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Which cable
Bell wire is typically 18 or 20 gauge solid core.Should be fine for runs under 20'.I use 12' runs of 26 gauge solid core speaker wire and have been doing so for 15+ years.DeKay 
DIY 'rack' made from dead tree brances ?
It would take 1-3+ years (depending on thickness) to properly air dry/stabilize the wood for indoor use.Unless you have access to a commercial drying facility it would be a long term project.DeKay 
Tonearm for Technics 1200GR
Raul:After 20 some helpful posts..."Thanks for everyone’s comments. I have decided to keep the tonearm. "It was a joke. 
Tonearm for Technics 1200GR
Sorry Lemming:After all this I demand that you change the frickin arm.DeKay 
Your favourite music movie?
Just off the top of my head:"The Umbrellas of Cherbourg""Anything Goes" - soundtrack"Angela’s Ashes""West Side Story""Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon""Nashville""Li’l Abner" - soundtrackDeKay 
Your Favorite Music Cover artists ?
"The Life Aquatic" Studio Sessions, Featuring Seu Jorge if you like David Bowie.The soundtrack to the movie "The Life Aquatic" is also good (not all covers though).DeKay 
What’s your vote for the most ridiculous, overpriced, and useless tweak?
The one where I had to take a Polaroid of myself bathing in a bathtub full of Diane St. Clair butter and then afterward place the photo in my freezer.The butter alone cost over $18,000.00.I mean what was I thinking (should have used the smaller tu... 
Blackbird / SME
MI:The investigation into the contradicting SME spec's took place both here and @ AudioAsylumn years ago and AC's data was proven to be correct.You might want to research Medicare as well considering that I have been covered by such since 2009 (de... 
What a sad world we now live in.......
Sleepwalker:The "People of Walmart" website is awesome.But, on the flipside, the company/stores themselves - not so much.However, without Walmart, we would not have "The People of Walmart".Since the MulletsGalore website bit the dust 5-6 years ago... 
Blackbird / SME
MI:The SME data @ Analog Classics is correct and the OP’s arm with non-detachable HS has an effective mass of 6.5 grams in its standard configuration.I’ve seen (WWW) what seems to be a scan of an SME info sheet with incorrect figures, and this has... 
Blackbird / SME
You might look @ some of the high compliance models offered by Soundsmith. They have a few models in the $500-$1000 range.DeKay 
Integrated with passive preamp section. Good or bad idea, or both ?
Liz:My old MF X-A1 as well as many of the Creek's as well as the Audio Refinement integrated.And, this is just off the top of my tiny little pointed head. 
Why do contributors delete their own posts?
I deleted it again, just to make sure.DeKay 
Stax ESL loudspeakers servicing
Try... http://estatsolution.comDeKay 
Alert, Warning, and Caution about Modified Components
I cut my nose on a CD 5 days ago...I was trying to read the control markings on the top of my Sharp SD-EX111 mini system (my good eye was less than an inch from the top) and I pushed "eject" not noticing that a CD had been loaded.The CD (top loade...