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So I just bought a Hegel H390 and
Thanks Doug,Right out of the box they sound really good.  I’m going to have to put up acoustics behind them, and futz with them for a while, but I’m sure the sound will only get better.Oh, and as far as cables, I got a pair of AQ Rocket 88’s. I ca... 
So I just bought a Hegel H390 and
So I finally did it.  I bought a pair of KEF Reference 5’s! I spent a bit more than I was originally planning on spending, but the deed is done and they have just been delivered. So let the listening begin.JD 
USB signal timing goes mainstream. Just an FYI
Man, I just clicked the link you posted and couldn’t get past all the pop ups that I had to wait ten seconds before it went away and the next one popped up!Sheesh 
Grateful Dead- Sotheby's Auction
The Dead and their “Wall Of Sound” must have been amazing to hear, but without signatures or …. I know a guy, do you mind if I call him up and get him down here???Opps, just had a Pawn Stars moment.JD 
Looking for new speakers for large audio room
I just bought a pair of KEF Reference 5’s.so far they have been great!All the best.JD 
Why the hate for mcintosh amps?
Other than breaking my Little toe on a McIntosh amp( It jumped in front of me),  I don’t have anything against the brand.JD 
Then there were 2
ARC.In addition to what everyone else has said, they’re service is great.All the best.JD 
My kiseki Blackheart nightmare.
My wife wants to know if you tried putting a Penny on top of it? 😀 
Why the hate for mcintosh amps?
How can you not like those big blue meters?? 
So I just bought a Hegel H390 and
So the decision has been made. I just ordered a pair of KEF Reference 5’s. I finally got to hear the 3’s and they made me smile at louder levels, but most of my listening is at or below 65db, so I went with the extra set of woofers for a little mo... 
cassettes CAN sound better than vinyl.
digitalviper = kenjit?? 
Commander Cody
My pappy said son you’re gonna drive me to drinking…RIP 
CD player choices
I have an Oppo also, and you are right, it doesn’t sound great on its own. Heck, my Sony CDP 2700, from 1992, sounds better than the Oppo! But when hooked to an external DAC it’s a fine transport. I’d definitely suggest you look for an external DA... 
Aren't you sorry you missed out on this one? It's already sold out! LOL
It’s perfect to for playing Hendrix! 
KEF Reference 3 or Raidho X2?
Great thread!I’ve pretty much decided to get either the KEF Reference Ones or the Reference Threes.JD