What song have you played the most?

Not heard on the radio, but you mechanically involved with the selection. 
Poco- Rose of Cimarron

(My wife says I ruin songs.)
’Me And My Woman’ from Flashes From The Archives of Oblivion by Roy Harper. (Harvest 1974)

Live performance of the greatest song ever written.

Box Scaggs “Loan Me a Dime”
Rickie Lee Jones - Last Chance Texaco
If I only get to pick one, Strawbs-Witchwood. I've always been completely absorbed in British folk rock, play something from this genre nearly every listening session.
Fearless- Meddle- Pink Floyd
KIWANUKA - "This Kind of Love"

A new song from 2019
"Green River"- Creedence Clearwater Revival

The Clash Police and Thieves

Bob Marley Trench Town Rock.

The Beatles, “Revolution #9”...

Backwards of course.

May be a tie with my first 45 rpm single that was the theme song to the TV series Cheyenne (it was the only record I owned for 6-7 years, so it got played a LOT). 


theme song to the TV series Cheyenne

That's going back quite a bit. I watched the show as a kid and stream it  quite regularly now  on Philo. I hadn't seen it in years til recently.
Just as I am.

I’ve heard it 10,000 times if I have heard it once, AND If I’m lucky I’ll hear it 10,000 more times..

Like my Grandmother use to say "If the Good Lord don’t come or the creek don’t rise".. RIP 1889-1988 (99 year old).

Then she went to heaven.

We also watched Gunsmoke every Saturday night and Have Gun Will Travel.

They were all reruns as I was born in the mid 50's.

6 months into the pandemic I watched the entire "The Office" series from the first to last episode (in order).

I was much better than I ever imagined.

Tried the same with "Friends", but gave up after 2 episodes.

If I go back over the years, I would guess it would be the greatest Rock & Roll song ever written and recorded.  The anger and violence till drips from the song.  Powerful lyrics that still ring true 50+ years later.  A searing guitar solo that barely consists on more than one note.  Vocals ending in that great falsetto.  Yup, that would be the one song for sure.    
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Moonage Daydream, David Bowie.  Or is it Revelge, by Gustav Mahler, sung by Hans Rehfuss?
Halloween by Ryan Adams. Rather oddly it's almost 31st October!
This one has often been on repeat for many, many hours.


The only other one I can think of Dylan's Fourth Time Around.


Both are oddly hypnotic. 

I tend to get stuck in a loop.  I'll do fine for a while and then some song will take me somewhere and I will listen to it until I burn it out.  My current obsession is Maria Bethânia - Dindi.  I don't understand a word but the emotional attachment is palatable. 
Watermelon In Easter Hay,Frank Zappa.
Supertramp "Crime of the Century" 
Pink Floyd's "Time" from Dark Side of the Moon
I find it a good why to test a system, components, and cables. Let's me know in seconds whether everything is as it should be, If I am lucky I enjoy the music, otherwise I fix it.
David Bowie's version of "Wild is the Wind" from an absolutely great live set from an early 2000's Japan show (I believe)... can play it 100 times in a row and never tire of it.
Maybe You’re the Reason by The Japanese House.  Best quality recording I have ever heard.  Great demo song for your sound system.
Last ten years: Mary Chaplin Carpenter—Come On, Come On
Previous twenty years: Charles Mingus—Goodbye Porkpie Hat, from Three or Four Shades of Blue
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Schutz " Geistliche chor music."...Mauesberger interpretion....

Under 2 thousand times...More than one thousand times...

Easy to compute... I was writing each day for 4 years....

Is it song?

yes but sacred one just before Bach times...
+1 for Boz Scaggs “Loan Me a Dime” with Duane Allman on guitar.
Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy - Elton John

The first vinyl I bought with my own money. 1975. New vinyl, of course,  with the original jacket and inserts, including the one sheet to join his fan club.
As of lately in this order (Song: Artist)

1. Ritual Circle: Genghis Tron
2. Shadow Play: Odonis Odonis
3. Drawn Out Like an Ache: Lorn
Let No Man Steal Your Thyme, Pentangle, 1st cut on their 1st album. I love British Folk/Rock although this is more Folk/Jazz. The group is great. Jacqui McShee is a marvelous lead singer and the recording is excellent(as long as you don't have the American Warner Brothers remastering which shows how much bad masteru=ing can destroy an excellent recording). I love the music and the performance and it quickly tells me if I'm going to like the performance of an audio system.

I don't listen to it that much because it wrenches my soul, Priscilla Herdman singing 'And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda' a song about the World War 1 battle of Gallipoli and the strongest anti war song I've ever heard. The horror depicted on the song is magnified by the contrast of the story with Herdman's beautiful voice singing in a straight forward manner. The contrast can be simply chilling.
Madison Blues - Peter Green/Fleetwood Mac
Counting Out Time — Genesis, from Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
Wild West End — Dire Straits
"Auf dem Wasser zu singen", sung by any singer, being my favorite Christa Ludwig.
*the blues brothers- briefcase full of blues
*jean michel jarre- oxygene
*CSO/reiner- scheherazade 
*CC and the lost planet airmen- lost in the ozone
*ry  cooder -bop 'til you drop
*donald fagen- the nightfly
There can't be just one.
Through the Barricades - Spandau Ballet
1983 - Jimi Hendrix
Today - Jefferson Airplane
Cold Brains - Beck
Creepin' Midnight - Seatrain
1 is impossible.

humble pie 30 days in the hole

wargasm revenge

venom bloodlust

thin lizzy the rocker/emerald/cowboy song

so many more

satan jokers
Funeral for a friend, Elton John - loud!

Red right hand - Nick Cave
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters   The S&M version recorded live in concert with the philharmonic orchestra. I love it. 
Nice handle. I got hooked on this for a while:
From Shardad Rohani's Beauty of Love album "Connies Butterfly" It will put your mind at ease.
Inhaler - Cheer Up Baby

At the moment, listening  to Lunar Vacation’s Inside Every Fig is a Dead Wasp for the first time.  It is excellent!
Allman Brothers Live at the Fillmore East:

Stormy Monday

Best back-to-back live guitar solos ever recorded. Duane and Dickey--just wow. Play them LOUD on Maggies with great Audio Research gear.

Saw them play live from the side of the stage in 1972 with my band playing between their sets (college). Duane lived in another universe when he was playing from what I observed.

Dire Straits - Where do you think you're going.
John Barleycorn Must Die

From the live album "The Last Great Traffic Jam"

Amazing history to the song/story.

Winwood never got his proper acclaim IMHO.

Years back in my twenties l had a buddy over and he had too many beers while listening to my stereo rig and he passed out in front of my speakers  So first thing in the morning l quietly put on Pink Floyd's song Time and really cranked the volume When the clocks started going off, he must leaped up 5 feet in the air!! Me bad?? Anyway l would have  to say the song l've played the most would be Comfortabley Numb by Pink Floyd 
Sea Level: Living In a Dream

Jackson Browne: Doctor My Eyes
High hopes - Pink Floyd 
Baba O'Riley - The Who

Kind of Blue "All Blues"
  • Miles Davis,  Composer, Kazoo
  • Jimmy Cobb, Drums
  • Bill Evans, Piano
  • Paul Chambers, Bass
  • Julian "Cannonball" Adderley, Alto Saxophone
  • John Coltrane, Tenor Saxophone