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I need help with an amp decision
U need minimum 200W+ RMS.  
$2000.00 to spend on new speakers.
Nope. Keep using what you have, save a little more! Get better speakers. The patience is worth the wait.  
Onkyo P-3000R gain adjustment?
FEX EX Damaged New Legacy's
Unfortunately, I had to have ups and fed ex come pick up damaged speakers as well.  I was shipped 6-7 pairs of Energy rc-70’s. Only 2 pair arrived mostly in damaged, there is a small nick on the bases , at the back, everything else is great. It wa... 
What's your dream speaker?
The best Dynaudio I can afford. Plus a pair of brand new Energy Veritas towers. And a pair of Energy rc/lcr  
Goodwill music giveaways...almost.
Mentioned this in the Motown posts.  Goodwill is great for records or CDs.I can walk out with a grand handful for under 50$  The worst part is getting them(one, a box of unscented baby wipes, and cleaning all the records. 
Which would you buy & why?
A solid amplifier with a min 250-300 WPC/RMS!, 
The best tube poweramp. . What do you think about ?
Carver crimson 350s’, or if you have money to burn, the Carver Silver seven behemoths!Any Vincent hybrid power amp. Great stuff, affordable, and reliable. 
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2021
Read this title too fast, I read “Rocky Mountain oysters”   I must be hungry.  
Quality Motown Recordings
YES, totally worth searching. There is an ocean of amazing LPs’i hit the local and town over used shops, in the cheapo,bins, you will be surprised at the great music for inexpensive prices in those,bins, many I find look unused, jackets may have s... 
What's your dream speaker?
Energy RC-70’s ——   with double the drivers, double the output, more power handling, taller, wider, in cherry wood. 
What is the most important component to consider while building a new system?
Speakers and 300W, minimum! De scent amp, source and cables 
klipshorn speakers
Shrill, searing, pain,  shrinking penis,  Olaf grating, never liked them!! 
Re-issue, CD, SACD, Tape....LP....and what studio tapes are being used....
Now that I’m older, if I can afford it, I always buy the Japanese pressing of LPs and cds.     The Japanese don’t muck around with music. They do it correctly!  Have been duped by a couple cds, %99 of every Japanese release I get is amazing. 
Thinking of trying well fuses…..
Class D , other fuses won’t make a significant difference.        Looking to your honest review………