequently useless, items like hi-fi stores close, factory workers get laid off, etc. Buy it, if you can. It is a hobby after all. An excuse for wast... 
A good time to buy now, or in the near future?
"Drove the german taxi today."Mercedes E? 
A good time to buy now, or in the near future?
jjss49,Luckily, the cars (911s) seem to grow with each new generation. Maybe that is to accomodate longer-living generations of humans?A number of members here claim to drive a 911 so I wondered how they bend to get in as they imply they are not t...