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For a joke I showed up at my local Coffee shopwearing my track helmet and racing gloves.Stating " now is this enough protect for you!!Coffee shop owner said it made his day in these tough times! 
Yes I always wear a mask, but mostly ( just in case) to protect others. Apparently masks are much better at stopping the virus spread as opposed to preventing someone of getting the virus by wearing a mask 
No political inferences here as I've been unmasked!! I don't go out very often as I'm over 65, have heart issues and diabetic So if I get the virus I'm pretty much a dead man walking! But when I do go out for curb side coffee or take out,  I alway... 
Wow an old album that rocked your world
Iron Butterfly.  In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida 17 minutesof hippyness........peace out! 
Another streaming newbie
So many choices, so many options, I went through this streaming delimia awhile back also.I was after ease of use and a wide selection of streaming services. Also to intergrate whatever I decided on with my existing old school stereo rig. I already... 
Is there such a thing as too much power?
993 GT 2 ??? I can get one for $1.6 millionI don't want my amp to clip, but do want my Porsche to clip.....the apex that is!My amp has more that enough power, but it is also capable of 65 amps for 500 miliseconds  
Is there such a thing as too much power?
@millercarbon Hey I own a 78 911 SC ! Not the fastest car out there, but like you said well designed to use the power that it has all day long! To the extreme I just sold my 96 911 993 Turbo that was modified 600,hp/595 lb of torque That car was a... 
It happened again tonight
@Roxy54  I thought godsmacked might get some kind of reaction. Strange the purple mirco dot didn't??Turn up the quiet.......there that's better 
It happened again tonight
In these trying times I'm glad Millercarbon audio system got him to hyperventilate to the music he was listening to. Last night I was listening to Diana Krall's new album Turn Up the Quite and although it didn't make me hyperventillate I was Godsm... 
End of the World system
A nice boom box and a case of beer, well maybe two cases of beer 
Audio discounts during Coronavirus
@Larry5729 you are right and I too love streaming and all the new artists that I'm decovering, and I have found alot!!But I also like listening to my CD collection as I have some obscure artists that I haven't found online yet.I have two systems, ... 
Audio discounts during Coronavirus
My beloved Oppo BD 105 is staring to act upand time to buy a replacement,  but have no ideawhat to get that has all the features the BD 105 has. I'm thinking it's a great time to buy as it will hopefully help the vendor through these difficult tim... 
Great country recording
Alison Krauss is a no brainer and she performs with Jerry Douglass on numerous albums To date she's won 27 Grammys which I think is the most for any performer. I consider her latest album " Windy City to be one of her best. I saw her in concert re... 
John Prine, singer, songwriter, legend - Dead at 73 from COVID-19
One of my favorite John Prine songs " Please don't bury me"  We had this performer by the name of Stan Farrlow come to our little town in Canada in the early 70's and he was very talented and was Friends with Merl Hagert andKris Kristofferson. Sta... 
How far away from your speakers are you?
Based on my room constrictions I've places my Maggie's 44" from the wall, 96" apart and 144" from my listening position. They are slightly toed in. Ideally I would like a larger room, but all in all it sounds pretty darn good