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Audio Research D240 mkll vs Adcom GFA-555
The modded 555 is probably a keeper, but how much do they want for the D240?  If the price is right, you might give it try.All the best.JD 
New Preamp arrived....
congratulations on your new preamp!take your your time and wait at least 200 hours before you think about changing a thing. And as for tube rolling, I’m currently using NOS Amperex cca holland gold pin. So far the best I’ve tried.All the best.JD 
Has anyone tried the Pro-Ject, VC-S, Vinyl cleaner?
Thanks for the reply’s. I’m going to wait for the S-2 before I buy.JD 
Things that make you go, "Hmmmmm...."
MC,The only CD player that I know of that has held and in fact increased in value is OPPO.  The 203 was about $500 and is about $1000 and the the 205 is going as high as 4K.Most of the moving parts in the OPPO’s are off the shelf, so parts shouldn... 
Abbey Road 50th Anniversary
So do I or don’t I buy the super deluxe version or buy the deluxe version? Is the 5.1 High Rez version that much better?Decisions decisions.JD 
FirstWatt J2 on its way
aberyclark,I’ll be interested in your review of the J2.Thanks.JD 
Abbey Road 50th Anniversary
I’m looking forward to getting a copy of the 50th Anniversary release. What exactly is on the Blue-Ray?  Is it just the 5.1 high Rez or are there pictures and videos on it as well?Thanks.JD 
...amazed by 15+ year old interconnect...
The OP did ask a question that I don’t think has been answered.  If you stop using an IC, speaker wire or PC, for a long period of time will it need burned in again when later used again?Just curious.JD 
The problem with high end speakers
You’re right kenjit, They don’t even tell you how much they weigh.  Who’d ever buy a speaker not knowing their weight!Ridiculous.JD 
Has anyone tried the Pro-Ject, VC-S, Vinyl cleaner?
I guess I’m going to wait a bit longer.Thanks mofimadness for the heads up.JD 
Has anyone tried the Pro-Ject, VC-S, Vinyl cleaner?
Thanks for the reply tpreaves. I’m still looking for my first machine.Enjoy.JD 
How many amps do you own?
Four amps, (two tube and two solid state) and three receivers at the moment.JD 
It's National "One Hit Wonder" Day!
In The Summertime - Mungo Jerry 
Robert Hunter unfortunately has died
He was an important part of the Dead!RIP Hunter 
I give up ..acoustic treatment for room with vinyl plank flooring
While I do have an area rug on the floor in my new listening room, I also have panels on the walls.  In the past I also had to make sure the curtains were closed for the best sound. 😁All the best.JD