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Crown xls 1000
I have one. I’m using it to drive pa speakers in my PA system (I have a jam/performance space buddies and I use to jam). It sounds great and is ballsy. I also have a xls 1500 I use to drive totem sttafs  in my family room tv rig. It’s a a bit grai... 
How deadly is transformer hummm...
Is it a mechanical hum (ie, xformer against chassis) or electronic hum coming from speakers? The former may be as simple as mounting screws needing tightening. 
Favorite song to demo or test drive speakers?
Jan Hammer - "Darkness/Earth in Search of a Sun", and the whole album “First Seven Days” 
Revox B77 Reel to Reel repair
Music technology in NVa is great. Just off the beltway.  
Thoughts about buying a Bedini 100
I had a Bedini 100/100 and wish I still did. While you would never mistake it for a tube amp, it’s a great sounding solid state amp with the tightest bass you’ll ever hear. 
Best debut album
Boz Scaggs. (Self titled) 
I am restoring a Stromberg AU-42 - 6L6G question
You should post this on The audioasylum tube diy forum. You’ll get multiple authoritative responses quickly there.that said, if this is the cathode bias bypass cap, different values will materially affect tone. If it were me, I would not worry abo... 
Favorite Lyricists?
Robbie Robertson ,  Neil Young. 
The 3 best of the best Audio (HiFi) Designers ?
John Iverson of Electro Research and Electron Kinetics. 
Albums that you listen to straight through / start to finish whenever you put them on!
All of them, except for double lp's where I don't have enough time to finish. 
What have you found to be a good classic Jazz online station?
I like iHeart Radio Vinyl Jazz. 
Cool running amplifier
ok, there's no DSP, just crossover and bridging modes. I had already bypassed all of that.One thing I did do is tune the gain controls (which I originally assumed were attenuaters) which helped a little. I'm very, pleasantly surprised by this litt... 
Cool running amplifier
Thanks @atmasphere .  I'll check it out.  
Cool running amplifier
For grins I decided to try a Crown XLS1500 that I have (it was powering pro/pa speakers in my jam studio). It's a class d 300 watts at 8 ohms. I didn't think it would fit through the cabinet door because it's 19" wide, but I managed to squeeze it ... 
Cool running amplifier
ok, so I hooked up and tested the switch. It works great. The amp turns on soft as soon as (ie right after) the tv powers up.  Once the tv turns off, the amp powers down soft again (counted 7 seconds as advertised). Thanks @imhififan With this dev...