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1st SACD Purchase
Dire Straits. "Brothers in Arms" 
What are the most used terms that say the least in the "High-End"?
Bar none. 
Looking for phono preamp suggestions
The Coda 06X has balanced inputs and outputs. This may be an option worth consideration.  
Should people with no turntable or reel to reel be considered audiophiles?
Should people with no turntable or reel to reel be considered audiophiles?Yes!Digital lives matter! As well as radio and cassette...... 
What was your most disappointing album purchase?
Paula Cole  - This Fire. Unbelievable album. Follow up album - Amen. Yikes.In terms of falling of a cliff from one album to the next, top 5 most disappointing album purchase.  
It was 20 years ago today...
Happy Audioniversary! 
WAF --
Good stuff. Lol. Stay safe.  
Help with upgrade bug...
The later model 9200 also has a set of balanced inputs. The Oppo should have a set of balanced outputs. If not being utilized, one may notice a sonic improvement from these I/O's.  
Help with upgrade bug...
As a former Plinius 9200 owner, please ensure the Plinius is plugged directly into a wall outlet with at least a 12 gauge power cable. The 9200 I had responded greatly after doing so. Mine for years was on a 14 gauge cable and surge protection uni... 
To all PS Audio BHK preamp owners *** must read ***
Thank you for this post. Will have to give this a try.  
If I just use a DAC, do I need a Pre-amp?
"If I just use a DAC, do I need a Pre-amp?"   As many have previously stated, if the DAC has volume control, no. Do you WANT a pre-amp? Probably,  yes. Worst case scenario, the preamp is distasteful. In such a case, sell the preamp. Carry on as yo... 
How many people here generally buy used?
"How many people here generally buy used?"Only two items were purchased new. Oddly both of them preamplifiers. A Yamaha CX-2 and recently a BHK. 21 years apart in time. Maybe that provides enough time for one new purchase? 
Dedicated 20 amp circuit - Electrician laughed!
"He laughed and said that's the stupidest thing he's heard and laughs when people talk about it." Apparently YOUR electrician does not appreciate additional billable hours. 
Most amusing album or song titles
If You Don't Believe I Love You, Just Ask My Wife. Gary P. Nunn 
have you ever bought stereo without listening first
Personally, I have not heard the new Belles amp. Currently, the Belles 150a Reference V2's in mono configuration are driving the bottom half of my Legacy speakers. The Belles are great. I bought these in the blind. Nearly all of my purchases are c...