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Why Do Some Recordings Sound Great and Others Dead?
i also believe in "tone control courage" IOW using definitive electronic means to correct an incorrect frequency balance in a given recording.   
Tube or solid state
i like the tubey sound of the rega brio amp. unfortunately the little thing runs at least as hot as real tube equipment. but it sounds sweet.   
Why Do Some Recordings Sound Great and Others Dead?
i've noticed there is a wide variety in sound quality from recording to recording, even those made in the same studio with the same people. a lot can go wrong between the studio and your listening room, at multiple steps along the way. some record... 
What I wish I knew before starting my audiophile journey
figured out how to easily become a millionaire first, in order that i could afford all that is required to join the hobby. all the reviewers on stereophile seem to live in quasi-mansions with 12 foot ceilings and 40 foot wide listening rooms, and ... 
Absolute Sound's "Reviews"
my disappointment regarding Stereophile is with their relative paucity of objective descriptions of some key parts of stereophonic sound reproduction of speakers, namely imaging specificity/depth, reproduction of inner detail, width of "sweet spot... 
Favourite Guitarists
ry cooder. his playing is distinctive.   
Those singers you enjoy,....that don't really have a great voice?
major "mule" holley, his contrabass grunt of a voice is a perfect complement to his string bass.  
Subwoofer boom is too much for me...
less likely your port is the problem and more likely you have incorrect slope and x-over frequency relative to your main speakers. fixable to a certain extent.   
What are your top 3 favorite female singers?
kathleen battle [classical] - sheer aural beauty and agility over gravity. tie between karen carpenter and patsy cline [pops - both had rich alto singing voices of complexity and emotional power]  julie london [jazz/pops], a contralto powerhouse... 
Classical music newbie needs your suggestions
remember there is always the contrast between recording quality and performance quality. this said, these are my go-to-performances [i value performance quality over recording quality] but there is some overlap described below- Fritz Reiner/CSO r... 
Heist/ crime songs
me and my uncle [from the grateful dead's "what a long strange trip its been" album]  
When CDs first came onto the market in 1982 .......
the phillips and sony machines were the first i'd heard late '82/early '83 at Pacific Stereo. i liked the sound of the phillips better [warmer] but the sony had real alphanumeric display while the phillips just had red LED lights.   
Is a highly discerning system enjoyable?
there is much to be said for taking problem recordings, digitizing them, removing the problems, then burning them onto a CDR for future listening. then there is "tone control courage." case in point is the 1999 columbia rerelease of the famous 193... 
What's the oddest thing in your music collection?
*"the portsmith sinfonia" "plays" the classics" [more like slays 'em, as on this record each player picked up the next player's instrument and tried their best with it, with predictable results. *"shut yo mouth" - major holley and slam stewart pa... 
Vinyl record cleaning
how do the record company pros clean their master disks?