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Choosing new speakers after 20 years
Tannoy for your Female vocals.   
Equal $$ for Phono OR Streaming?
+1 for a PS Audio Directstreamor LUMIN w/ Dac the T2. Mytek brooklyn bridge 2 will soon be out and roon is in the box. Dac chip very good. Hymn. I love vinyl but left it. I can’t hear any difference (others can) and have opted for an intergrated a... 
Speaker Upgrade Recommendation for Current Analog System - under $10,000 Budget
Tannoy speakers.  
Jazz for aficionados
"Ascenseur pour l'échafaud" Miles Davis 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Lizzy Mercier Descloux "Press Color"+1 for Blodwyn Pig - Ahead Rings Out.  The track Dear Jill 
Looking for a ‘’No braine’r Integrated amplifier under 7500 or so
I like tubes, Here’s something beautiful to look at and has a lifetime warranty. As ebay takes around 13% you have headroom to negotiate (as in call them).As you will be using monitors and a sub why not KISS. Toss out (sell) all the other stuff.Ge... 
Dedicated power
@spenav How to wire your house for good power is excellent. It should be required reading. Adding a whole house surge protector (or go Taurus, etc.) to your to do list something to consider. 
Dedicated power
I’d go twin 20amp heavy gauge shielded lines and use Synergistic Research Orange outlets or hospital grade outlets on up. Lots of beefy ones out there. If you do nothing else getting rid of stock wall outlets should help. I could not run new lines... 
Inexpensive all in one options
The peach tree audio decco125 SKY should do what you’re after. Find some nice used speakers and you’re good to go. Totem if you can snag some. I set up one of my kids with the above. While not Dad’s system. Wow!LaSpada audio sells decent wire on e... 
Enquiring minds want to know
Only a panel of experts (or is it a panoply of experts) can break in acoustic panels from GIK. They do this by a pants splitting dance called the break dance. This is not to be confused with break dancing. (That’s a participial) Tin foil on the ce... 
Tube virgin looking for tube amp under $3k
+1 on PrimaLuna.  Should find a used integrated integrated in your budget.  
Which Songs Make Good Ringtones?
Ringtone marker app (apple) lets you make any part of a track a ring tone. My mother in law got the barking dog (standard apple issue).  
A stupid question for which there's no sensible answer.
Yup. Room #1Your hearing #2Speaker placement #3. Move them a bit a see! 
My hearing deficits are becoming clear...
@whitestix Like you I hear the stereo very well but (prior to covid) got lost with background noise is busy places. No amount of hydrogen peroxide solves it for me but the crackling is fun. Have you tried a cleaning? St. Jude?Hi from Davis. 
Neil Young calls out Tidal
When his (Neil Young's) Pono venture went dark a lot us got orphaned. It was not at all handled well. Poof.I'm in the US and on Qobuz there are dozens of his Albums..American Stars 'N Bars through to Zuma