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Magnepan 3.5r Owners needed.... No bass
@jsbelieve  You got my head scratching. Let me just go down the list. Are you in the same room? Did you move anything? Did it happen over time or suddenly? Did you try a different bass amp? And I always suggest checking to make sure your bananas a... 
Used vs. new
I've and about 50% good luck buying used loudspeakers. If it's a system you are going to keep for a long time, buy a fresh pair.  
Integrated Amp Shopping Decisions
Rogue Sphinx V3.  
Bose 901 VI flat?
Thanks for backing me up guys but I wanted to say for the OP to use the Bose equalizer first, it won’t cost anything and you’ll have something to listen to. You can hook it up between your source and receiver as a test.   
Bose 901 VI flat?
Let me be the bad guy. I'm a well experienced Bose 901 guy. The Series VI are not that great even with the best equipment. With a 100 wpc mass market receiver, you are not even going to get sound as satisfying as a bluetooth boom box. Listen, this... 
Good speakers for Parasound Halo JC1
Magnepan 20s if you are a serious audiophile. Pass if you think you can put them where you want them. My brother had 3.6s with JC1s, they were very good but the 20s are push-pull and a big step up.   
Magnepan 3.5r Owners needed.... No bass
I could not think of anything. Then I thought maybe the phase is reversed in one channel? Check it out before going deeper.  
Stereo or monoblocks
Monoblocs are the icing on the cake when it comes to stereo imaging, micro-detailing, increased soundstage, and lowered noise floor. Once you mono, can't go back. 1000% this!  
Audio Research Gain Settings on Line Stage Amplifiers
Your pre-amp and amp will have the best measured performance at full output. Most people and Audio Research set the preamp output at the lower level so you are driving it closer to its limit. Your amp should be set to wide open unless you have a n... 
un-becoming an audiophile
@grislybutter I was simply asking if $3500 was meant as an example of a little or a lot.  For new retail, that is about my minimum for something I want to listen to for a long time. It would only be half that for used gear.   
un-becoming an audiophile
takes more than a mere "job" to afford this hobby, more like somebody with a professional degree/CV and 6+figure salary.  I'm not sure what salary range is needed to enjoy this hobby today. One of my smaller systems was around $3500 and is very... 
un-becoming an audiophile
Isn’t it Audiophile in this site is define , someone who really spend good amount of money on their system? But barely have time to enjoy music but enjoy analyzing the system instead? I agree if you can’t afford it , you can still put up a good s... 
un-becoming an audiophile
I have two listening modes. Critical listening and evaluation while working on system synergy. Then I switch that off and go into music listen mode. Practice often and you will be happier.   
Buy new or repair? Budget $600 ish, existing Nakamichi RE-1
I could not decipher what your system hookups are but I guess they are far from the best way to connect your gear. Just because it works doesn't mean it's the best way to do it. I would not spend any money on 40 year old gear unless it was somethi... 
How do you find time to enjoy your $$$ speakers and system?
One of my systems is a CD player, a tuner, an integrated amp, and a pair of loudspeakers. It's easy to click on and I try to run it as much as possible.