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What happen to MQA on Tidal?
I believe MQA was developed years ago because internet speeds were too slow to transfer data.  This said, should we switch to QOBUZZ.  I like the layout of Tidal and I think they have a much larger library.  I wonder what percentage of members use... 
Streamer Selection - Thoughts Requested Please!
I have a BlueSound Node 2i.  I tried an inexpensive DAC and found it sounded better without.  I really wonder if the sound is significantly better with these expensive streamers?  I stream Tidal and since MQA disappeared, I wonder if the old MQA f... 
Rant: PSA to builders, housewives, and general complaint
Sounds like you are about to get a stiff neck.    
I have perfected my network for the nth time
I would be curious if you would hear a difference if blind tested.  If I had a $1 million system maybe it would be worth looking into.    
What are your favorite songs or albums for illustrating a deep soundstage?
Song:  Nasty Artist:  Vincent Ingala   
Advice on how to liquidate system
What does your equipment list look like?    
the big one: how do you choose speakers? By what features, data?
What amp will you be driving them with?  Do you also plan on keeping your current amp.  Also, what is your price range.  I would audition them.  Make sure you receive an agreement to return at no charge because they will sound different in your ho... 
Was I Expecting Too Much
Now I know why you don’t see stereo equipment in home listings.  He sounds like a dealer.  You know they are doing you a favor if they even talk to you.  Is there another dealer you can talk to.  Perhaps contact the manufacturer and have recommend... 
Accurate and revealing subwoofer
Nothing is better than a decent size REL.  They play like woofers rather than thumping bass.  
MQA Declares Bankruptcy
Does this mean when streaming Tidal you are no longer listening to hi-res?  If not, what resolution are we listening to.  
Is a home theater even worth it or doable?
How can anyone watch a movie through TV speakers.  80% of a movie experience is surround sound.     I would recommend buying an ARCAM surround receiver.  If you can afford their G amplifier technology I would do that.  First 50 watts is pure Clas... 
MQA Declares Bankruptcy
I purchased a digital cable and connected my BlueSound Node2i to my ARCAM.  They told me the DAC inside my ARCAM was better than the BlueSound and not to worry about MQA.  I think MQA sounded better.  Maybe I will try QIbuz.  I demoed QUobuz and I... 
What's your experience with snooty HiFi salesmen?
Denver for some reason doesn’t have many audio stores.  The nicest one has snobby sales people.  They make me feel uncomfortable.    I have never purchased anything there as a result.   I subscribe to Redfin in order to see what homes are sellin... 
un-becoming an audiophile
Great post. I have had RedFin send me listings for the past 4 years and I have yet to see a pair of speakers in any room.     What amazes me is how much money people in the group spend and how so many are never satisfied.  When is enough, enough... 
Rell or JL subwoofer?
The only Sub to buy is REL.  Their high level connection allows them to play like woofers.  They need to be set up correctly to achieve this.  I purchased 2 REL SHO subwoofers and they were a game changer.