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Chose this because most read. topic, but for all discussions.
"...Good for you. You are better than me..."Not the point of my post. Just sharing my experience for what it is worth.  
The myth of "best" in audio needs to be addressed by all of us
"...In listening and enjoying music, there is no "best" -- only "favorite". And even "favorite" can change -- it certainly has for me..."Very true but some are more better than others. 
Chose this because most read. topic, but for all discussions.
The Betas were good loudspeakers in their day but after 25 years of listening to EMIMs and EMITs, I have moved on. I still have and use my RS1B woofer towers (I have two pairs but only use one set).   
Why are there so many Martin Logan ESL for sale.
"...Any audiophile who buys Martin Logans is going to want more from a speaker eventually and will move on..."M-L is a well established company with massive support of their products. I think the Sanders speakers sound great but if Sanders dies, t... 
Magnepan MMG Speaker Placement in a Small Room
I've been there done that. In my small room I had to pull the speakers out into the middle of the room, 5 or 6 feet. The rear wave has to meet the front wave enough to balance the sound. It looks weird but sounds right. Tweeters inside, and the sp... 
Sound quality of Newer versus Older speakers
There are lots of good loudspeakers today. But large statement loudspeakers from years ago can still produce great sound if they have not deteriorated over time.  
Habituation to system changes: the Audiophiles' curse...
Always strive for improvement but don't forget to stop and just listen to the music. 
Seeking ideas about how to improve my system
   "...I recently purchased a pair of Hifiman Susvara headphones, and the experience of listening to them is absolutely sublime..."I think most of us have had this experience. A good headphone will drive you to upgrade your loudspeaker system. No ... 
Infinity RS IIb L. F. Equalizer
"...so if you can avoid inserting a very old piece of electronics into your chain you are going to be happier..."Truth be told, pretty much all of Infinity's electronic boxes were crap. I'm sitting on two non-working RS1B crossover boxes.    
Are Preamplifier’s Relevant Today or just a Hinderance with Digital Playback ?
Two posts is all it takes to get the right answer.  
Chose this because most read. topic, but for all discussions.
"....Please don't fall into the BS of anyone with a long term history, unless they have actually had first hand experience of the product they are evaluating..."That was the issue with the Audioquest cable measurements. He broke the connector and ... 
Why are there so many Martin Logan ESL for sale.
Upgrade sales. Upgrade to bigger Martin-Logans.  
Conrad-Johnson Discolored (rusty?) Allen screws on side of MF-2550.
They are just oxide finished hex cap screws, they tend to rust. You can unscrew them and use WD40 and a toothbrush to remove surface rust.  
system/room equalized flat from 20 to 20k cps--is yours?
Everything we listen to, in every room and hall has a different frequency response. I'm not sure that trying to make an imperfect room perfect is the right direction to go. Would not reproduced sounds not sound right if corrected? Say you have a m... 
My NAD 3020 D proves your Class D tropes are wrong
"...What makes them special in my mind is that they are true bookshelf speakers, designed with on-shelf or on-desk placement in mind thus they lack the bass bloat you’d experience with "normal" bookshelf speakers..."Very cool. BTW: I'm willing to ...