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One of the great things about Vinyl
@unreceivedogma i listened on top-rank equipment using a 10 grand turntable with a top-rank shibata stylus, a direct-to-disk record that had been cleaned, surface noise [rumble, groove roar, hiss, ticks] was unmistakable through speakers. perhap... 
Is Imaging Worth Chasing?
if you set them up just right, some of the most basic speakers can do 3D imaging at least in the near or midfield. the real trick, is to make them image over the scope of the whole listening room, i've heard a few [one very pricey, and one not so ... 
One of the great things about Vinyl
for DECADES in the vinyl/shellac era, i wished for an END to the SURFACE NOISE that i just couldn't "listen past" like the audiophiles say i ought. i'm not wired like that [ASD]. when digital and digital audio restoration of noisy/damaged analog F... 
Ray Charles - "Rap is not music"
i don't care for the anapestic beat in much rap music, it makes me feel tense. dr. john diamond wrote a book about the health dangers of the anapestic beat in a book called "your body doesn't lie."   
Ray Charles - "Rap is not music"
ray oughta know. i trust his judgment more than many others on these matters, more even than quincy jones who happens to love rap.   
What to listen for?
if one is thoroughly familiar with live sound [i played in a concert band for over a decade], compare that remembered sound with what the system you are listening to puts out. you are listening for both omissions and commissions [aural sins] in so... 
"High end" store snobbery
if the OP lives in north puget sound, he could try Hawthorne Stereo.  
Concerningly loud pops in vinyl playback
being that the rest of your equipment is megabuck, perhaps a good investment aside from a pro-grade record cleaning machine, would be a CEDAR declicker which in my experience is unexcelled at filtering out loud clicks. the loudest pops get reduced... 
50 years of Hip Hop- How Come?
arguably, recognizable rock and roll music was being produced as far back as the 40s, cab calloway even referenced it. in light of this particular longevity, it is well-understandable that hip hop/rap and its variants would survive 50+ years.  
Why Do Some Recordings Sound Great and Others Dead?
i also believe in "tone control courage" IOW using definitive electronic means to correct an incorrect frequency balance in a given recording.   
Tube or solid state
i like the tubey sound of the rega brio amp. unfortunately the little thing runs at least as hot as real tube equipment. but it sounds sweet.   
Why Do Some Recordings Sound Great and Others Dead?
i've noticed there is a wide variety in sound quality from recording to recording, even those made in the same studio with the same people. a lot can go wrong between the studio and your listening room, at multiple steps along the way. some record... 
What I wish I knew before starting my audiophile journey
figured out how to easily become a millionaire first, in order that i could afford all that is required to join the hobby. all the reviewers on stereophile seem to live in quasi-mansions with 12 foot ceilings and 40 foot wide listening rooms, and ... 
Absolute Sound's "Reviews"
my disappointment regarding Stereophile is with their relative paucity of objective descriptions of some key parts of stereophonic sound reproduction of speakers, namely imaging specificity/depth, reproduction of inner detail, width of "sweet spot... 
Favourite Guitarists
ry cooder. his playing is distinctive.