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Bi-amping with Kingrex T20U (or Similar Tripath) ?
Not sure it's worth the trouble but you use an RCA Y connector to split the signal out of the pre-amp.    
Best progressive rock album side
Thick as a brick  
Best progressive rock album side
You are on the right track (pun). Animals and Wish you were here.   
Yep much to do about nothing. Fear brains.
My status: Self made man retired with no boss for my entire life... So..never married, I guess.   
I don't want to beat a dead horse but I'm bugged.
Might as well keep it going. Does it mean that your ears are better than anything else on this earth I don't think so. Does it mean you have golden ears Probably not but I might be a better listener than average. Does it mean your experi... 
Best double live vinyl?
Did anyone say Miles of Isles?   
Excessive gain with a Belles preamp
Just put an attenuator between the pre and amp. Probably 10 db will do the trick.  
Yep much to do about nothing. Fear brains.
When fast food is the economic barometer we are all in deep crap.  I don't want to derail the thread but I was adding information as to why the tube supply from Russia might be affected. McDonalds is an economic indicator because McDonalds was ... 
Yep much to do about nothing. Fear brains.
How do you sell a franchise you are closing? You can find the details on the web but they set up a company to sell the properties and take down the arches. The business details are handled by the liquidation company. It would not surprise me if... 
Output tube types - need some opinions
A classic EL-34 is a good starting place, then maybe retune for 6L6.   
Many higher end preamps are dated and ugly, why is this?
all very good preamplifiers, they are dated... If by dated you mean to say no chips, no processors but hard wired with individual component level design. I'll take that every time. 100 years from now, it will be repairable and still sound great... 
Feet One-o-0ne
Room decked out with heavy carpet, bass traps and sound panels on ceiling and side walls. Most loudspeakers are designed to work in a conventional living environment. I wonder if your room treatments caused a lot of your extra work?   
Yep much to do about nothing. Fear brains.
There is no problem getting tubes, but Russian tubes are going to be a difficult situation for some time to come. Have you heard McDonalds is closing and selling around 850 stores in Russia, that's a big deal. There are going to be major issues bu... 
Are Tube Buffers for real or even worth it ?
Most people just buy the really cheap tube buffers, and then wonder why it's a distortion machine. Well, that's the point. No need to buy an expensive buffer when you can buy a good preamp.  
Ideas for an amplifier?
I have a McIntosh mc2100 but I just need more juice.  The McIntosh is a 105 watt per channel amp. If you need more power than that you will need to look at amps that typically cost more than $1000.