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Turntable recommendation
If you want new with warranty a Schiit Mani (phono preamp) and a Rega P1 (it comes with a decent cartridge) would run around $750. I listened to the P1 last year when I was demoing a pair of speakers and liked the sound through a Rega integrated/... 
What's up with HSU's prices?
Authenticator? Is that like The Freshmaker?   DeKay  
What's up with HSU's prices?
reck: Run a search of "BOT" in the forums (by date) and you will note that many, many, many of the threads listed have been deleted (threads initiated by BOTS).   DeKay  
Connect 78 rpm turntable to Vinnie Rossi L2i SE amp?
Here is a link to a sizable online library of 78 recordings. Perhaps your wife can find/listen to some of the recordings there.  I did not try the search function (just listened to a few), but assume that it works. If the 78's are early on thro... 
Connect 78 rpm turntable to Vinnie Rossi L2i SE amp?
If your wife is going to have a PRO service do the transfers (and not you) then just buy a cheap "new" all-in-one player that will allow her to listen/sample the music (if it's not already available online).   DeKay  
Linn LP12 Cirkus baring
One just sold for $55/Canadian - hope you got it. Here's some info on using an older unit... https://www.vinylengine.com/turntable_forum/viewtopic.php?t=119654   DeKay      
I can't go for that.
Good version (lot's of good re-pops on the show). Here's a nice version of "Sara Smile" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yjt7SRyBk0I Dekay  
6DJ8 vs. 6922?
They are similar, but not the same. Lot's of misinformation on the WWW about ECC88/E88CC/E188CC (including this thread).   DeKay  
Leben CS 600 tube rolling
Take a look @ the following links.   https://jeffsplace.positive-feedback.com/leben-cs600cs660p-vacuum-tube-settings-tables/   https://jeffsplace.positive-feedback.com/tube-rolling-in-the-new-leben-cs-600x-integrated-amplifier-sophia-electric-... 
Your audiophile chair
This is always my go-to for long listening sessions...https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41%2ByZgvoRQL._AC_SX425_.jpg DeKay  
I looked @ the ED section but didn't find anything that helps.   DeKay  
What tier do you consider Anthem integrated?
If you are interested in ARC perhaps try one of these incorporated into your system. I was interested (to EQ wide band single drivers), but do not have a SmartPhone or Apple screen to run the ARC. https://www.martinlogan.com/en/product/unison D... 
Why are these called 5 way binding posts? I count four!
5 way boggles my mind.   DeKay  
Cleaning audio components with 90% isopropyl alcohol
I've been using MG Chemicals ElecroSolve for years now. Prior to that I used Cramolin (sp?) which may have later developed into Deoxit by Caig and for a while I used Kontak cleaner from Europe. I've been told that alcohol can damage the gold pla... 
Revisiting Chinese Knockoff Cables
tweak1:   Do you prefer the 1.0m or the 1.5m coaxial cable (this was not clear - to me)?   DeeKay