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what are your top "audio bargins" in your system history?
I would have to say a Marantz 2265B reciever that someone gave me back in the early 80's  That was the beginning of my audiophile journey  Recently l bought a used Spectron musical MK lll class D amp designed by John Ulrich and the old beast almo... 
Why do we stop listening to new music as we get older?
I’m an old fart and mostly stream, so l listen to all kinds of music From Diana Ankudinova (need to check her out! full stop) to Odesza, London Grammer and Daft Punk and so many more    
OMG it's been the late 70's since it was the last time l heard my friends Bose 901's  I thought they where great, until l heard my other friends Infinity Kappa 9's  
What is your experience with amp power?
I have Maggie's and typically drive them with my VAC tube amp (KT88) 100 watts per side I also have two subs in my system  To me it sounds magical but at the same time, l felt something was missing When I use my other amp that puts out 500watts@8o... 
Opinion: Modern country is the worst musical genre of all time
My daughter in law loves the current country and western music, and after an hour of listening (sort of)to the music I ask her why is the same singer performing all the songs, as they all sound the same?  All is not lost because of new musicians l... 
How do you stop house guest from damaging your speakers?
Hey l touch my own drivers in my speakers I lightly touch them occasionally to make sure everything is working Sure enough one night I just wasn't hearing the magic and  l thought I was having an off night for listening to my stereo rig  I walked ... 
Just wow…
Aurora is very good! I actually discovered her a while back when I was watching another young female singer Diana Ankudinova   Diana is the most interesting singer I've heard in decades as she's a rare contralto and also polyphonic     
I Was Stunned
They are 90 degree straight elbows and he also uses straight tees Plus unions for assembly  No welding required  :  )    
HT and 2 channel in same room? 1 or 2 systems?
I have 2 channel and AV 5.1 in my low profile credenza I have a Oppo BD Blu-ray player that has RCA sub out that goes to my two Subs and HDMI that goes to my Emotiva XMC-2 AV preamp Also BNC digital out to my Exogal Comet Plus DAC From my DAC l go... 
A public service announcement
One phono cart is too many and a hundred is not enough   
For the first time...
I have record player,  a 1914 Victor-Victrola console that still works perfectly I never play it though  :  ) I just really like all the convenience of streaming from my smartphone, and nevermind all the new artists that l have discovered from str... 
I want more bass…
I have full range tower speakers with built in powered woofers And also have two subs and won't do any critical listening without my subs in the mix    
Ultimate stereo nightmare
My stereo rig wiring looks like a NJ road map  
Wilson to Tekton to ????
You know you're old when the stereo equipment you bought new is now considered vintage! Still have the same gear and it performs flawlessly  One sale l regret was selling my Dunlavy SC lll 's but they were on the large size to store   
Favourite Guitarists
Andres Segovia  The GOAT:  SRV New commer: Billy Strings