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Phono preamp with multiple inputs?? Suggestions please!!
The Musical Fidelity M6X Vinyl has 3 inputs. It may check the desired boxes in your search. No remote though. All settings are switchable on the front panel. Quite nice. Discrete solid state. Works well feeding my hybrid preamp.   
Buying Used Speakers
@carlsbad2    Nailed it.    
ribbons vs domes and sibilance
Well said @knotscott   
If purchasing an item from a different country, watch the conversion rate eBay offers to you. Perform a quick currency swap price  online. Every time I have checked before a purchase, eBay has undervalued the USD. Having the credit card company se... 
The Psychology of Constant (Equipment) Change
@viridian    Lol!  
Stuff You Tried To Love
Schiit. Tried many of their products including, yet not limited to, Freya Freya +, Mani, Yaggy OG A2, Vidar and the Skoll. Not sure what it is but after a period of time, quite unbecoming to these ears.   
Handling Heavy Amps
Since lower back pain is already an issue, please avoid aggravating it further. Perhaps a local electrician could install it for you? It would be a little costly but your back will thank you…..  
Why do some amplifiers throw a bigger soundstage than others?
One amplifier be a pitcher. The other be an outfielder?  
Are there other people like me ? Amazed by their low cost system :)
“Are there other people like me ? Amazed by their low cost system :)” Indubitably  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Roger Miller - The Tunes that Launched the Roger Miller Career   Mono  
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
Boston - Corporate America  
Records and CDs
@dekay    ”If I didn't have vinyl (and a slow reading thermometer) I wouldn't have anything to do.”   Nice  
Which turntable? Pro-Ject or VPI?
VPI. Although dated, the upgrade path is huge. Platters, Plinths, motors, feet, etc. Mine started as an HW-19 junior. 25 years later it now has the stainless/acrylic plinth, Superplatter, SME V arm, outer ring clamp, center clamp and herbies tende... 
Solid State Low powered Amplifiers
If your preamp has a low gain setting, it may broaden the amplifier options greatly.   
Mcintosh pre amp pricing
Congratulations on the purchase. I have been eyeing the McIntosh brand for quite some time. Please follow up with your impressions of the unit.