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Grounding my Silvertone
Jea48 - if that’s indeed the correct manual (I saw your earlier comment that you aren’t sure), you’re right . . . , and indeed even if it’s not, my assumption isn’t necessarily correct. It’s easy enough to tell by opening it up and checking.  The ... 
Grounding my Silvertone
I should have added, if you're handy with electrical stuff, you can do it yourself for ~$30-50 and 30 minutes of time . . . 
Grounding my Silvertone
The the tube amp inside that model is likely a transformer-less design. If you want to keep it running for the long term I would find a shop that can install an isolation transformer and a 3 prong power cord. It's likely to cost $100+, but for a v... 
Looking for great jazz guitar recordings - any recommendations?
I need to second moofoo's  mention of John Abercrombie.  All of his recordings are great, and no one is like him.there's a lot of other good ones above . . . Joe Pass, Charlie Bird, finally Al Dimeola, though he's more fusion. 
Looking for great jazz guitar recordings - any recommendations?
All of Jim Hall’s records.George Benson "White Rabbit". 
Take up drums at age 56?
I say go for it. I did a similar thing . . . took up guitar in my 50's. I started teaching myself with books, online lessons, etc. In my case focusing on playing songs was key to keeping me going. After a couple of years of this I found a kid fres... 
Lexicon DC-2 power supply
Here's the url for that old thread: 
Lexicon DC-2 power supply
It's several screws and a couple of electrical connectors. No really should search for that old thread . . . There's a lot of info in it.  
Repair Shop In VA / Washington DC - Rec Please
Bill Thalman at Music Technology is the best. 
Lexicon DC-2 power supply
I have a MC-1. It's been fine since. The original psu's in these (DC-1, 2, and MC-1) failed often as you can see in the thread I referenced. The replacement psu is an upgrade. I don't have contact info, I would just google them. 
Lexicon DC-2 power supply
Search search the archives and you'll find a discussion on the topic. You can buy a new psu from lexicon. (was ~$120) but they are also available from Mouser for less $. (The part number is in the thread).Installation isn't hard if you're handy. 
Any one using 2 separate amps using a/b switch to same speakers?
You're likely seeing mono block setups or biamping configuration when you see multiple amps. Every time I thought about swapping in a tube amp with a SS amp using a switch I had visions of blowing something up. 
Music similar to Mike Oldfield
There aren’t many artists a lot like Mike Oldfield. The general genre of instrumental synth (including shadorne’s) suggestions) gets you the closest. Another suggestion is Larry Fast/Synergy. Some of Steve Hacket’s solo work. Some of Tangerine Dre... 
Monoblock amps and REL Series R Sub-Base Systems, Revisisted
I run run a Rel Storm III  with 2 mono blocks. It works great. This discussion came up earlier this year. You may want to search for that thread. 
Bluetooth Digital output to Lexicon MC-1 Pre-Pro
followup . . . I found out that my optical will not work with the MC-1,  but there's an ARC(HDMI) connector which is an HDMI out, so I will get the digital extractor you suggested and try it that way . . .