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Speaker cable help
The Black Cat Coppertone is excellent,clear and detailed with a touch of sweetness.Kimber is detailed but leans toward cool as opposed to organic.Analysis Plus oval 9 is organic and natural sounding and slightly rounds off transients,a perfect com... 
Acoustic treatment material
Stick with the 703.Cotton batting will do zilch.You want the bass wave to hit the panel and stop.It will sail right on through a soft material. 
Aric Audio 300B SET Monoblocks
I'll bet they sound incredible!I'm a fan of Aric's products too,being a very happy owner of one of his amps.Enjoy! 
Help, is 15 watts p/c enough for a small room
I used to have that same receiver along with a Technics turntable and some cheap off brand speakers:)It sounded fine at reasonable volumes in larger rooms than yours.Like others have mentioned,pair it with efficient speakers. 
Triode or Ultralinear mode
My Aric Audio amp is switchable also and I usually prefer triode.It's not thin sounding at all,the timbre is better but of course won't play as loudly.If I'm in the mood for a big dynamic sound I switch it back.I'm also betting more efficient spea... 
Whats playing on your system today?
big_greg I'm a Faces fan also. "That's All You Need" cranked up:) Another good album is First Step.Now I need to pull those out today.Right now it's Living in the Past - Jethro Tull 
Tweaks don't count,right?I'm done also.No new equipment unless something breaks.I will still be curious about how that speaker or that amp would sound if swapped in.I'm going to kick back,enjoy,and live vicariously through y'all:) 
My experience adding subwoofers to 2 channel
Thanks Tim!It really is pretty amazing:)I think a lot of people don't take it seriously when they first run across the concept.At first glance it doesn't seem to make any sense.The more I researched the more convinced I became.I really believe tha... 
My experience adding subwoofers to 2 channel
Unpacked the second set of subs this morning and fired em up.I haven't fussed with finding perfect placement yet but it's sounding really good already.The room is energized in a way that I can actually feel it on my skin.Not boomy or overblown wha... 
My experience adding subwoofers to 2 channel
After reading the threads here and doing further research,I added a second sub last week.I was so pleased with the improvement I've got two more  on the way to complete my 'swarm '. 
Whats playing on your system today?
Bonnie Raitt - Road TestedJohn Mellencamp - Scarecrow 
High definition vs. tonal balance
Exactly!High definition with exaggeration is fascinating at first,but it makes me tense after a while.I enjoy a presentation that leans toward euphonic. 
Whats playing on your system today?
Well, it stopped raining for a few days so getting caught up with yard work.Too tired to type:)Joan Baez - From Every Stage Jethro Tull- A Little Light Music 
Big systems - Little rooms
I agree with Duke about choosing a speaker with the best acoustic behavior for the particular room.Some large speakers require a minimum amount of space to sound as they were designed to sound.No matter what is done to the room they will never sou... 
Non responsive seller ?
I suspect he may have sold it on the sly and is avoiding paying for the ad by allowing it to expire with no sale.