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Putting it to bed
Never liked, or was a fan of him or his bands. My opinion. Not my stuff.   Rather listen to kayak or camel. 
Amp craftmanship/Quality
I’m very happy with my gear.  Mccormacksunfirepio elite. Sherwoodbic venturisandersonkyob and kEnergyyamaha receiver Furman some other ods n sods  still here!gonerotel Rb-1090many speakerscarvin dcm 1500’scvaltec Lansing m-510’semotiva xpa-1s’ her... 
Recommendations and thoughts for end game speakers and amps
Don’t mess. Sanders sound. Magtech and speakers.  DoneOr buy used amps here. And take chance w speakers.  Sanders sound speakers and amps.  Last audio you’ll ever need! 
Amp craftmanship/Quality
Heard many tube amps, SS amps, class A, AB, H all had a different signature, some had deeper bass, bone crunching midrange, treble,....from ear splitting searing painful molar grinding tripe, to relaxed, accurate treble, which was fatigue free!  T... 
100W+ solid-state amps known for beautiful mids
@millercarbon.     Yup.acoustic, electric, the acoustic, is stellar.electric, Dave mustaine, and most metal is crunchy, evil, and almost flawless!  +1 
Anybody own a component that sounds better with the cover off?
TT cover on/off———no difference. Change cartridge, ...adjust weight..... cover off/on - cartridges sound same with cover on or off,I leave them on for convenience, and to keep in good shape, when things come off, get stored, scratches, cracks magi... 
***Education On Separates***
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for... 
Help me decide on first turntable purchase
Technics SL-1200 MK7 accept no substitutes. She will last you 35 years with proper care and maintenance.we own 3 of them, 2 are well over 30 years old, still start/stop on dime, and play as new.Or use up your budget on the SL-1200Gor the SL-1210gr... 
Just Curious - About using a AV Receiver as main unit
You can use it, you’ll most likely clip the receiver.     If you don’t listen loud, sure, use it.    When I transitioned to separates, I have not looked what you have!enjoy the journey! 
Counterpoint SA-3.1 and 5.1
Was always intrigued by Counterpoint products. Never could afford at the time.    Memory serves as an amazing audio company.  
GaN based SU-R1000 Technics Integrated Class-D, review by TAS
Heard a Rowland, another devialet, past two months.when I have a day off, I love taking a few hours, putting on some better clothes, cologne, as I am treated better.I love lugging in my Sunfire to test speakers, as well as my own music, testament,... 
Is today’s contemporary music lacking?
%90 of modern music is tripe, %90 rap-Ish  garbage,  plus singers can’t hold a. Note,..One at all, they use the computer,Mauro tune, etc. 50’s-early 90s’ most vocalists actually sang....and could do so with natural voice and great range.  2000 til... 
Speakers for Computer
We used Roland powered speakers for 15+ years.great stuff!great soundthe m audio is another good speaker as mentioned 
Speaker set up and IRREGULAR rooms.
Right speaker in a corner,...left is just inside a large hallway, going to 2 rooms and stairs to basement.right always seems louder and better.  Had to move speakers for a long time to try to get it right, I just deal with it,  
What monos for revel
Get the Carver crimson 350s’dont look back! Sanders Magtech amp. Or keep an eye for a used Sunfire  300 or 600.