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Demo'd a few sets of speakers over the past 2 weeks...
Revel M22's over KEF LS50's for me w/ tubes. Find the Revel's warmer. 
?Morrow or ZenWave Power and interconnects?
@aberyclark You may want to give Iconoclast cables a demo. Now you tell me! 
?Morrow or ZenWave Power and interconnects?
Zen D4 and D5 both are excellent. To me and my ears with my system the D5 was more neutral over the D4's. I will add D5 interconnects on the next round. Dave at ZenWave easy and a pleasure to deal with.To my surprise the (found a used set) Nordost... 
Favorite Miles Davis release
1.) Kind of Blue2.) A tribute to Jack Johnson3.) In Person Saturday Night At the Blackhawk San Francisco, Vol. 2 (Neo!) 
Best mid priced Amp-Preamp
+1 on the Hegel H160. Also look @ Peachtree and Schitt.  
?Morrow or ZenWave Power and interconnects?
rockaddict You like interconnects that cost far less than the  MA4s. Once again showing that if something is expensive it's not necessarily going to be better for a given system. The Zens are not inexpensive (relative to what you have previously s... 
?Morrow or ZenWave Power and interconnects?
Got the demos ZenWave DPS-4 Power Cable and the PL Power Cables.! The DPS-4 Power Cable is remarkable ! Re Mark Able. 🎯 Ho daddy. The PL Power Cable good but not a game changer like DPS-4. (The samples are both used and are burned in)A Tsunami III... 
?Morrow or ZenWave Power and interconnects?
I’m not sure it’s worth it to spend that kind of budget though unless the amp/speakers are several thousand each. YMMV.Speakers are Sonus Faber guarneri evolutions. Will upgrade power cord(s) into PrimaLuna Amp and Lumin server. (Do not like sound... 
Considering switching to Tubes
+1 on PrimaLuna. Had a Hegel integrated before.  
?Morrow or ZenWave Power and interconnects?
Makes one wonder how Mad Scientist or Laspada Audio stack up so favorably against cords many many times more pricey? 
?Morrow or ZenWave Power and interconnects?
Morrow will sell and offers a sixty day return. No Demos. Hymn  
?Morrow or ZenWave Power and interconnects?
Great suggestion(s) in asking to audition. Called Dave...and will call Mike too..Know interconnects are key 
Puzzled about reasons why there seems to be no shortage of used planner speakers
Maybe it's because planner speakers are so big?  A lot of new speakers have all sorts of va-va-voom shapes, materials and finishes.  Also one can't rule out visual response. 
I woke up with cold ears
My inner nerd loved reading all of this. I may need to seek professional help.  
Looking for an integrated tube amp under $2500
+1 on the Primaluna Prologue... But at 7" you will need a small fan or forget putting a tube amp in a small space like that...trouble!