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Jazz for aficionados
Reid Anderson, Dirty Show Tunes  is putting a smile on my face.  
Unplugging power cords from amps/ pre amps
Now that my amps are plugged directly into the wall, I unplug them when the weather gets noisy. Lately, I’ve started unplugging the power conditioner as well.  It can’t hurt.  
My new B Stock speakers
@immatthewj  Don’t forget to give us a review in a few weeks.😉  
Pre Amp break-in balance issue
Yes there is a break in on SS devices, but it’s for both channels equally.  If one channel is softer than the other, something is wrong. Send it back and get another one. All the best.  
Jazz for aficionados
@acman3  The demo was postponed until next Friday.😕  
Mad Scientist Audio Speaker Cable
I’ve heard of them and read some very positive reviews, but I have not tried any of their cables.  
My rig sounds different with my moods and it definitely sounds different in the evening. When I’m really tired, I can’t get anything to sound good!  
Sound stage of studio recordings
@cleeds  I really like simple trios, quartets. When you go to a live show and the piano is here, the bass is five feet to the left and the drums are in the middle. But like you said, when they mike every cymbal and drum, the mix usually has the d... 
What is the Best Sounding Stand Mount Speaker in the world?
@stuartk  You caught me. I meant to say Minima Amator ll. I very briefly heard them in a poor setting and they still sounded pretty good. I am going to demo some SF floor standers the end of next week, so I’m excited.  
Jazz for aficionados
@stuartk  I have never heard that Ginger Baker album before. It will definitely be on today’s playlist and I’m going to look for more! Thanks.  
Jazz for aficionados
@acman3  Do you have any idea what the A B C scroll is on the bottom of the Wayne Shorter, Joy Ryder video? I’ve never seen it before. Thanks.    
Jazz for aficionados
@acman3  Sonny was wonderful.  I guess I will be giving her another listen. Thanks for the link.  
Jazz for aficionados
@stuartk  To me, every tune started out well, until she came in.I found her style to be slow, almost depressing and disjointed at the same time. I read a brief review that she modeled her style after Wayne Shorter and I sure don’t see it.  
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
Jon Anderson, Olias Of Sunhillow.(1976)  
Whats playing on your system today?
Jon Anderson, Olias Of Sunhillow.(1976)