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Why don’t tube amps sound like tubes anymore?
The short answer is it's the new production tubes that are the culprit.IMHO NOS tubes in front along with new production tubes for the output are the best of both worlds:-) 
How many NICE looking high end floor standing speaker are there at present
Daedalus and Omega Audio have attractive cabinetry 
Covering a TV behind your speakers?
Any flat surface no matter what it's composition will reflect sound.Experimenting with a few Rockwool panels from Home Depot is an inexpensive way to figure out what you need and where.Then decide to diy or go with professionally made treatments. 
Possible Silver IC's to accompany my Skogrand Marrkarian 421 sp cables?
Check out ZenWave cables too.Dave will send you demos at no charge to try. 
Aric Audio Super 2A3 SET
Congrats tby!I'm a very happy Aric Audio customer also.Enjoy! 
CD Transports
My CXC has worked flawlessly for the last year,no complaints.The remote is not great though.It's meant to run other components in their line also so the transport buttons are clustered at the bottom of the looong remote. 
Advice on room treatment
http://ethanwiner.com/acoustics.htmlair20gapProbably more than you wanted to know😐 
Advice on room treatment
You can start a system page on your account profile to share pictures and list your components.My room is square too,16 x17.I have GIK treatments and four subs.The thing about bass waves is when you get them smoothed and as much under control as y... 
Schiit Freya+(Plus)
Do you mean when you switch the interconnect cables the pop switches sides?If so it's a loose connection in the cable. 
room size
Putting up a wall definitely will make for terrible acoustics.So many reflections bouncing back and forth.If you are determined,go ahead and prop up some plywood or even drywall across the opening and listen to your music.Then decide before you do... 
Another sad tale, hopefully Ian can make plans and peace with the world
I suffer from COPD also and it is incurable but it can be slowed down and treated with medication.And slaw is correct - covid19,flu,even severe colds are extremely dangerous for those of us with lungs that are only partially functional.I'm a huge ... 
Review: Fritz Heiler’s Carbon 7 SE Mk 2 bookshelf speakers
Really nice review,thank you!I'll be interested in reading about the Carbon6 also.I'm fighting upgradeitis now.I promised myself I was done.Dang! 
Analysis Plus Silver Apex Speaker cable
I agree with Decooney.I have AP speaker cables also and they take a very long time to settle in.In the past if I didn't like a cable after 25-50 hrs I gave up and moved on.These things are completely different and were worth the wait.Hopefully the... 
Sofia Electric Blue 6SN7
An update about these tubes after almost a year of daily use:They seem to have lost the beautiful tone I was so thrilled with initially.The vocals especially became increasingly harsh.Of course I didn't suspect the Sofias and began switching out o... 
It's a thread about what some people are doing to help each other.It's not about politics.Political discussions are against forum rules.My daughter works in a hospital lab and her experience has been 100% the opposite of yours miller.Back on topic...