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< $3000 speaker recommendation for tube integrated amp?
I used Ref 3A de Capos with my primaluna.  
Why bookshelf type speakers are not high end
I'll try without the profanity.Darn bro, my homie has speakers in his ride that goes down to 4hz, you can feel your ? vibrate. And he got this from this dude Roger for only a... 
Why bookshelf type speakers are not high end
Wow my post lasted 2 minutes LOL 
Favorite cover?
Devo- Satisfaction 
High efficiency monitors for SET amp in small room - budget 2.5k
like nyaudio98 saidRef3A de Capos. if you dont like the newer finish look for the model I. wood veneer. run it with a 4 at decware loud enough in a 12 x 20 room 
Tube Amps With Good Bass Qualities
my 4 watt decware mini torii has decent bass with Ref 3A de Capos 
Bookshelf Bake Off
Ref 3A de Capo i's.  used so you can get the pretty ones in wood 
Suggestions for low powered tube amps for Zu Omens
Decware. several used mini toriis for sale on the decware site. 4 watts is plenty 
The best looking speakers
The wife wanted stand mounts, i wanted good rich sound.  we both wanted speakers with a natural wood finish that complimented the woodwork in our 1900 Edwardian house.Ref 3A de Capos in red maple.  8.25 woofer 
What is your favorite tube type?
6v6g st in a 4 watt amp 
Buyer is claiming damage that was done by him!
I always photograph the gear before and as i pack them up easy to do with cell phones these days.  
Shout out your favorite Audio dealer!!
Upscale Arizona HiFi 
Most impressive small footprint speaker
Ref 3A de Capos 
Horn Speaker Recommendations
Cornscala or Pi4 
what's your Desert Island Tube amp & speakers
Mini Torii with Cornscalas