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NAD processor issue, CEC problems.
"...Depends..."Thanks for that clarification. Good luck with your issue, I'm sure somebody will come by to help out.  
Tube rolling LTA MZ3
Roll them all! 
NAD processor issue, CEC problems.
What is happening? 
Gold or Platinum Grade of Tubes for BAT Preamp.
Buy the best your budget allows. Why do anything else?  
My best retort to those that think we listen to our stereos more than the music
I don't like sex on the Tele, I keep falling off!  
Possible cause of harsh mids?
Used album? It could be played out on bad equipment. Or you are tracking too light, maybe?  
Equipment Pairing
"...I would go with the Musical Fidelity pair and the Parasound A21+. You would have to spend a lot more money to get anything better..."Same thing I was going to say.  
Low gain dac!
"...russ69 - I always heard that an attenuator would degrade the sound, but maybe that is just a tale !..."I have used inexpensive 10 db pads to knock down the hiss on a high gain pre and amp setup with high efficiency loudspeakers.. I could not h... 
Low gain dac!
You can put an attenuator between the pre and the amp.  
stereo review magazine
"...Of all the components I've reviewed, this has definitely been one of them..." orIf you are looking for a 45-50 wpc receiver with a silver face plate and wood side panels this is one of your choices. 
Peachtree Nova 150 as a pre only?
Using the pre-amp section of an integrated is a great way to plug in a good power amp, usually it's just for a short term while you save up for a preamp. It will be OK but a real pre-amp will be better.  
Peachtree Nova 150 as a pre only?
I have no experience with the Nova 150 but there is no reason it would have trouble doing that job.  
Should say this and be fair with PS Audio stuff
That's an important part of audio, opinions are subject to change. You learn as you go. Thanks for stepping up.  
Which amplifier should i buy
"...I thought about going to listen to Cary. Thanks a lot..."SLP is "Sweet Little Pre-amp" I have an F1 version, it's never going to be sold until I'm gone.  
Which amplifier should i buy
How about a Cary SLP-98 with a pair of Parasound JC-1s?