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Sota or Technics
They are both good tables there are tradeoffs to both the better tonearm on the sota will be a major sound upgrade over the technics arm as well as the wood base of the sota will impart a more warm natural sound sound on acoustic music but if you ... 
Help my analog sound as good as my streaming
The project table is the weakest link as well as the cartridge next in line. The phono stage is good but if you step up to a better table and cartridge you can use it till you get a better stage but definitely the table first. 
Anyone else treated poorly by AVA?
My only statement is sometimes you have to be patient for a true quality product and ava is one of those type of products i hope you at least like the sound of the preamplifier you received. 
Driver breakin period, what’s the science?
In some speakers and electronics the difference in break in can be dramatic but in others there is only a slight change my hope is that the drivers are real good and the former will occur for you but what i can say is that letting your system warm... 
SQ vs. Music
When you get your setup correct you will spend your time listening to the music and forgetting about how it sounds anymore but the journey getting to that point can be a nightmare. It is hard to concentrate on the music if you are worried about th... 
Help me tame my out of control bass
Have you tried to decouple the speakers from the floor by using some type of stone or block under them i have used these many times with carpet padding on top of them to remove any unwanted excessive bass resonances on wood and they work miracles ... 
Purifi Class D: Junk?
I consider a good class ab amplifier any well designed high power consumption power amplifier that takes at least 1000 watts from the wall there are many to choose from but i can tell tell you that the best are of the bipolar variety. 
Purifi Class D: Junk?
What you are hearing is what class d amps do they produce high wattage with low current to save money on energy and expense of manufacture to make more money for the manufacturer and they will not have the required current to dive the proac speake... 
rule of thumb: how long do you leave a tube preamp on versus turning it off then back on?
Tube gear sounds better as it warms up and operates and so does solid state gear so the longer you listen and leave it on the better it will sound. Cartridges are especially like this too they usually require between 4 and 6 album sides to sound r... 
Will Step Up Transformer Improve the Sound Quality?
If you use a step up transformer you still go through the phonostage using the moving magnet side of the phono stage so you will still be using the parasound in the chain and you may not get better sound or could go backwards pretty easily. 
Luxman L-590AXII vs Pass Labs INT-60
I have an accuphase and i can tell you that it is a very great amplifier for all kinds of music but you need to use a fairly efficient speaker for it and the luxman is a great amplifier too but with the pass labs you would need to have a more vint... 
What makes speaker's sound big?
The things that make a speaker sound big are driver size, cabinet size, and low end capability. You can not defy the laws of physics so when you go to a small speaker with subs you get an uneven wave launch of sound on the mids and highs that does... 
For ARC lovers, Problems?
I can tell you that audio research gear made prior to 2000 is a very awesome product and the company founder was still directly involved at that time. The sound and build quality is better than the new arc stuff. 
Your thoughts on my plans..
I would listen to what you have bought and enjoy it for awhile if you feel the need to upgrade later so be it but you would want to start with better amplification. 
Embarrassed....Audio furniture help
I would recommend to build your own rack and you can make it with any size and type of shelving you want to also you can leave it open to ventilate all the equipment.