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DAC du jour
Saw a MHDT Toucan on ebay.  Nothing about it on the MHDT site.  Description English was a little off on the translation.  I'd be a little leary until I contacted MHDT to confirm.  
DAC du jour
+1 @grinnell  6922 adapter better option than the upgraded we 5670 Love mine  
Recommend new EL84 tubes
Another option is el83 with an el83 to el84 adapter.  They are very similar tubes with a different pin configuration    
Describe your preference in a single sentence
Once you hear it you'll realize what was missing, until then you just don't know what you just don't know.  
How much “suspension of disbelief do you need?”
I am pretty deluded and very disappointed but not with my HIFI.  I've been to two Los Lobos concerts the first at the zoo (outside) was the second  best I've ever attended.  My most recent was the second worst I've ever attended.  The sound guy mu... 
Off the Grid Listening-HELP!
Tubes draw a lot of power. It might  be less expensive to use SS and even better energy wise digital amp. There are formulas on line to calculate your power requirements. Good luck with that    
The hunt is over
Since you've quite hunting Maybe try fishing.  
Listening without interpretation...is it impossible?
I’m unsure of the what is being questioned??? I’m on a Brazilian Jazz kick and it’s all in Portuguese and i don’t understand a single word of Portuguese. It doesn’t need to be interpreted to be enjoyed. It actually may be enjoyed more because now ... 
Looking to give Linkwitz LX521s a good home
Are you sure?  I looks like your dad did an awesome job on them.   They do take a LOT of amps to work but they sound soooo good when they're working.  Sure you're not going Seattle way you know to get some sunshine :)    
@upscaleaudio DHT and single-ended amps fell out of favor years ago. Is this a personal observation or are you talking about just the products you sell. I personally am all in on very efficient speakers and low watt power amps and can see tha... 
Suggest your most desired MSRP $1,500-$3,000 Stand Mount for a Shootout.
Sorry that I'm stuck in a loop.  but the Decware Tube Tot are a different configuration than the 945 and supposedly Decware's new super speaker. Any chance the 945 could be replaced with them?  
Recommend new EL84 tubes
NessTone probably are but they’re cheap enough to try and if they don’t work for you the investment is pretty small. I’ve used them for years and have had good service out of them. I liked them better than the Electro. Harmonex for what’s that’s w... 
Any love for Shine Ola?
I don't think I know Schitt from Shine Ola  
Does it matter the wire gauge used in interconnects?
Everything matters.    
Recommend new EL84 tubes
I've had great results with the NessTone EL34 | 6CA7. They sound great and are inexpensive enough to keep fresh.