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Is there a 300B type amp out there with some WATTS behind it?
I don’t sell this product. It is made in Sofia Bulgaria by Thrax Audio. I spent the summer of 2019 sitting in front of a pair of these amps at the Thrax facility. The specs on this amp are for real, maybe a little understated. This is the best 300... 
Best Basic CD Player (no SACD, USB, etc.)
google "high performance CD player" or "high performance CD transport". You will find a list of reputable manufactures on the shopping tab. Pick a manufacturer you like and you will find a list of retailers where you can buy on line.  
Mains sockets and star earth - can anyone explain?
A star ground is a pattern of 3 or more grounding rods all connected together and connected to the earth ground terminal in a power distribution box. This is usually a more effective ground compared to a single point ground which is common in hous... 
Furutech vs Audioquest Power Cables
I prefer the Furutech, but if you are looking for something special in Europe may I suggest Sin Audio.  
Audiophile Grade Wall Receptacle
My experience with recptacle is similar to @retiredfarmer. These days I am all in with using Furutech receptacles for all high performance equipment including my AV and computer systems. Its not just for audio. The hospital spec is ANSI/UL 498 an... 
Scotch? No thanks. Whats the best Vodka.?
Beluga Reserve with the metal medallion is the best I ever tasted. Have to go to Russia to get because it is not for export.  
CD Transport Question
@jetter If you read all of @jerryg123 posts you may notice something, they all seem to have a central theme, I wonder why.? However, I take note of what he said and will consider it in future posts.  
CD Transports: anything in between?
Cd transport
CD transports
CD transports
CD Transport Question
CD Transport Question
looking for the best cd transport only, without dac
Should I still buy a CD player? Suggest one?