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What isolation feet under your amp with great result?
@whitestix  @rlb61 When using the EVA pads, do you remove the stock feet? 
When suggesting audio components for friends and relatives...
Yes, criticism is overrated, no? 
Wall mounting on studs
Just install the new lumber horizontally as needed. Use at least 3" deck screws and pre drill pilot holes. If you are worried about vibrations, add more blocking above and below the location of the shelf. 
Bluesound installed DAC - music killer?
@jmphotography Thanks for your detailed response. 
Bluesound installed DAC - music killer?
@jmphotography I have read that the Qutest can be overly bright or analytical in some systems. . Can you tell us what speakers and amplification you are using? Glad to hear you are enjoying the Qutest. 
Am I Splitting Hairs With My Connections?
Usually they are all the same, except if you have one labeled "high current" for amplifiers. 
Sonus Faber sonetto II vs Harbeth 7ES-3
I've had the C7ES3 and @avanti1960 's description is exactly right. I also upgraded within the Harbeth line and gave the C7's to my son. He loves the them and I still get to enjoy them when I visit. 
Adding a SS amp as a 2nd amp for my tube rig has been a plus
Inner ear emulsification, be careful. 
Decent tuner with a headphone output and volume control
I have two Accuphase T-101's that I use for background music. They have headphone jacks and volume control, but no amp. Stellar sound quality.  
Phono Preamp loading for Hanna EL
I have a Hana SL, I settled on 825 ohms. 
Phono Preamp loading for Hanna EL
Tru Lift for the tonearm lifter. Pricey, but well made. 
What power conditioner
@mgrif104 Interesting about the AQ. You mentioned that you may have more noise through your grid. Do you live in an area with older electrical services, house wiring, etc. Just curious.  
Update on Audiogon Member Almarg
Al is a gentleman, generous with his time. You helped me several times with your vast knowledge. God speed.Eric 
Stylus for Shure v15 iii cartridge
@chakster I agree, I think he was looking for a low cost option. I have a Jico SAS for my Shure V15 mxr. 
Stylus for Shure v15 iii cartridge
 LP Gear has one for $50. Although elliptical is not the ideal profile.