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What is the added value of a streamer over a networked dedicated Computer
Music, when digitised, has two dimensions. It has amplitude, ie loudness, and it has frequency. When being recorded it is sampled at a precise rate. If the data isn’t presented to the DAC at precisely the same timing of the original sampling when... 
Need recommendations for a streamer
Full disclosure - I’m co-owner and developer of the Network Acoustics Ethernet Filters. I wanted to add to this thread the result of my experience over many years of trying to achieve the best sound from streaming based systems. I’ve listened to... 
Tekton haters and bashers you just got a new target!
There’s something a bit Star Wars about the design. I got to hear these in Munich, they sound interesting!    
The greatest tweak ever?
I believe in some humans there’s also a connection from the anus to the vocal chords.  
Holo May KTE. All you need.  
Cables recommendation
@jasonbourne52 cables are passive tuned filter networks, they have resistance, capacitance and inductance, LCR, and those values will always vary from cable to cable based on its materials (conductor and dielectric), geometry and length. To think ... 
In the US, how is your internet connection terminated in the home?
@cakyol thanks for your info.  
In the US, how is your internet connection terminated in the home?
OK, many thanks. I now have the picture, pretty much the same as the UK and EU, which is great. There was a good reason for my question, so thanks all for answers. @jeffseight was that on the whole, or on the hole? 😉  
In the US, how is your internet connection terminated in the home?
That’s great, thanks for the info… Much appreciated.   Secretguy. Funny 🙂  
Which transport is better quality for stereo music listening.
Nicely put @charles1dad   
What do you guys think of Audio Science Review?
I’ve never learned anything useful on ASR and I no longer bother commenting on anything on ASR, as my comments seem to attract bile and hatred, and all I say is that I trust my ears more than measurements. I’m quite amazed how nasty some people c... 
Ethernet - Analog/Digital Signal Clean Up
Ethernet isolators designed for medical use are just to stop DC currents flowing from one device to another, for safety reasons. They have no components inside to filter out RFI or other high frequency electrical noise. They consist of an input RJ... 
How does cable construction affect sonic character?
A good sommelier can determine by taste which particular area a wine comes from, which grape, even which particular vineyard and which year. It comes from experience and his/her hyper-sensitive taste buds and smell. Can a laboratory instrument cap... 
Fyne Audio - New Speakers Displayed in Munich
They sounded very good, like a top Tannoy I’d say.  
Musetec (LKS) MH-DA005 DAC
I’ve heard the DAC in my system, it sounds lovely, pure as a pure thing, no hint of any distortion.