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Cerious Technologies NEW Graphene Cables
ihmeyers,I understand. I have changed my components a few times lately but the Cerious Matrix cabling is staying put. Not just because they make the music sound great but overall they're not that inexpensive.I have never heard the Hansen's, but I ... 
Cerious Technologies NEW Graphene Cables
ihmeyers,Congratulations!If you haven't already, you need to continue adding the Matrix cables throughout. Each additional (interconnect, power cords etc.) just keeps improving the overall sonic landscape.ozzy 
Road trip to demo $10,000 speakers
skyscraper, yyzsantabarbara,Thanks for the reply. I agree that the grills look quite nice. First I need to hear the speakers, I also want to hear the Focal Sopra 3's,  the dealer I'm going to has both on display.If both speakers are impressive, th... 
Road trip to demo $10,000 speakers
skyscraper,How long will it take for the A3's to arrive?Also, did you have to pay in full in advance? I hate that.I'm going to audition them this Saturday.Thanks,ozzy 
Does the Quality of the USB cable matter?
I have a found a usb cable that is the best I have tried thus far. Its made by a longtime member grannyring.It is called the "Acoustic BBQ". He sent me one to try against my Curious usb. It was so good that I bought it ! It has the openness that t... 
Which band IS really America's Greatest (rock & roll band)?
Creedence Clearwater Revival with ozzy 
Has anyone tried these stunning new CPT power cord?
Doug Schroeder Method, Double ic
Thanks teo_audio and celander.The only thing holding me back from trying it is the recovery time from my shoulder surgery. Perhaps in a couple weeks...ozzy 
Road trip to demo $10,000 speakers
skyscraper,Congrats on the Magico A3 purchase. In the next couple of weeks I will be visiting a local dealer to hear them. Based on your experience, it sounds like I need to leave my CC and check book at home!ozzy 
For those of us over 60..
Creedence Clearwater Revival.ozzy 
Doug Schroeder Method, Double ic
Douglas_Schroeder,Which is the preferred analog connections, from dac to preamp or from preamp to amp?ozzy 
Power conditioner or outlet?
I installed a whole house surge protector on my main breaker panel and another on my Geothermal unit. But, when I am aware of lightening events, I still unplug.ozzy 
HDMI cable for I2S
Try the Wireworld Platinum, it is impressive as a i2S connection. A bit pricey though. Try to find a used one.ozzy 
Road trip to demo $10,000 speakers
skyscraper,Have you listened to the Magico A3's yet?ozzy 
Dual Subwoofers: close together?
I have 4 JL Fathom F-113's. 2 are located behind the front speakers and the other 2 are spread out behind my listening position. To me, the more subwoofers used, the more there locations disappears.ozzy