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Recommendations for Vintage Speakers
Find a pair of refurbished vintage JBL L100. You'll never look back. 
WAF Speaker suggestions
Take a look at stand-mounted speakers from Sonus Faber, made in the 90’s. Electa Amators would be my choice. You can probably pick them up for $2-3000. High WAF. Be sure they include the marble and walnut stands. 
Deleted Threads by Admin??
Try to remember that this forum is about stereo equipment, and the sound it makes. This is NOT a political forum. If you ignore that and make political comments, you run the risk of having your comment deleted by the moderator. That's how it shoul... 
In praise of moderation
Tammy is one of this site's biggest assets. I hope that never changes. The chat feature (may only be available for Insiders) is a nice touch.   
Insiders check in
The $50 I paid for a year won't break me, and a refund won't change my life. I think that this is inexpensive entertainment. There has only been one response here since January, YIKES! Am I the only "Insider" left?Yes, Tammy has been great. The ch... 
David Crosby-Here if you Listen-New Record
I don't agree with him politically either but I'll look for this CD. I have always been a fan. 
Keeping Insider status
I joined during the 50% 0ff promotion. Candidly, I haven't seen any benefit yet. If I cancel now, I'd probably see a $46 refund. I don't need the money that bad. I view it as a way to support the site. If the Audio Bluebook saves me money on one p... 
Tekton or Klipsch
My advice would be to go with the company that has been around for decades and has an established dealer network. More importantly, if you ever decide to sell them you will find a market for them. Certainly, there are speakers that are cheaper, bu... 
I've never believed much in cables, that said... (USB)
Many years ago my interconnects consisted of manufacturer-supplied cables and lamp cord for speaker wire. I saw some Audioquest Ruby interconnects on sale and bought them. When I took them home and replaced my old cables I couldn't believe the dif... 
DBX SF-150s, should I grab these?
$25, and you have to ask? Probably a worthwhile investment. Sure, go for it! 
R.I.P. Dr. John
Not Dr John. Say it isn’t so. What a shame! Very Sad. One of my all-time favorites is "Walk on Gilded Splinters." 
What's playing in your head today?
R.E.M.- "Eponymous" album, specifically "Radio Free Europe." 
Thiel is offically going...going...gone. Auction Time
Another one bites the dust. Very sad! 
Can we finally put Reel to Reel out of its misery? Put it to rest people.
vinny55,Sure, put the R2Rs in museums. Those same criticisms can be made about other mediums as well. So what then, donate our tube equipment, cassette decks, turntables and CD players. To quote John McEnroe, "You can not be serious!" And then wha... 
Trouble joining "Insider"?
Tammy reached out to me about this problem. Although I had reviewed my credit card info, the billing info didn't match our residence due to our recent move. I didn't even know Audiogon had my credit card info. She updated the info and I joined "In...