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How best to eliminate LP warps
mijostyn: Thinking about it more it might be better to centrally locate the glass plates in a box with cardboard spacers (cardboard box with a top) and then wrap the box with the heating blanket. This way the heat would be more evenly distribute... 
Yep much to do about nothing. Fear brains.
Is the OP OK?   He was recently MIA for 30 days following a stroke. Hope he didn't have another one.   DeKay  
How best to eliminate LP warps
lewm: What about glass panes and an electric blanket @ moderate heat? Tried the glass/oven procedure once and it made the "edge" warp worse.   DeKay    
Output tube types - need some opinions
For Tango Google "iso transformers". They formed from Tango employees maybe 5 years ago, but not certain if they are still in business.   DeKay  
How important is spending time with your gear?
lanx: This is poopy... View post on     DeKay  
How accurate are cable descriptions for your system?
Hilde: The following link is how cable discussions/reviews by users went down 20 years ago here @ A'Gon. I still use the 47 Labs OTA cable in my main tube based setup and also as speaker cable for our living room CD based "mini system" setup. I... 
klipshorn speakers
If your son is set on McIntosh I suggest he look for a properly refurbished MC225 (vintage tube power amp with approx. 25 watts/channel). I've listened to it in 2 Khorn systems and it was a great match, though both systems used tube preamps as we... 
How important is spending time with your gear?
PS: In the 70's I took my 12V DC capable Advent 300 receiver to a few outdoor keggers. It was the life of the party.   DeKay  
How important is spending time with your gear?
Erik: The electronics for the main/living room system have resided in a hall closet for the past 20+ years (speaker wire fed through 4 small holes in the front/speaker wall). Just speakers and approx. 4 foot lengths of speaker cable in the livin... 
Most Realistic Recordings
Joe Jackson has numerous well recorded albums (New York Live and others). I have the originals, but there are now some remasters out that are highly thought of. I would like Body and Soul on CD (for the little computer setup) and am considering ... 
Lose weight or buy better fitting pants
Good grief Joe: My listening room is in the shape of an asymmetrical horseshoe (and now I can't get your post out of my head).   DeKay  
Can a DAC sort out a flat\cold amp?
I read an online review that described the 1200’s bass performance a somewhat lean combined with forward mid’s/high’s, but didn’t search for other reviews. Have you tried the tone controls (either backing off on treble or adding bass (didn’t see ... 
I need help choosing a budget phono stage gift
Here's another to research...   DeKay  
Suggest me Music?
Also... Any tips on Candy Crush (been on a losing streak lately). Had to lie/enhance my age in order to download it (I'm only 67), but I really, really like it (aside from the losing part). My wife plays Angry Birds and also Scrabble in French,... 
Linlai 6SN7
I posted basically what Ralph noted, but it didn't take. In addition I mentioned that if the Psvane 6SN7's also have large ST shapes bottles, but also feel hotter, they may have thicker glass. Guessing that thicker glass would be less efficient ...