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Energy Veritas 2.2
Hit a home store, buy two thick wood cutting boards. my amp is on a -5 inch thick slab of solid wood, it looks great! And was only. 40-55$  
Which pair of speakers changed your Hifi life?
The huge Polk audio soda flagship, mid  ate 80’s, they were amazing!   cerwin Vega 2000-15, sounded fantastic, vocals and mods were crunchy, solid, yet smooth and accurate!  
Free CD collection
Damnet !!   way too far  
How did 70s rock music transition into 80s music?
@baylinor    been a metal head pretty much since I was 12-13  also listened to my parents records, beach boys, John winter, Donovan, etc etc ,my old friend “Asit” RIP, my brother! We were roomies at military school, I would play mercyful fate,... 
How did 70s rock music transition into 80s music?
Media, and the pussification of America.    shame isn’t it?   my mom shocked me last week, “I want to live in 1950 again, when men had balls and not boobs”    I love you,Mom!  
Would There be a Significant Difference
Hell yes, an extremely admirable and quality system you put together.      If it’s only a preamp you need, any descent one will work great,  check the,parasound  Z series, or the P3 or P5, all are great units    he newly back together Adcom pr... 
RIP Frankie Banali, Quiet Riot drummer, succumbed to stage 4 pancreatic cancer.
Sad news indeed! He was %110 professional musician. Great drummer. First 2 albums are amazing!  They are getting pricey, if you want Quoet Riot I and II  on lap, better grab em. Bootleg cds sound good as well.   RIP , brother, you are missed!  
Is blasphemous Music ok?
@pkatsuleas    buys you a icy cold negro modelo !!! 🍺🍺  
A rookie with 10K, seeking advise
5K speakers 5k sanders magtech    enjoy    
Why Purchase A CD Player or Transport ?
LP’s , cd, cassettes, I only,spend money on actual product,have the McCormack UDP-1, pioneer elite dv-58av,..dv-48av, dv-79-avi, and an elder 5cd Sherwood carousel which still sounds great after 20+ years,.each has their own signature tone,   ev... 
Cheapest way to enhance SQ with digital streaming
Hahahaha   we usually always buy physical copy, when hard earned money is spent, there had better be a cd or lip on my hands. Streaming, all this stuff is nuts. just transfer from YouTube,  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Raven - stay hard  
Fritz vs CSS vs Ryan
Should your speakers seem bright, as my old Vegas and alters did, cut small square pieces from,a,average t-shirt, I used double sided scotch tape, held up for 3 years, took every,bit of harsh, or the terrible “s” as we all know   love hate,relat... 
Recommendation on speakers for listening to live music
The horns would be too high pitched , they would make you feel uneasy, anxious, and not,want to sit at high volume on the couch. UNLESS KLIPSCH HAVE FIXED THEIR HORNS, AND FREQUENCY OF THE CROSSOVERS     I sacked my old speakers, piled up in base... 
Is blasphemous Music ok?  (NSFW)   if it were not for blues music, and religion, metal would be boring and probably nonexistent  metal is life, not a phase