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Pink Floyd Aficionados
I believe he says, "Hang a right, sheep," but it's fuzzy on my system as well.  
Dynaudio Contour 60 too much for 14x13x11 room?
I think most folks would say yes, too large for a room that size. If you own them, try it out and see, but I definitely would not purchase those speakers without knowing for sure. I think the 20's or 30's would sound way, way better.  
Review: Dynaudio Contour 20i
Zlone, They are simply superb and I feel vastly underappreciated by many audiophiles. I think you will agree once you are able to audition or hear them. My guess is they would smoke LE50s in most areas.  
Music that has a hold of me beyond understanding
Mahgister, We think alike! I wrote my post before reading yours, ha ha.  
Music that has a hold of me beyond understanding
Puccini was simply a genious, and I agree that his operas are the most heart wrenching musical creations ever... he just knew how to write those melodies better than anyone then or now.  
Turning amp up - any limit? Maggies and Sanders Magetch.
My approach has always been to turn it up until you see flames or smell smoke, then back off the volume a smidge...Seriously, I stop turning things up when the dynamics flatten out/hit a ceiling.  
Would you upgrade preamp or power amp first ?
To my ears, preamp then amp. A good preamp will allow your entire system to shine, but get it wrong, and it's a lost cause.  
Budget preamp recommendation...besides Schiit.
Quicksilver for sure. Simple, fantastic sounding, and affordable either in remote or non-remote version. I've had the 6922 remote version since 2014 without a hiccup...just a superb pre.  
Speaker and Cable Suggestions Please
Oh, and you'll be fine with 12g stranded cable with good connectors... don't misdirect your money on $$ cables.  
Speaker and Cable Suggestions Please
Diminishedchord, Definitely check out the Dynaudio line of standmounts. Your integrated has the power to drive them, and these are speakers that get great owner reviews as well as critic reviews. Yes, the Harbeths, Spendors, and ProAcs are great ... 
Pass Labs 1st Watt Rundown
For what it's worth, I have owned and listened to the M2 since 2014, and I adore it. It is simply a wonderful amp that I will never sell. I drive it with a Quicksilver preamp and it powers my 89db-sensitivity Spendor 1/2s with all of the dynamics ... 
I'm going to buy my first tube amp. I need honest blunt opinions
Marshinski15, Just realized your speakers are 90db (87db), not your intended listening bad. I would still go for something with more grunt. Btw, the new KT Monos Mike Sanders offers would be a safer buy than used V4s, Mono 90s, or Sil... 
I'm going to buy my first tube amp. I need honest blunt opinions
I agree with Quicksilver, and I would go for the 100W KT Mono amps, not the Mid-Mono. 90dB is loud, and the Mid Monos would squash dynamics at those levels. I suggest staying away from the Cary amps because getting tubes for these babies requires ... 
KT-77 vs. KT-66
Hilde45, The M60s were actually designed around the EL34 tube per Mike and will happily use these as well as 6L6s. I ran both in my M60s with grrat success.  
Matched Tubes Quicksilver Line Pre
Agreed, These tubes will last a long time as long as you don't leave the pre on crazy hours every day, etc.