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Bigger and Better: Integrated Amplifiers
Sugden A21 se signature Class A, end game if you are not a head banger...  
Am I a hopeless audio snob?
I own the Technics MK7, yes not the high buck G or GR, but for $999 (final price about $630 after discounts/points, cash back, etc) I think it is a great looking table. I'm drawn to it's strobe and the fact I can easily play 78 records. I've outfi... 
What direction should I go
Get this and be happy.....and save money... https://gracedigital.com/products/grace-link    
Suggestions: Interesting small speakers with flexible placement
Wharfedale diamond 220 or 225, bottom firing port, wide dispersion waveguide soft Dome tweeter.   
How much “suspension of disbelief do you need?”
This hobby, or whatever it is exactly, is like a dog chasing its tail. No one no where is going to achieve a Live performance in their living room. The sooner you realize this, the happier you will become.   
Detachable Head shell or Not?
I used to not like them, but now that I own a Technics MK7 I have come to appreciate the ease at which I can not only mount a cartridge, but also swap another in on a spare headshell. I doubt there is much noticeable difference in sound quality. A... 
Why spend more than $25 per piece of equipment on vibration reduction?
Vibrapods #1 to #5 along with their cones seems fine to me. I put the higher number vibrapod under the heaviest section of equipment, typically the transformer. Also use those rubber/cork sandwich squares which seem to work well. Lastly, I use num... 
All I Wanted To Do Was Listen To Music
Not a cheap hobby, by any means....  
Some Velvet Morning, Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood.....  
A different world
NO THANKS, I will keep my physical media. Stream to find new music, and then actually BUY it.  
Is Rap a valid musical form?
I think I'll keep my comments to my self and skip over this one....🙄  
Suggest your most desired MSRP $1,500-$3,000 Stand Mount for a Shootout.
Spendor A1's.... Wharfedale Lintons A small, and a Large standmount  
Suggestions for an integrated upgrade please
What are you tweaking this weekend?
Nothing! The wife is around! 🙄  
Heat in class A equipment
Ugh here we go....Sugden has been making Class A amps since 1967! Some of those amps are still going strong today with little to NO service! Go take a gander at the heat sinks on say, an A21 integrated.....massive! Beautiful, holographic, rich, f...