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Dr. Johnny Fever from WKRP in Cincinnati has signed off :-(
Awww.R.I.P. Howard:-(  
Alright, it's too quiet around here. Let's have some fun.
Old Motown tunes make me smile when they pop up - Sugar Pie Honey Bunch🎶  
Are Tube Buffers for real or even worth it ?
+1 @dinov I tried a tube buffer years ago and it was indeed my gateway drug:-) That midrange!  
Why is used audio equipment so undesirable?
Just sell it on commission at TMR Audio.They'll even pay shipping to them. Unless it's low end stuff from a big box store. In that case donate it or give it away.  
I finally purchased a new Integrated Amp
Very nice! Enjoy!  
JJ Vacuum Tubes In Stock
I've used the JJ KT88s in my Aric  Audio amp.To be fair only put about 50 hours or so on them before moving on just to try something new. It's been a couple of years,but I found them to be very quiet, clean,and clear.At the moment I'm using Gold L... 
Why Do You Post?
FWIW, this forum does not represent what I came to audio to experience, yet ’hope springs eternal’. :-) +1  If you read the guidelines at the bottom of the page they state this forum's purpose is to discuss audio.  
Missing Members
Last I heard, @uberwaltz is fine but taking a voluntary long break from agon. Good to know! I took a long break myself. There was a hurricane headed his way a while back before he went MIA so I was hoping he was ok.  
An upgrade ? From Sonus Faber to Harberh speaker
I used to have the C7ES2 and  I agree the treble was a bit muted.But that midrange..... heavenly.  
Hegel or a Modwright
Hegel or a Modwright
I have a Modwright KWA120SE that I use in the summer instead of my tube amp. My speakers are Zu Omen Defs. It is sort of tubey sounding. It's both sweet and clear and rounds off the leading edges just a little. I like how it separates instruments ... 
3-Dimensional Soundstage
My room is unfortunately practically square. I do get some layering which I'm content with. The one time I was able to hear real depth is when I was sitting on the floor listening to my new stand mounts (no stands yet).The soundstage was way beyon... 
Toolshed Amps 300b Stereo Amp
I've heard of them but never seen one.It's really beautiful! Looking forward to both of your impressions.  
Songs that sound like Dylan
Tom Petty sounded very Dylan - like during his "Mudcrunch" days.One specific song  I'm thinking of is "The Wrong Thing".  
Missing Members
How about uberwaltz?He used to post on the music threads often.