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push pull or single ended
A push-pull amp is an easier transition from a SS amp. Set amps are a different animal. 
Prescription Speaker Placement
I do it all by ear but MC has it right. The only thing I can add is that every loudspeaker is different and some need to be pulled far out from the front wall, some more some less. And, some loudspeakers just are not good at imaging.  
Why would 2 schiit aegir amps sound the same as 1?
"...I do hear a difference, it's just surprising to me it's as small as it is..."It's all part of the learning curve. An amp can make a big difference but it takes a big change in amps to do it. Buying two amps is not usually effective vs one of t... 
Newbie question
Royce, you are at the quantity not quality stage of freshman hi-fi. Have your fun but shortly you will learn that if you are really listening, you can’t play your music at high listening levels. Save your hearing, you only get one chance at it. 
Listening to open-backed headphones and speakers simultaneously?
It will still muffle the loudspeakers. 
Building a house
About the only thing I would do is make sure you have plenty of outlets. Things change over time so installing anything in the wall limits future choices. 
Is it time to upgrade my amp?
A tube good amp would improve your system but as MC says better loudspeakers would be a bigger change for the same bucks.   
Why would 2 schiit aegir amps sound the same as 1?
According to Stereophile measurements, the amp is 28 wpc into 8 ohms in stereo mode and 49 wpc in mono. So you have just about the same power no mater how you hook it up. (28X4 or 49X2) But even if it had twice the power in mono mode, that’s only ... 
Newbie question
A cheap old receiver and 2500 watts of probably cheap pro-amp power. I could not think of a worse marriage of components.Think about starting with a quality 50 watt integrated amp and then tell us the rest of the story.  
Can't believe I let myself get sucked in again.
Try the AVS forum if your not getting enough abuse here.Welcome to the Layer Cake, son.... 
Schiit Freya damage by giving it an electric static discharge on the volume knob.
"...What can be done to stop this from happening other than moving from cold climate? ..."I ground myself by touching the stereo rack first before I touch any equipment.  
Schiit Freya damage by giving it an electric static discharge on the volume knob.
I'm not any help but I had a Monster Power Center. at least I think that is what they called it. Anyway, I did what you did to your Schitt and that was it, the unit was toast and was replaced by Monster. The part it took out was not repairable. Th... 
Help me tame my out of control bass
MC is right. 
Trying to understand B&W’s trickle down strategy
Just off the top of my head, I'd say the trickle down is mostly the concepts not the actual hardware. Expensive materials don't get trickled down, they get replaced with cheaper materials. Probably more of a marketing tool than anything else.  
Parasound a21 upgrades
The latest version is the A21+, maybe Parasound can tell you what's different and maybe they have an upgrade program.