One of the Best Stereo System in the World!


I couldn’t help sharing this video. What a journey and exceptional dedication to built a system we all can aspire to build one day.

I tip my hat off to Mr. Ken Fritz and wish him well!
Nice video.

Those speakers are vast, but I guess a room that size (and so carefully designed) would need such large speakers.
Wow, he's happy, and ready. Beautifully done, I think the grandfather clocks are just a step beyond;

Planars.... hmmmm! I guess I'm on the right track after all, nothing like them. I'd love to get my hands on those active crossovers, 5,000.00 a pop, before personal mods.

Think of the dollars and time spent... Masterpiece (s)

God bless Ken Fritz.  What an amazing journey in the hobby.  Most of us have spent the same amount of time buying things and starting over.  He knew what he wanted and had the skill and determination to get there.

Good on him.
Including myself, most everyone on this forum owns "one of the best stereo systems in the world". Just ask any one of us.
Mine is....For the price paid: 400 dollars rightfully embed, then very hard to beat by most average audio system here....

But at some scale, every system is also limited by his electronic quality design... Mine is also for sure....My system is a basic good one upgraded by my embeddings device controls....My system is not the end of the world either....

Thanks for this video.....

My best...
Lalitk, thanks for sharing such a touching story.
Now I want to know more about his life.
Wow man that is one dedicated audiophile. Must be single or divorced by now lol. Probably better off for it too.
He's a nut job if you ask me. All that time building a system instead of enjoying the music...just saying!
« Hate dont know logic and love dont use it» -Groucho Marx

« The labor of passion is his own fruit» -Harpo Marx
Ken is one of the few people farther into the weeds than i am.

all respect for the passion. he had a plan, his family supported him, and he did it his way.

Mr. Fritz had a wonderful journey with the help of his family. It’s not over. He followed his passion and we can all benefit if we listen. Thank you for your story. LS
kairosman72 posts09-06-2020 6:37pmWow man that is one dedicated audiophile. Must be single or divorced by now lol. Probably better off for it too.


The same woman for 45 years. We were  kids when we met,  guess what we had in common?  We both loved our stereos, and we both had Bose 901 first version.  I made stands for her speakers.. The rest is, history...

Then WE invested in Infinity QLS1, WOW.... Sure nothing like this fine fellow gear though.. Beautiful..

One of a kind, just love those monitors though, 1400 lbs I'm sure there is a lot going on there..

That was excellent!  How you found this was not revealed, but thanks for sharing!  Hopefully he is only experiencing carpel tunnel and not ALS, and has many more years remaining.....
Bravo!!  What some won’t understand is that the pleasure and satisfaction is in the journey itself as well as the destination. He is a giant among men. Well done indeed. 
Very cool. The best system in  the world can’t just be good. It has to be good and big. 1400lb speakers sound like they should qualify and a line array is probably the right way to do it.
The very second that I saw those speakers it called to mind a system in progress that I saw in virtual systems here quite a few years ago. The speakers looked the same, and there were three, and they were custom made, but it would have been impossible to recognize the room, because it was not completed yet.
I have been here since the beginning. Does anyone else recall the system that I'm talking about?
Anyway, it's an amazing system and an amazing story.
Thanks lalitk
What matters : his hart and soul is “music”! Enjoy it. It’s not because it’s big, it’s good. But I don’t doubt it. Nice room and system.
A man with one serious passion and the skill to convert it to real. A fabulous system.
Thanks Lalitk.
My wife and I were privileged to see and hear John Dunlavy’s personal experimental speaker system in 1982, Canberra, Australia. It was a product I have never seen since. I cannot say it is the best I’ve heard. But I can remember it was the best. A pair of 8” tall cylinders with some 30 drivers covering all relevant frequencies and omnidirectional with must have been the first DSP. I believe it would have been the precursor to the “Magnus”.
 It takes special people to create these special systems. Touché. 🇦🇺
ME for one, don't get much better than Krell in the BIG dollar market and lifetime warr.  I saw a setup in Aspin with Krell Pyramids Valve units. Just south of 850,000 for the pair...4.5 million for the room gear and all the goodies, All KRELL, even the cabling. I was there for 4 weeks on a foundational ground reinforcement, job, just for the entertainment room and deck. Nice when money is NO OPTION.

One of a kind, love that stuff, A LOT of it out there too. Most of the folks that have this kind of system, never tells a soul...I saw a JBL custom set up with Krell in the Oakland hills. It was a breath talking. Again foundation job for the triple tiered decks

What interested me was his desire to see it go on- to not have his dream dismantled. At the end, we all want a legacy. 
Amazing.  Just AMAZING!

What a great story and wonderful devotion to his goals.


Would have been nice if you turned it on and played it so we could have heard it. Not a big fan of Krell, I personally don't find it as warm and musical as SimAudio gear. But that's just my opinion..
What are Krell Pyramid valve units? They never made tube gear to my knowledge.
Inspirational to put it mildly, well done Mr. Fritz. You have clearly demonstrated what is achievable by being an amazingly dedicated audiophile, I wish you happiness.

He says he uses it for home theater too, just wondering where the screen is. Doesn't seem like a screen would work with that huge center speaker.
oldhvymech...I used to live in the Oakland hills. I managed a swim & tennis club there on Manzanita Drive while I was going to Cal. I was there during the devastating fire years ago. 
Pretty cool I can only dream how I could have done the same except I got married.
“Cool but how many of you would use Krell...?”

Krell components during Dan D Agostino era were exemplary, both in SQ and build quality.  I have owned several components from Showcase and Evolution Series. 
Spectacular system....*S*

My only caveat is his TT...with all those tone arms, it ends up looking like a device that is used for remote surgery.....
....but at least he has a tangetal arm in the mix. 👍
The man is a man of many hobbies.  Good for him!  I'm glad to see him enjoying the fruits of his labors.  As I age I think about mortality more than I did before.  Surviving cancer can do that for you.  I struggle financially with the upgrades to my music system.  Then, like Fritz, I say to myself that I am happy.  My system makes me happy.  I love listening to good sounding music.  So, it is all good.  I wrote into my will that the kids will not give away my music collection and audio components to Goodwill.  Then need to be sold on consignment via my reputable sources.  Unless they get to an age and position in life that they can actually house all this stuff!
An amazing opportunity to bear witness to a dream system AND hear from the builder.
The acoustics professor at my university was friends with Paul Klipsch and sold Klipsch speakers, Crown, Marantz, Thorens, etc as a hobby. His listening room was designed around the speakers and was the genesis of my sound obsession (this was the 60'....on a lower level than Mr. Fritz' system).
"TWO", Grandfather clocks?
 Two in the same room?!
Now that is just too over the top for me! Crazy!
He does have a rather nice stereo system though.
 I wonder if he's ever tried "tubes", in that system? It sounds as if he has not.
Who am I kidding?
It just shows what one can do , "When", one put's their mind to it!!
Especially when "And as he said", "Size, cost and time became, No-Object"! "The future is NOW"!
My current viewpoint as well. The day's shall indeed, come to an end.....
Love the room, and I’m sure it sounds amazing. Hope he doesn’t have ALS so he can enjoy it longer. Poor guy. 
Amazing man.
I wish I had a quarter of his skills!
I bet his system sounds incredible!

lalitk, thanks for sharing this video.