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What a pile of Schiit
@cjveltman What have you purchased from Schiit that you did not like?  
Power Cable Suggestions - Budget
Start with something like a used Furman PST8 and then replace the PC's as funds allow. Cullen  Cables are affordable.  
External phono stage for Luxman 509x
Pass Labs XP-15 or XP-17 more versatile and quieter than the JC 3+.  
Seeking advice for speakers for my Family Room
PSB towers might work, not bright at all.    
turntable for daughter
For a first turntable and for the sake of simplicity. you can't go wrong with an entry level Rega with an Elys 2 cartridge.  
Advice needed on power cables, wall warts, conditioning, electrical outlet
For good quality at a reasonable price look at Cullen or Audio Envy power cables.    
Share albums where EVERY SINGLE song is good
Paul Simon - Graceland Kinks - Low Budget    
Vincent integrated amplifiers. I'd be grateful for your experience.
My friend has the 237 paired with JBL's. Sounds great, rich deep bass and very good mids.  
Help with McIntosh Repair Facility
+1 Ryan at Audio Classics. They rebuilt my C26 preamp.  
To extend Ethernet to remote location, are Powerline extenders or Mesh systems better?
@musicfan2349 Can you go into more detail on how the mesh point affected your MC preamp/playback. I have one  near my turntable.   
CDP or Transport and DAC? Recomendations?
  @stuartk Same question here.    
Appreciate Some Dac Advice
I'll chime in also. I've had the Pontus II  for about 2 weeks and it is superb. It sounded great right out of the box.  Great sound, built like a tank and  reasonable price. Very happy with this DAC. I spent about four hours  today listening... 
Appreciate Some Dac Advice
@btscott  Yes! I've had my Pontus II for a couple of weeks. Wonderful sounding DAC right out of the box, still breaking in. Great build quality and the price is very reasonable. Several online reviews you can check out.  
Technic SL-1200GR VTA bearing movement. Is this normal?
No, I don't.  
DAC Upgrade
@jjss49  Yes, I know read my post.