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Analog vs digital?
i don't miss surface noise and tape hiss, not one iota. i have heard the best of both worlds, but prefer the relative sonic purity of good digital. i am not one of those lucky gifted souls who can easily tune out extraneous noise.  
Whats your favourite track to play to the non hi-fi visitor?
any of a selection of 78 rpm records i've digitized, cleaned up and revectored and applied the DES treatment to.  
What sends shivers down your spine when you play it on your system?
Oxygène.   the sound just swirls all around me, like i am a mote in the eddies.  
$10K Budget for Speakers: Martin Logan Masterpiece vs Tannoy
i have never heard speakers that sucked me in to the music more completely, than that magnificent pair of tympani IIIs i heard @ definitive audio in '82. the largest ML speaker did not impress me one iota at least in comparison.  
One year down, two to go. What's the longest you have saved for one component?
at least a decade [i'm working class] until a CEDAR declicker/decrackler pair turned up at an affordable price on Ebay.  
What are your thoughts on the "Edsels" of the audio history?
the edsel was prolly a fine-driving car in its day. my "edsel" was/is my bose cinemate sr-1 soundbar, the only remotely affordable speaker system that would let you get your head out of the stereophonic "vise." 
Vandersteen Moel 2Ce better than Model 1B used in midsize room
my experience with the 1Ci is that they require a humongous room, at least 300 sq./ft. and one can't listen to them any closer than about 10' away, any closer and they become strident due in large part to a lumpy small-room response at their 2.8 k... 
What's the best and/or favorite piece of equipment you've owned? And do you still own it?
CEDAR DCX and CRX, invaluable in dubbing noisy old LPs. got 'em for a song on Ebay. one day i might spring for the DHX [dehisser].  
High end stereo preamps? Worth it?
an old quad preamp with the spectral tilt control, now THAT was a useful feature! 
1st Album you Ever Owned?
dark side of the moon. a pioneer 35 watt per channel [true spec unlike what they get away with today] amp and dual TT and decent shure elliptical cart, radio shack nova 6 speakers which were enough to produce decent sound for the day [early 70s]. ... 
Does anyone do off-axis listening as well as Magicos?
definitely not everybody's idea of high-fidelity, but the bose SR-1 Cinemate was just about the only speaker system [other than the maggie tympani III] i've ever heard that could present a wide and uniform stereo image no matter where one sit or s... 
vinyl versus digital redux
i have never, even on megabuck equipment, heard the best specimen LPs sound subjectively and objectively "better" [less distorted/changed greater dynamic and frequency range], than i have on the best digital. that said, i've heard lots of bad digi... 
I'm never going to hear a megaspeaker in a good room am I?
i guess i am lucky, i heard a then state of the art system in 1982 at definitive hifi in north seattle. it was a pair of maggie tympani IIIs in a well-treated room, powered by a pair of dorm fridge-sized class I monoblocks that doubled as room hea... 
Thiel Owners
i've owned my pair of gently used cs.5 minitowers for about 4 years now, i wouldn't own any others, they were the only speakers i tried that would work in my 14' wide tin can listening room, they image like just about no other speaker in a small r... 
Versatile, non-fatiguing speakers for a small room under $1500 used or new: advice needed!
i've had good luck with a pair of thiel cs.5 minitowers. very small footprint. solid and adequate bass down to 30 cycles or below. they need their power though, no less than 100 watts per side of clean power, they are a 4 ohm speaker. i haven't he...