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DSP with an Integrated Amp?
That would work wouldn't it @djones51! I am using the HT bypass with a Denon receiver for 5.2 so I'll have to figure a work around. I spent what time I had trying other options so I'll give it a whirl tomorrow! Thanks much!@erik_squires I did have... 
DSP with an Integrated Amp?
Thank you @erik_squires I have gone round and round with it but no one has answered my questions until you did just now. Sub outs to dsp analog input, dsp output 1-2 to subs. Will this configuration allow me to run Dirac and if so would I run my u... 
Digital vs 8 Track
Party on Garth! 
Magico Customer service
Somebody's off their meds again. Don Quixote lives! 
Wood racks and humidity
I made my own rack using two inch think hard maple with a live edge. I bought an eight foot length and halved it. Sanded it down nice and stained it and lots of coats of poly. For legs I used 3/4" threaded pipe and flanges and I placed a thick rub... 
Well there's balanced and unbalanced. 
Please help. Need solutions for monitor stands and speaker terminal adapters
My advice is to build them yourself or hire a local carpenter or handyman. It's not difficult and you won't have to spend an arm or a leg. 
My review of recent "Obscure Albums" post so far. Part 1
@teo_audio1 That's why I liked the original topic and wanted to respond. It exposes me to new things and I don't have to like all of them but but there are a lot of them I did. Thanks for your contribution. I'll look at your other suggestions! 
My review of recent "Obscure Albums" post so far. Part 1
Funny MC, I had no problem reading and comprehending what you wrote in the same manner. I know you employed that tactic to point out what you mean. That's alright. I employed it for brevity or the post would have been two pages. You probably know ... 
Schiit Freya damage by giving it an electric static discharge on the volume knob.
I've recently had a similar experience when adjusting sub gain. Luckily no damage! What can be done to stop this from happening other than moving from cold climate? 
Best and Worst customer service?
Amazing that a 20 year old thread has resurfaced. Waiting to see but miniDSP may end up being worst customer service that I've dealt with so far. 
Trying to understand B&W’s trickle down strategy
I don't know the answers your questions but I have a pair of the 606's and I love them.  
Anyone hear of the Black Cable Tie tweak?
@theo2 Crack me up! 
Speaker set up and IRREGULAR rooms.
@mahgistarThis is something that I'd like to try. I'm pretty handy so I might dress it up a bit. I guess the Argent Room Lens was a commercial version of this.   "Three pipes around 3 feet high,3/4 inch diameter, wrapped the mouth with thin plasti... 
Speaker set up and IRREGULAR rooms.
@geof3 I agree wholeheartedly and am looking to build my own traps possibly. Going without DSP it will have to be and it is sounding the best I've ever had it and am enjoying what I hear. Just as most striving for best possible with what I have an...