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Phono Pre Gain
I'm going to say that 64 dB is probably not enough for a 0.2 mV output cartridge.  I have the ARC Ref 2SE phonostage  w/ 72 db output and when I had the Ortofon Anna (also w 0.2 mV output), it was not loud enough for me.  I could hear the hiss fro... 
Discuss The Viv Lab Rigid Arm
Nobody is going to build a "fundamentally flawed arm" and sell it for thousands of dollars.  I too have not heard of a single bad review of the arm from owners.  It's one of those things - unless you try it yourself, it'll just be speculation.    
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Wilco - A Ghost is Born  Rhino pressing - not too shabby. Awesome album except for the track Less than You Think.  
Minusk platform
I have a 3/4 in quartz plate on top of the Minus K and have no ringing. The weight of my turntable/tonearms, and the quartz plate is very close to the 100 lb rating of the Minus K, which is optimal.    
Cartridge "upgrade" to Dynavector XV1T
You need an excellent SUT to bring out the best in cartridges. I had a ZYX Universe II X and always considered it an okay cartridge (using w ARC Ref 2SE phonostage).  However, when I got an EMIA Silver SUT, the ZYX turned out to be extra-ordinary ... 
Dynavector 10x5 retip
Hey Nice Guy What is your question? Are you asking if you should get something else done besides a new cantilever and tip? Where are you getting your retip done?    
Phono Stage SoulNote E-2, the only one that accepts DS Audio Optical cartridges and more..
Resurrecting this thread. Is this phonostage available in the US?  
XLR to RCA plugs or cable
@lohanimal - what custom cable did you end up ordering?  I am trying to connect a KAB RF1 rumble filter between amp and phonostage.  I bought a pair of XLRF-RCA and XLRM-RCA (Mogami) from Amazon and it works fine.  However, I might go down the sil... 
Best way to keep REL sub from “hopping around” at high volumes
+1 @dekay That's what I use as well.  However, I have wood floors so for the most part they stay put - there are few tracks that can move them. Sounds like you have slippery floors, so it may be at least worth a try.  
A New MC to Catch One's Attention
Powerball is almost $2 billion.    
Top Class Audio Art in HK opinions?
I just recently purchased a $2500 SUT from them. I dealt with Tommy Cheuk. No issues - prompt shipment.  
Looking for a London (DECCA) Reference phono cartridge
Here's an ad that just showed up - London (Decca) Reference Just back from John Wright For Sale - US Audio Mart Good luck.  
Classical Archives
^ Hilarious.🤣😂😁  
Parts for Dynavector 501 Tonearm
That's what I call customer service.  My dealings with Mike have always been excellent.  
Field coil dava cartridge
There's additional discussions on the Dava cartridge on What's Best Forum if you're interested.