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Cerious Tech Graphene vs Synergistic Foundation SC
Never heard the Synergistic, but the Cerious Graphene is the best I've ever owned. 
Have you ever heard "This Whole World"?
bdp24,No apologies please. I'm always open to suggestions, and learning. I have also always thought that God Only Knows is a beautiful song. When I was a freshman in college in 1973, the Beachboys performed at our college for some Spring occasion ... 
Tekton Design Moab
That's interesting, and a very valid decision. I am a bit adventurous and probably would have let him do his thing and trusted the result would be good. 
to my ears digital audio does not sound natural? something is wrong!
No jactoy, vynil is vinyl. 
trying to reach Art Audio..... are they gone ?
I'm glad to hear that the company now has a good distributor. According to everything I have ever read, they are special amps. 
Have you ever heard "This Whole World"?
bdp24,I just went to youtube and listened to it. I'm sure that it contains all of those musical devices that you mentioned, but as a song, it sounded mediocre at best to me, and I do like some Beachboys songs. I guess that you're a REAL fan.  
The next big driver hype: Textreme
Thanks guys! That article was really fascinating speedbump6. It will really be interesting to hear speakers with this technology in the future.  
An Artist's Pinnacle
Interesting dekay. As a longtime fan of there earlier work, ending with Beauty on a Backstreet, I consider War Babies as their pinnacle, although it's not typical of their blue eyed soul as some called it. I think Sara Smile was on Bigger than Bot... 
ScanSpeak promotes list of DIY speakers using their drivers
Very interesting reading and pictures. Thanks Erik! 
to my ears digital audio does not sound natural? something is wrong!
milpai said:"Digital will sound correct when you remove that bias out of your mind."I agree.   
to my ears digital audio does not sound natural? something is wrong!
Oh please OP... You're either a troll or you've been under a rock for a long time.  
Waveform Midrange drivers
Pitchers. Hmmm... 
Has anyone shipped things back to China?
Good luck getting $1000 for it. 
Transport identification
Good one jond! 
3 Albums To Be Stranded With On A Desert Island
david12,Do you mean John Martyn's Solid Air?If so, I agree.