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Recommended solid state amp for user with tinnitus
Good to know. Trying to figure this out. Thanks again. 
Recommended solid state amp for user with tinnitus
Thanks Doc for your assessment and advice.  In spite of the problem my hearing tests ok.  I’ll review this with my new pcp.  Currently involved with recent onset of Afib which altered the character of my hearing issue.  Conversion has me in sinus ... 
Recommended solid state amp for user with tinnitus
Mijostyn offers excellent advice about masking and determining what frequencies might be reduced or augmented to alleviate your problem.  Some McIntosh integrated amps offer equalizers that could be used for this purpose.  My issues are a bit diff... 
Recommended solid state amp for user with tinnitus
Tinnitus can be very frustrating, especially for audiophiles.  I suffer from pulsatory tinnitus hearing loud swooshes of blood flow in my left ear with every heartbeat.  I can turn it down by adjusting my head and neck position. Crazy and maddenin... 
what is more important ?
The Barbarian?“to crush your enemiesand hear the lamentation of the women” 
DIY 'rack' made from dead tree brances ?
I have used dead pieces of trees to make audio racks and they performed very well.  They were long, straight and milled flat. I found them at Lowes.Sorry. I couldn’t help myself. 
Rega P5 on (ancient) VPI suspension base? or Butcher block?
With all the thought and care you put into your system, I doubt that the VPI base would add much to sound quality.  All those massive blocks must be visually impressive and the shear weight should damp the entire building.  From what you say the V... 
Anyone else gotten SPAM pop ups the last couple of days?
Happy 4th of July
BlindjimIt is disgusting how are veterans are so often neglected. However this is not one in favor of the other.  Don’t trivialize the treatment of fellow human beings at the border with blankets and aspirins.  Both conditions are shameful and dim... 
Happy 4th of July
Not feeling the Fourth.  Don’t like what is happening.  If you’re ok with it either you don’t care or you are not paying attention. 
advice for mono cartridge
Miyajima  uses conical stylus either .1 or .07 nude conical 
advice for mono cartridge
I agree it seems redundant to engage the mono button when the cartridge is mono.  However comparing the two with just a push of a button and my ears.  I prefer to use it.  Maybe a McIntosh preamp thing. 
advice for mono cartridge
I use a Miyajima Zero on all of my mono albums new and old.  I do not play 78s. I have the Zero mounted on a Project 9.1 TT with the stock arm and heavy counterweight.  My crappy  McIntosh 6900 with autoformer has a mono button and to me sounds be... 
Just received shipment of my Magnepan LRS’s
I am interested in how the LRSs compare to the Magnepans you used in the past. What were they?  Like many I started with MMGs and moved up to 1.7s.  My Son uses the MMGs now. 
Father’ Day audio gifts
My Son gifted a record.Jenny Lewis.  On the Line.  vinyl.  Nice.Happy Fathers Day