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Counterfeit Chinese Cables
It is not a balloon but this is what one cable manufacturer is doing.       
Network optimization for serious streamers
@singingg I am not sure where it is you want to go…but these are far superior 10G FMC converters and with the this Finisar transceiver being SFP+ it will get close IMHO.      
Made in USA
Revels cabinets are from the PRC.   
Getting back in the game
Go audition equipment. Do not listen to any of these bozos.  
Made in USA
AC Delco makes nothing. They are a marketing and fulfillment company for GM aftermarket products. Denso and Bosch make the majority of their parts. Nice try @czarivey  
Made in USA
The world is flat. Read it.   
Made in USA
Mostly EU, Canada US in my kit. Only China is from the China I respect Taiwan.       
The Last Power Cable Question EVER (from me)
Still I cannot understand why it is so blasphemous to want a high quality, we’ll constructed power cable that is impervious to RFI and EMI influence. We need to stop feeding these trolls.   
Sound quality of new vinyl recordings.
Third Man Records.   
Grimm MU1 Streamer - Really "The Best"?
Good luck on this upgrade. Hope it is all you are looking for.   
Analyzing DACs
Stop feeding the 🧌   
Network optimization for serious streamers
The 10G FMC using the 1475 have made a marked improvement in my streaming over the 1g FMC. More detail, definition, better sound stage and every other cliché audiophile description you can think of. 10G cage with a 10G transceiver is  a game chang... 
Symptoms of UN-CLEAN power
@goodlistening64 I have a mish-mosh of power cords, My Integrated amplifiers all have 20 amp Zavfino cables OCC. The digital and analog FE units are Zavfino and Signal Cable 15 amp as well as my subwoofers.   
Symptoms of UN-CLEAN power
@goodlistening64 PS is not manufacturing wall outlets they buy them from Leviton or Hubble and they are private labeled. Save your money and buy the same stuff on Amazon with out a audio manufacturer name on it. PS in mainly in the regeneration ga... 
Symptoms of UN-CLEAN power
@goodlistening64 yes I am on a dedicated line for over 20 years in this house. Also have whole house surge suppression. Never once has it triggered. I am also on the same grid as emergency services in our town, have only ever had 2 outages      in...