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Monitors for 14 x 20 Room
look for used Ref 3A de Capos  piano black can be found around 1K    
Recommendation for integrated amplifier for Paradigm Studio 20s v.5
Go tubes, a nice used amp with 30-40 wpc  
TT quandary
What can you do to upgrade?  You have a great rig with a great tonearm.  The mk4 is pretty nice.  Can you afford to buy a prime and compare side by side?  Get a nicer phono amp? I have a mk4 but just with a Jelco 250st arm, upgrading the tonearm ... 
Book Shelf Speaker advice - Formerly Book Shelf Dilemma
Used Ref 3A de Capos are a pretty nice monitor with good sound   used black piano finish can be found under 1K  
Aural Hifi store in Denver just relocated to a fantastic space
Anyone use them for restoration/repair work?  I have a MR-71 needs some work  
Best sounding CD player
@dvdgreco We stream all the time but don't use the streaming services.  we stream radio stations like WWOZ in NOLA and others there is an only online blues station we love too   many other free choices for music online  
Tannoy arden legacy
Tube Amp for Devore O/96
A nice Decware amp should drive those fairly well  
how were copies of vinyl made in "third-party" countries
My wife being a professor of German history means we spend a lot of time in Berlin.  Love buying DDR records like on the Amiga and Eterna labels.  Not the best SQ but fun to see what they allowed.  
Primaluna or not Primaluna
@simna I using 92db Ref 3A de Capos   had them with the primaluna and they sounded good but the decware sounds much better   do they blast the house down-no not with 4 watts but detailed rich good bass   i used the primaluna with B&W 602... 
Primaluna or not Primaluna
I'll second carlsbad.  I had a Primaluna PL2 and it was good but wow the sound from my Decware with 4 watts is soooo much better.  Used the same speakers, not a loud but much better sound.  Yes you are limited with tube swapping but the Torii migh... 
CD player suggestions...
Look at the Emotiva ERC-4, built like a tank, $600 and has an digital input to the DAC   sounds pretty nice for the price  
will my itunes library on external HD play on the newer Mac music app?
I have moved my music files from one mac to another from OSX 10.1 to 12.1 i just copy them onver on a jump drive then load them on and import to MUSIC/ITunes  
Fixing Wall Shudder
Spray foam    
Fraud /SCAM
I have an item advertised on AA and Audio Circle.  Get an email from someone who just signed up for AA and wants to buy.  I asked him if he had any other social media presence and he said no but why does it matter.  He pretty pissed off when i was...