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Humor friday. Expencive fuses and?
There was a guy that posted a picture here or maybe on AA of his custom made gold plated breaker box.The interior was all gold.I thought it was funny anyway:-) 
Another new DAC: Audio Mirror
No fuse swapping for me.I'm just not comfortable poking around inside my components.Cables,tubes,and isolation gizmos are more my speed. 
Why flag a post?
I'm a mod on a non audio related board.We do have lives and can't spend every waking moment keeping track of threads.We appreciate a heads up for spam posts so they can be blocked.Heated debates are welcome and informative.Childish personal attack... 
Another new DAC: Audio Mirror
I've got only about 35hours on my new Tubadour iii (Dueland caps) and it's sounding really really good.There's the tiniest bit of hash over some of the vocals but of course I'm listening for it and being extra critical.It's just an open, organic,d... 
Tekton Design MOAB
@malus15 many of us are looking forward to your impressions.Please come back and tell us what you think and all about your system. 
Tekton Design MOAB
@dave_t the return policy is clearly stated on the website.We consumers need to take some responsibility and do our own research.Tekton owners are really,really tired of trying to discuss our speakers while being constantly interrupted and trolled... 
My beloved CDP finally bit the dust
@mesch good to know I'm not just talking to myself,lol.I'm always bummed when someone promises an update and the thread just ends abruptly. 
+2 for Audio Advisor.Another good company is Crutchfield.You can save a few $ at both sites if they have 'open box' components of what you are interested in. 
Supratek Owners Thread
@markusthenaimnut the only other dac I've tried was a Parasound.It actually didn't sound too bad,but it became congested with complicated music.My Vincent CDP died(which I loved!) so I am going with separates again after a ten year hiatus.The Tuba... 
GIK Acoustics summer contest!
I think your room looks great.Does using 90% diffusion sound better to you or just different?I have GIK bass traps but haven't tried diffusers yet. 
The hard surfaces are going to be a problem.Give some serious thought to room treatments.GIK has very attractive options that fit in with any decor.They are light enough to be stored away easily between serious listening sessions if that's a facto... 
Interconnect recomendations, ~$500 new or used, RCA...
@pmboyd  I love trying different cables and have owned several of your contenders.IME HarmTech and Analysis Plus lean toward the dark and rich.Siltech is lean with a sweet treble.Cerious are clean and clear like water.Black Cat Coppertone is brigh... 
My beloved CDP finally bit the dust
After the 25 hour mark the Tubadour continues to change as it breaks in.So it seems 20 hours is not an accurate time frame.The treble has become a little harsh,but I'm betting that clears up over the next few days.Other than that the overall sound... 
Restrictions, behind the 8 ball.
I suppose my disposable income is a restriction.In the other hand it's an enjoyable challenge to work within a moderate budget. 
What is your favorite tube type?
My two favorites right now are Sofia 6SN7(lush but detailed) and Tung Sol KT150(powerful and airy).