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Need advice on upgrade path
Peed on the inside of the Plinius? Or the side? Speechless. WHICH IS WHY WE HAVE GOOD DOGGIES. Had the amp price checked for a repair? Or not worth it?  Rest of your gear is great! Get a repair quote, and keep checking the Gon for a good deal. I f... 
Best divorce album?
My fav:george thoorgood”oh what a price”great song! 
Bob Carver Crismson 275 Stereo vs. Rogue Stereo 100
Carver all day and twice on Saturday.  Not even close.carver kicks rogue’s butt. 
Do I turn off my tubed components during burn-in?
30-60 min of warming up is fine for tubes, even listed during warm up.  All my audio is SS, I usually turn on late at night if I’m listening the next day. I will leave on 11pm til the next day, this is more than enough time.  Usually, it’s only an... 
End of the World system
Hell or highwater.  Symphonic Line biggest and baddest mono blocks! 
Most unusual/mesmerizing female voice.
Always liked the ex abba singer with “there’s something goin on”always seemed eerie to me. The slight echo, at 2-3 am, ripped, always was eerie to me. Still a great song! 
Denon 6500 - Am I crazy?
For a basement system like that, personally, I would pick up an array of the Crown amps, they sound great for movies or music.prices are. Great, and the Crown amps will drive about %80 of mos speakers. Headroom, power, clean , reliable. Search aro... 
Upgrade Carver to Tube Carver question.
You would hear a huge improvement from either the 275 or 350,they are world class amps! If you have the means for the crimson 350 monos’ jump on [email protected] should chime in soon your gear is nothing to scoff at, good stuff, the Carver crimson 350s’... 
Reliability of brand
You want a straight wire with gain, a top of the line remote,amazi g features, and one of the best volume controls in the business. Plus,...GET THIS..........a LIFETIME WARRANTY,  get the Sanders sound preamp, and never look back. http://sandersso... 
What's your "diminishing returns" preamp choice?
@gmercer  mcintosh is amazingly pure, and damn near flawless.     Never owned, but hundreds hours of auditions. They are that good.if you can swing, afford a good Mac pre, jump fast. Or try a couple different ones. It’s fun trying diff components ... 
What's your "diminishing returns" preamp choice?
Everyone will post their personal purchases in a message post like this.  Own several preamps!McCormack LD-2onkyo p-308B&K pro10-mcSanders sound preamp” to me the best sounding is still the Onkyo p-308, she is just outstanding, bass, features,... 
Lots of bass at walls, lack of bass in center of room/listening position
Move speakers about 12” away from wall. Them sit and listen, move back 6”’s, sit and listen. Move farther from wall if needed. Mine are about 11-13” from the wall they are on, I’m 9 feet from them with speakers toed in slightly to my sitting couch... 
Can a McIntosh MC7205 handle Polk Audio RTi A9’s?
500W careful. know the sound of straining, popping voice coils, treble slurred with midrange.   I learned the hard Way, all those years ago.enjoy 
Ikea Eket shelves with a large vinyl collection?
Most of mine are stored on the Odyssey boxes.   Great storagejapanese rice papers inners and sea lake Japanese Mylar bags, then in the Odyssey boxes.  A little hard to get to, but, their amazing! 
Ikea Eket shelves with a large vinyl collection?
Costco steel shelves.  My LPS S are stored in odyssey BOXES!160-180 LPS per box. Depending on thickness and et all. Happy w them!