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Jazz for aficionados
I’ve been keeping a “Covid” list — things that belong in my collection and that have been released and or first heard by me these last two years: Charles Lloyd and the Marvels: Tone Poem Dave Holland et al.: Good Hope Marcin Wasilewski Trio w J... 
Do good power cords have to be stiff?
I was using Nordost Vishnus in my mid level system. A clear improvement over stock.  But they too were somewhat stiff. Replaced them with Morrow MAP3s which sound just as good as the Nordost and are quite flexible. If I get the upgrade itch I will... 
What were the radio stations of your youth that helped you on your music/audio journey?
WMMS in ClevelandWDVE in Pittsburgh 
What song have you played the most?
Last ten years: Mary Chaplin Carpenter—Come On, Come OnPrevious twenty years: Charles Mingus—Goodbye Porkpie Hat, from Three or Four Shades of Blue 
What do audiophiles do in their cars?
I agree that most car systems sound pretty good—much better than 10-20 years ago. The Burmester in my Mercedes sounds very good.  It’s still a car, though, and the sound competes with wind motor and tire noise.  I’m done with XM radio. The sound i... 
You own a store, you sell 2 brands, which?
Simaudio for electronics, Dali for speakers.  
What Are Your Reference Discs? or Specific Reference Tracks
These are my go to CDs:Rosanne Cash—Rules of TravelRodney Crowell—The OutsiderKD Lang—Hymns of the 49th ParallelMary Chaplin Carpenter—Come On Come OnSteeleye Span—Hark! The Village WaitClifford Jordan—Live at Ethyl’sRon Carter—The Golden StrikerJ... 
Are these exceptionally well recorded, or what?
They are class D (Bel Canto ref500m) and I do leave them on all the time. But they were off quite a while when I installed the preamp and reconfigured my cables.  
Are these exceptionally well recorded, or what?
Possibly 200 hours, so it could be coming in to its own.  
Are you familiar with this amazing artist?
Africa Speaks is an amazing album by Carlos Santana, featuring Concha Buika. Interesting backstory on how he reached out to her. 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
The moon is a silver lady glowing through my lifeIn a little space above the musicI wish upon your faceI wish upon my dreamsIn the middle of this crazy world bubbling with pretty pearls and spinning through the blueHirth Martinez: The Moone Toone 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Here’s a couple more:Hirth Martinez—Hirth from Earth and Big Bright Street.  
Embarrassed....Audio furniture help
Salamander. Buy it viaAmazon prime for the free shipping. I have one in the tv room that is built to accommodate a sound bar. I ditched the sound bar and put in two speakers instead.  Sounded boxy til I lined the shelf with sound absorbing foam, a... 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Yes to Dr. John Gris Gris!Robinella: Robinella and the CC String Band.Pandit  Vijay Raghav Rao: The Fantasy of Indian Drums. Especially side 2. Amazing sound.  
What are you streaming tonight?
I’ve been on a Gabor Szabo jag all day: Bacchinal, The Sorcerer, Small World, and, with Chico Hamilton: El Chico and The Further Adventures of El Chico. Amazed that he got his sound out of a large acoustic guitar (Martin D45) not usually associate...