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Super fun and silly video
I'm 57 and I think Barbara Eden and Elizabeth Montgomery blow the doors off any of today's offerings.  
KLH Model Five
Be a little difficult to give an honest review when the friendly customer who was nice enough to drag his speakers in to be tested is sitting right there watching you! He did his best though. I liked the ’if you like that sort of thing" with a sli... 
A perfect song? What are your choices?
Rush Anthem - YouTube  
Dumbest cable question
@noske I would hope you are being funny but these days you never know. Is this from the same science class that says men can menstruate and have babies?  
Homage to those who are pleased with your audio rig
Yes. I am enjoying the music. Finally. I was about to give up or chase the dragon of upgraditus. I determined though to be sure I got the best out of what I had before any more moolah spent. By proper speaker positioning and finally getting my sub... 
Soundstage and image height, does it exist?
On this @nonoise and I agree. It took me a long time to get the speakers set up properly and longer still to get the subs right but now that I am at least much closer to perfect I most definitely perceive height differences.  
My subwoofer trials and tribulations.
@soix I really don't know! This one bit of instruction would have saved me literally months of frustration and bad feelings. I was even beginning to think I was deaf to bass! @ohlala I think I'm pretty close on placement but of course willing to ... 
Can anyone hear the difference when you add REL subwoofers when playing two channel
I am going to expound a bit on my original statement of a year's time to integrate. I had never had subwoofers in any iteration. Not in a vehicle even. I had followed RELs instructions in the manual for setting these up. Using the hi level speakon... 
Hey - What Happened to the Beware of Viking Acoustics Thread
@nonoise you mean like lies about the origins of a certain virus or the efficacy of alternative treatment options than the ones prescribed by the government?  
Hey - What Happened to the Beware of Viking Acoustics Thread
Now maybe some will consider the dangers of shutting down speech, even that which you don't like. It always comes down to who decides what '"truth" is.  
Let’s share funny-stupid things we’ve done
Overpaid and undersold gear.  
Albums you do not get...a plea for help and understanding
When I first discovered old Pink Floyd, you know, before DSOM and The Wall I thought it was self-gratuitous overindulgence and bizarre. Today I can't get enough of it. With the discovery of streaming, I have been opened up to a lot of things I nev... 
Can anyone hear the difference when you add REL subwoofers when playing two channel
It took me over a year before I was finally able to get my pair of REL T7i integrated properly.   
Cable curmudgeon
You may as well walk around with a transistor radio if it doesn't really matter. When you've made up your mind you are incapable of learning anything more.  
Best progressive rock album side
2112 or Hemispheres Cygnus X1