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Mac Mini as a music server
@wtf +1I used a Mac Mini with all the mentioned software too. Audirvana+ was my fav, but between the Apple updates you already explained and A+ trouble with library files getting periodically corrupted, it was frequently not allowing me to just si... 
Vinyl heresy-overhang induced distortion is not that important
@lewm The null points for Löfgren "A" (identical to Baerwald) are at 66.0mm and 120.9mm.You've got your A's mixed with your B's. Cheers,Spencer 
Using a lap top cd drive instead of highend cd player
Well, not disagreeing that it will sound better than many CD players, but if you change the question to how do I get best sound out of my computer as a digital source then you need to consider:- linear power supplies vs. typical wall warts- type o... 
Try before you buy?
You want free? Join a local audio club and borrow from your friends. It really works. As a side benefit you get guys to listen over your shoulder and tell you that your opinion is wrong ;-) Cheers,Spencer 
pick an integrated from CAM for under $2000
In what decade did you write this? 
Nottingham Spacedeck vs Rega Planar 8 vs Technics SL1200G
If anybody is moved by this thread to buy RP8, today I got an email from one of the big music direct retailers offering about a third off the price of them. Cheers,Spencer  
Need speaker suggestion for a larger room!
The problem isn't that a live room devalues cone speakers. It's that cone speakers disperse widely. That dispersion hits side walls and glass reflections will ruin sound of any speaker. Dipoles almost all the energy goes front and back. If the gla... 
Most impressive youtube demo clips
If you are implying that you can judge the sound quality of a system by listening to a  YouTube clip, that is just plain scary for you and terrible advice for anybody else. Audio quality on YouTube is low resolution. Limitations of the mic & t... 
my first analog setup , some advice please
@dimitris7I haven't spent much time listening to that table but recall a dealer telling me that he was frustrated because he liked better than many others he sold in same price range but felt many didn't give it fair consideration. FWIR, it has a ... 
Wireless to Ethernet Adapter for DAC
@rwroberts With same issue in a rental where I can't add long ethernet cable after much research I settled on this onehttps://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00Y3QYTS6/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Can't say if it's better than t... 
my first analog setup , some advice please
Tell the dealer to let you demo a better phono stage at home. You are on the right track with the cartridge and phono stage being your weak links. The rest of the system is very nice. Cheers,Spencer 
Need speaker suggestion for a larger room!
@broockies If you can't treat the room, all the glass on side wall will ruin the sound of any dynamic speaker. Dipoles will send most of the energy to front & back, not sides. With treatment behind the speakers whatever your preference of used... 
Best turntable and arm under 10k?
Call Donna at Sota and ask about the new Series VI line including the formerly Phoenix Engineering motor controllers. My new Nova VI is being made as we speak! Cheers,Spencer  
@luvrockin That's awesome to hear.You are lucky that  @gshepardbuster is one of the good guys! Cheers,Spencer  
Just because the Exact hums is no reason to abandon the table. You can buy a  cheap used cartridge with better shielding simply to confirm that the table is fine. That would be cheaper than what you will probably lose selling the table. If it work...