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Personally, I’ve been using a Bose Wave Radio for that task for many a year. Never had an issue and great sound for what it is.   
Audio Alchemy DDE 1.0 PS, what is radio shack ver?
@cadet1 is correct. The DDE 1.0 needs a DC power supply with positive, negative and ground leads put through a traditional 1/8” headphone plug. The original power feed is a Power Station ONE. It is a +|- 14VDC unregulated at 400 ma. A Power Staion... 
Symptoms of UN-CLEAN power
“It’s a given we are not using lamp cord to power our amps.”    Ummmm if one were to dissect some of these boutique power cords, the nuts and bolts of many of these are nothing more than the aforementioned lamp cords but with a super pretty cover... 
Audiphile Press: Am I jaded, experienced, or has it declined?
A.I. chatbot? Much like this post?  
Whats the ultimate goal with your pre amp ?
In many ways, the preamp makes or breaks the system. Too much gain and there are problems. Too little gain is also problematic. Wonky input or output impedances also lead to troubles down the road matching other components. Not enough input or out... 
Phonostage comparisons
Thank you for the write up. Agreed with your results on the Stellar. It has all the functions and looks that one would probably want. However, there is definitely something lacking in the involvement arena. I purchased one to replace a GCPH that w... 
Origin Live Tonearms
Perhaps the Zephyr would be the better choice. Today it may only be used for mono recordings. A year from now, perhaps the tonearm will be used for Stereo recordings. Things change.....  
Why is it that every time, lately, that I'm interested in a thread...
"Why is it that every time, lately, that I'm interested in a thread..."   Lately?  
Vinyl - One Word - WOW!!
Dive in man. The water is fine yet quite deep…..  
Heist/ crime songs
AC/DC - Jailbreak   
Dac Upgrade
The integrated amp appears to be a good match for the speakers. However, they are not very sensitive and are rated @ 4 ohm. It would seem that an increase in amplifier power or perhaps bi-amping would really make them sing. If there is an extra am... 
Are There Improvements that Can Be Easily and Quickly Made Without Buying More Stuff?
If a high current amplifier is being routed through a surge protector, bypass the protector and plug the amplifier directly into the wall outlet.   
Are There Improvements that Can Be Easily and Quickly Made Without Buying More Stuff?
Ensure routing of wires is neat and tidy. If power cables must intersect with signal cables, make it at a 90 deg angle for as little interference as possible.  Make sure speaker wires are tight. Check that all woofers, midranges and tweeters are ... 
Totally Ridiculous....Auditions on YouTube!
“Totally drives me crazy and I discount anything they have to offer from that point on......” Then watch something that doesn’t drive you crazy/Grinds your gears?  
Qobuz dropping rights to my favorites. A pox on their house (resubmit)
The joys of renting….   “ I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better," - Danish MP Ida Auken